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  1. Van_Bazel

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    Amen to that
  2. Van_Bazel

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    Ruining coop battles with subs is complete.Archievement for wg. If some want subs put them in seperate battle type. But i know why u do it . Subs is the only naval branche where the Sovjet union has more than just imagined Project ships. Time to look for another game to put my money in .
  3. Van_Bazel

    Public Test of Update 0.10.7: Round 2

    Subs in coop??? Hope this will stay on testservers only. Give the a seperate gamemode ore put them in random but not coop. On course to ruin the game completly Sad WG Sad. But who am i joking u do your thing anyhow despite the comments.
  4. Van_Bazel

    Dry Dock: Kronshtadt

    A papership on drydock . sorry cant laugh anymore
  5. Van_Bazel

    Armada: Flandre

    Historicle province is situated in Flanders/Belgium, and not France Vlaanderen de leeuw.
  6. Van_Bazel

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    And the next is Monty Pyton Bigus diccus.How deep can u fall te get money
  7. Van_Bazel

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    k TY FYI
  8. Van_Bazel

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    Sorry if i missed thiis. But the snowflake thing ? Is it included?Or is it due to a later date ? Kr
  9. Havent you got money enough???? This is becomming very boaring always the same news ingame.
  10. Van_Bazel

    Coop games are "almost unplayable

    I am getting tired of some players that think that they are better because i (and a lot of other poeple ) play coop. I started this because i found it verry hard to get xp and credits when u have 3 ore 4 DD in your team. I continue playing coop for a reasons like less swearing etc , and for me pers the more chilled gameplay. When i do something i try to do it good and when i play a random game i am very focussed and stressed (is ofc my pers problem). So i do coop to enjoy the game how I want to play and not how others say i have to play. Ty to most for the well ment responses. Kr
  11. Van_Bazel

    Coop games are "almost unplayable

    Hope than u ahave a fast BB :)
  12. Van_Bazel

    Coop games are "almost unplayable

    Agree total. Also that grouping toghetter of bots when a human is CV player. A lot of tweaks need to be done to this mode , sadly very few is done so far
  13. Van_Bazel

    Coop games are "almost unplayable

    Ty alteast 1 with brains. But if i have the choise to play with my ships (realy go ahaed on the map ) or i hide tactickly behind a island (just watch streams ) than i know what i do. I personaly dont like players who look down at coop players . Wel dont like is the wrong word,pitty is more accurate. I wont answer anymore to this "person" who thinks he is better than other history showed what to expect of thoose "humans.
  14. Van_Bazel

    Coop games are "almost unplayable

    Well everybody does what he likes not? And some things u as not coop players probably dont know : The bots always hit , the first or second volley u get hit u fire etc etc. It is not a discussion if i like coop and u dont . I only pointed out some this i see and hear during my small exp of 15000+ coop battles.
  15. First A big thank you to the team to be able to do a lot of missions in coop . Now the second. Lately i see and get a lot of comments that there a most of the time to manny DD's in coop games and it becomes very hard for especially BB- and CA players to get some credits and or kills.(DD rush to enemy and wait behind island for the bots). Cant u put the same restriction like u did for CV's but than for DD's in the game so that there a Maximum 2 dd in a battle (now my average is +- 3 every game)? Rest a shure i am not the only player that wants a sollution for this. Kr from Flandres -Still Belgium Van Bazel