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  1. Van_Bazel

    Newcomers from Ukraine

    Welcome to all ucraine players. But coming in new here and asking in the first post for a ucrainian forum is a bit to much for me. I am from Belgium /flandres and we are asking for a dutch forum for a long time now.So adapt learn like most players do
  2. He was only asking . no wonder people get upset by constant ctd and game not starting. No one was crying here (but sometime i feel for it with all thoose bugs. Shame...
  3. Van_Bazel

    Update 0.11.9: Submarines

    Well who fault is that if u cant speak english
  4. Van_Bazel

    Update 0.11.9: Submarines

    Great more subs ruining the gameplay. Subs are good idea in a seperate game mode. Thoose who want to play them feel free without harnassing the whole community .... Again The guys that say history is repeating itself ? Well WG fits that uniform real good. It succeeds giving the player base 1 dissapointment after another. Gues PR manager got his diplome from vlad himself. Sink yourself
  5. Agree and it still depends how much base xp u get so for me coop player (even if i kill the hole bot team )it will be max 1-2 surplus.
  6. Van_Bazel

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.9

    Like cancer , u dont want it but still it comes
  7. The number of gifts you receive after a battle depends on the number of ships you have in your Port and the amount of Base XP earned in that battle. For example, a player with a Port fleet exceeding 300 ships will be able to earn four gifts in one battle: One gift for entering battle with a ship and three gifts for effective action in battle. Welldone wg Saves a lot of time. When it is good say it too,and not only the commenting the badones
  8. Van_Bazel

    What If? Modeling the Battle of Dogger Bank

    welldone this first
  9. Van_Bazel

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Bug Reports!

    Dont know if mentioned yet, so sorry if it did .Mea culpa. I own the Puerto Rico(PR) already and couldn't play with here(; during dockyard fase and even if dockyard was Finished). And please conserning the PR-token u get. Make shure it is well written : where - What and for how long. In coop the bot destroyers still ram their counterparts. Kr from Flandres/Belgium
  10. Van_Bazel

    Oldest WOWS Player

    I am not 71 , but i have a 69 years member in my clan. Remeber what he says to me : i am here to have a good time. Disregard the people that always know it better.(And belive me, u r not the only one who gets cursed flamed etc). The behaivour of a lot of players is the main reason i play mostly coop. Kr
  11. Van_Bazel

    Ship's Log: Rental Submarines

    no ty . Enough Bull allready in the game
  12. Van_Bazel

    Armada: FR25

    the easiast way to make money. But that they can. Simply repaint a ship put it in the shop and poef roebels floating in . So the ? is : who is the smartest wg or the players that buy it
  13. Russians do what they want ,despite the rest of the community. Hmm reminds me of something no idea what it is