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  1. Problem is that all of the ideas is a to high "gamble" for the Dev to risk . So let us earn them ingame or get them with events (i hope) K r Van
  2. well i have one : Just sell 1 cheap flag (worth 1 cent or so for the price of the bag and put in the Santa container for free ) et voila just an idea
  3. I am from Belgium and sometimes i am realy a shamed . First : It is ok they do something about Gambling, because it ruins a lot . But i personal find the law they made a big joke . Here is why . They forbit here in this game players from Belgium to buy a Santa locker because they say it is gambling, so be it. But in the main time they show live Roulettes and advertising for unibet (where u can gamble on sport events) live on Tv. So who is the holy spririt here ? Kind regards from Flandres , Belgium
  4. Van_Bazel

    World of Warships Cinema Tour

    U have the ships and the software; so make some realistic and correct video's about some battles with the correct numbers and types of ships that were really present in that battle. For ex -Jutland? (i know it is ww1 but a lot of different ships where involved in that battle) - Navy battles around guadalcanal - Battle of Tsushima (u have the Mikaze) - A docu about the Jap DD Yukikaze (present at almost all the navy battles in WW2 and 1 of the few survivers) - Leyte etc Kind regards
  5. Van_Bazel

    Neuer PC - taugt der was?

    Die ssd platte 500 gb min (ich hab bei mir auf ssd windows und spiel ;16 gb speicher anstatt 8 mfg Van Ps wenn sie nacher 3d brille benutzen wollen ist ein monitor mit diplay eingang zu kaufen da zb die oculus rift brille 1 hdmi aussgang braucht (und bei der 1070 hatt mann nur 1 hdmi augang wo dan die brille angeschlossen wird und der display ausgang am monitor angeschlossen wird
  6. Van_Bazel

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Other Changes

    1 thing will be certain for the new coop campaign ; as long as u dont raise the credits and xp recieved earned not many poeple will play it. For ex: 4 kills 100k damage win scenario and with prem +- 20 k over netto after +-20 min play is way to few. kr
  7. Van_Bazel

    Dev Secrets Revealed!

    Finnaly some pve missions ,cant wait,now put up the number of Div to 5 and increase clan members and it is good
  8. Van_Bazel

    Server down

    Total agree give it some time.But can also understand some poeple who have bouhgt 1 day prem for today(We are not all so lucky like me for ex that can buy 30-60 day prem) so i understand.
  9. Van_Bazel

    Server down

    Better they work on solution (which they r doing atm i guess ) than waste time on forums. Because what can they say ? He poeple the servers are down we work on it? So all go outside do some game time work (for thoose who r married )so that u have done the daily jobs a wife can imagin and start playing the mm they come online. Kr
  10. Van_Bazel

    Server down

    no comment on that
  11. Van_Bazel

    Server down

    Time to start finishing my Hornet than
  12. Van_Bazel

    Server down

    Same here the least they could do is putting it on the game launcher screen
  13. Van_Bazel


    hab die bissmarck 1/200 von Trumpeter fertig (wahr zur probe) Jetzt ist die Arizona dran
  14. Well surrender is a big word did'nt they openen the vents in uk harbour ?