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  1. Juanx

    FIX the damn game

    That the UI is meh has been known since the beginning. Your use of mods does not help the situation any if you ask me, but what do I know, never have any issues myself so...
  2. Juanx

    Harugumo! NERF IT!

    Erm, you seem to be the one having issues coping with game mechanics and adapting, not the other way around... As said, seek help, something is not quite right with you.
  3. Juanx

    Harugumo! NERF IT!

    You seem to be having some kind of breakdown, please go seek help.
  4. Juanx

    Harugumo! NERF IT!

    Were you not talking about reality a second ago? What are you high on? I want some...
  5. Juanx

    Harugumo! NERF IT!

    Try learning to play, so you dont get farmed by better players. And please, try and respect other nations, you look like a racist fool on that last bit.
  6. Juanx

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    What are you recovering? Why do you give it any weight? To put it in perspective: it amounts to "what strangers think about me on the internet". No wonder we are going to hell in a hand basket...
  7. Juanx

    Minimum requirements

    Probably the steam site has them listed, but I cba... Its not like you want to play on min recomended spec anyways.
  8. Juanx

    Collectors club

    But you do segregate the russian site, hum... We dont have to convince wargaming of anything, we have already shown what happens when wargaming treats regions differently in the past, main issue being wargaming neither does learn nor care. But hey, keep dragging it along, when .12 patch comes around and you need to type more excuses, it will not be me typing them.
  9. Juanx

    Twilight Event

    It feels like that mode has had such low attendance, they had to build a gimmick around it, interesting...
  10. Juanx

    10 guineas for a dollar eh?

    Yeah, no they did not, this information has been front page the last few weeks, and you are around a lot... The question would be: why do yo need to increase your post count? Or perhaps: why are you so craving for attention? Either of those is a better topic than your OP...
  11. And your "fix", is an ilegible color in the dark theme... Genious.
  12. Juanx

    Japanese Destroyer Captain -. Rookie Player

    Such a breath of fresh air, someone new to the game that prefers to learn instead of moaning something is wrong with the game. I tip my hat to you OP.
  13. Juanx

    Collectors club

    I mean, its not like they have a version up and running on the russian server right? We are simply entitled... And wait for when "its not coming in that particular patch because (insert random excuse)", line in a week.
  14. Juanx

    Some personal thoughts

    Wall of text + "special" colors... Someone can get a TL:DR? Or is thiextar response enough of a sample to gather that the OP needs to L2P? Nevermind, cursory look indicates: OP, try learning to play the rest of the classes, might reduce your ignorance regarding game items.
  15. Juanx


    And please let the door hit your back hard enough to make it straight.