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  1. For a multi million dollar company, and I deal with customers on a daily basis, and they love me, because I dont sugar coat stuff and try being as honest as possible. Words are not toxic, people has become too weak, when I was a kid there was the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones...", I think we all know that one, people has just forgotten how the real world works. And yes, no way of making a surefire filter, words have many meanings and you cant catch them all.
  2. Your weak mind has issues with words on the internet? You will be in a world of shock when you enter the workforce...
  3. Summer Sale 2018: Day 1 Warspite/-50%

    Glad to read its the lackluster 1 ship a day gimmick. It may end up getting me the ship package on that other ship-tank-plane game WG should be trying to outperform.
  4. Nothing to do with the ship, its operator issue.
  5. Sadly has to be repeated over and over in its case, in my experience the OP loves running away from combat so, not too sure why the moaning.
  6. gameplay errors

    Link? You dont need a link, the port chat has been fubar since day 1. They cant code a working chat window, what makes you think they would be able to do any other software related element?
  7. gameplay errors

    Yep, its the programing skills, look at the port chat for reference.
  8. You dont complain, you explain the situation to your bank entity, and they will follow your orders, simple. WG can argue whatever they want, if you take my money, you better follow real guidelines and dont try and scam customers, its bad practice. Banning a player with premium, without real evidence can only be bad for them, EULA and the poo they try and use as defense is not a real contract, at least not in the real world.
  9. They are pretty much shotting their own feet with this but hey, its their standard operating mode, they seem to enjoy creating poostorms. Would be funny if they did this to someone like me with premium and a big bunch of money spent, I can tell you my ecconomist would have a field day tearing them a new one i they ban anything I paid for without real evidence...
  10. Given that you dont HAVE to have anything... Here, topic over, thanks for playing.
  11. Where's my Indie money?

    Odd, usually goes to the T9 matches, but hey, what do I know.
  12. Where's my Indie money?

    Off the top of my head, performance? As in: you will need to deal more damage or play objectives, you know, the activities that reward it? But as pointed before, shes not that big of an earner given the limited toolkit and the MM woes that follow her.
  13. RADAR

    Why? The OP did not ask for help, he was asking "why is radar so overpowered?". So perfectly fine to trash someone that is looking for a hug instead of help...