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  1. World of Warships Cinema Tour

    U have the ships and the software; so make some realistic and correct video's about some battles with the correct numbers and types of ships that were really present in that battle. For ex -Jutland? (i know it is ww1 but a lot of different ships where involved in that battle) - Navy battles around guadalcanal - Battle of Tsushima (u have the Mikaze) - A docu about the Jap DD Yukikaze (present at almost all the navy battles in WW2 and 1 of the few survivers) - Leyte etc Kind regards
  2. Neuer PC - taugt der was?

    Die ssd platte 500 gb min (ich hab bei mir auf ssd windows und spiel ;16 gb speicher anstatt 8 mfg Van Ps wenn sie nacher 3d brille benutzen wollen ist ein monitor mit diplay eingang zu kaufen da zb die oculus rift brille 1 hdmi aussgang braucht (und bei der 1070 hatt mann nur 1 hdmi augang wo dan die brille angeschlossen wird und der display ausgang am monitor angeschlossen wird
  3. PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Other Changes

    1 thing will be certain for the new coop campaign ; as long as u dont raise the credits and xp recieved earned not many poeple will play it. For ex: 4 kills 100k damage win scenario and with prem +- 20 k over netto after +-20 min play is way to few. kr
  4. Dev Secrets Revealed!

    Finnaly some pve missions ,cant wait,now put up the number of Div to 5 and increase clan members and it is good
  5. Server down

    Total agree give it some time.But can also understand some poeple who have bouhgt 1 day prem for today(We are not all so lucky like me for ex that can buy 30-60 day prem) so i understand.
  6. Server down

    Better they work on solution (which they r doing atm i guess ) than waste time on forums. Because what can they say ? He poeple the servers are down we work on it? So all go outside do some game time work (for thoose who r married )so that u have done the daily jobs a wife can imagin and start playing the mm they come online. Kr
  7. Server down

    no comment on that
  8. Server down

    Time to start finishing my Hornet than
  9. Server down

    Same here the least they could do is putting it on the game launcher screen
  10. Modellbau

    hab die bissmarck 1/200 von Trumpeter fertig (wahr zur probe) Jetzt ist die Arizona dran
  11. Well surrender is a big word did'nt they openen the vents in uk harbour ?
  12. Open Alpha/Test version

    lets just wait and see .