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  1. Blood has been spilled for lesser offenses, I guess apologies happened, many of them? Oh I see... WW3 starts between yorkshire and ireland then, that is a plot twist if I ever saw one...
  2. Dont you dare try making sense, they FEEL they found something wrong, now, step aside...
  3. Juanx

    Potential FPS Fix

    Thanks for posting using a format hard to read for people using the dark forum theme. You guys really seem to like doing that and obviating the fact you have a dark forum setting, interesting, and par for the course being WG...
  4. You seem to be missing some glaring game parts, as in: people using doubloons for advancing, converting free exp(that is in fact also using bloons for advancing) and outright buying ships that then can be used to farm exp and convert with bloons... Would be advisable for you to check what the game offers before you post again some "special" OP like this one today.
  5. Because people is very special, and WoWs players are even more so...
  6. But, why not? Do you understand the meaning of "random"? Again, read above. Also on this las part, your elitism starts to show, please keep it in check.
  7. Game is fine and playable, just fine...you might want to look into how english language works and what words mean what... Seems about right, sadly, it will be back, they always are...
  8. Lacks: "WG is not going to listen to anything we say anyways" response...
  9. How so? This is a gaming company, not a behavioral institution...
  10. So, they are willfuly ignorant... They thought they had grasped the mechanics, but how? You are telling me they did not even check what was available under consumables in the 1st case, they did not even bother to see what the prem consumable was, just said: "why bother clicking here..." The second example, a bit more of the same, you have a doubt but CBA to look it up: willful ignorance. 3rd example, again, unwilling to look the freely available info regarding spotting mechanics, that are all over the place and even in the in-game news: willful ignorance. I think their issue is: they think they know better, and that is a common issue now, everyone thinks they are as good or better as sliced bread, but they never did the legwork to learn anything so, they are not...
  11. OP seems to imply people cares and wants to learn about the game... OP is wrong, and there is nothing WG can do about it. Its 2019, whomever is itching for knowledge, has it already, via google.
  12. You already know this is not going to happen, why do you keep beating a dead horse? Less play time its going to be for you then...
  13. Remember that you are the one moaning the players are bad, while being pretty useless yourself. As said, try learning to play, you might be able to carry then.
  14. Juanx

    The Great Naval Battle Manipulation

    Erm... How? Are you not supposed to be awake before they did? So no real advantage there. Or are you expecting the same results for less effort? Looks like it...
  15. Juanx

    AI difficulty

    Well, if bots own you, 2 words: GIT GUD