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  1. I lost my game, and not to players...

    Wow, millenials truly are gone off the deep end...
  2. NA - land of the free

    You are trying to make sense to brown nosers, it wont work...
  3. HE spam is the meta 2018

    Why did you not think even a little bit before posting the OP is the real question... And just FYI, respect is earned, and you have not.
  4. Is Karma bugged?

    It does not...
  5. HE spam is the meta 2018

    That is the thing, there is no issue, aside the ones in your head that is. Erm, no its not, only in your head, as stats suggest. You "thinking" does not seem to be a thing, look at your OP...
  6. HE spam is the meta 2018

    So where is the graph? You are the one argumenting, so you have to produce the evidence... Altho, something tells me you will not, and spend next week as a RO user.
  7. HE spam is the meta 2018

    You must be new around here.
  8. I would point towards the port chat and their complete lack of capability to fix that, but that would be beating a rotten carcass that is not even smelly anymore... Seems the math has been done, answer seems to be no.
  9. Dying in the new Operation

    Quite asinine... For playing WoWs, its more important to play the game well, the amount of kids you have has no bearing.
  10. Dying in the new Operation

    Pointless, people seems to like it...
  11. You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    So you do see there are options, interesting, I thought everything was pay to access...
  12. You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    There is nothing new about WGs policies. And unless you bought that account, you should know that too...
  13. Cleveland premium cammo

    Erm, IIRC cleve never had such camo.