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  1. Since the PT 0.6.13 I've noticed that I was not receiving my rewards for accomplishing the PT missions. When I check my PT Account on the Public Test Portal I can see that it's another account that is linked to my Public Test account. What could cause this and how can I have this fixed ? (I've opened a ticket but the customer service is not helping in this matter it seems).
  2. Hey Jeoff,

    I've read on that page about the french weekend event you liked the picture.

    So here's the link : "https://worldofwarships-eu.gcdn.co/dcont/fb/image/tmb/9d26926c-6247-11e7-9135-ac162d8bc1e4_1200x.jpg"

    just remove the quotes.

    I've just used the "inspect" feature from chrome browser to get it (url appears on the top right corner)

    see ya !

  3. Tier 6 ranked just boring?

    Tiers 7 ranked was plagued by the op gold Belfast. Tiers 6 seems more boring. Now the only non BB ship shinning here is the shinomone, another damn gold shadowing the regular fubuki by far : nice balance WG
  4. La Galissonière bad joke

    I really don't see the point for WG to use this design as premium (unfinished at WW2), as it is just an impoved La Galissonière with similar gameplay at same tiers. It just shadows the regular tiers 6. They should have used the later version which was an anti aircraft ship with those 16 127mm guns and would have offered a different gameplay (tiers 7 ?) I really have no fun playing the Galissonnière and it's just a damn grind for the Algérie (and knowing that giving $$ to WG would have offered me a superior ship is the cherry on the cake).
  5. You misspelled your post mate. As the buff you are referring to concerns only german (they deserved it imo) and no other nation. You mostly criticize the current gameplay and I agree, it needs changes but hell if I know how to balance things...
  6. La Galissonière bad joke

    The problem is here that the De Grasse is the same ship but an upgraded version. Historically De Grasse's armament consisted of 8 double 127mm guns. It would have made sense to make this version a premium one as it offered a different gameplay and insensitive to buy it but for some reason WG decided to clone the Galissonière and upgrade it at the same Tiers. Screwing the Galissonière at the same time.
  7. La Galissonière bad joke

    I am surprised the community is pretty silent about this ship even more since WG released the premium version De Grasse. WG intentionally nerfed this ship as they were about to release a premium sister ship (then uped it as I guess it was too obvious, referring to the initial 10sec gun reload...) In my opinion, what is lacking on this ship is : Better rate of fire : make it at least like the De Grasse with 8.1s reload FIGHTER PLANE CATAPULT : It HISTORICALLY Existed damn WG Also a I find silly the speed boost, they need to compensate the slow historical max speed with something else (cf the historical 33.5 kts on the De Grasse), even bigger turn radius if they want or just make her un historically faster. Just fyi Have a look at the differences between Galissonière and De Grasse : Or to sum' it up : De Grasse fires faster-further, moves faster, launches more torpedoes, has better secondaries, has better AA (despite the lower rating) and launches planes. GalissonièreSurv. (37)HP : 27300 13-105mm armor torp reduction : 13% Arti (51): 3*x3 152 mm 9s reloading, 15.9 km range.secondaries : 4*2 90mm 4s, 4.7 km (4 guns cover side) torps (13):2x2 550mm (9km, 60kts, 60sec reload) AA (38):16x 20mm 2km range6x4 40mm 3.5km range4x2 90mm 4 km range Man. (62)Speed max : 31 kts Concealment (52):13.3/7.2turning: 650 NO PLANE. De Grasse Survi. (41): 31200 HParmor : 13-100mmtorp reduction : 10% Arti (52): 3x 152mm 8.1s reloadrange : 16.2 km 2ndaries :3x2 100mm 5km range (4 guns cover a side) AA Value (33) : 14x 37mm 3km rge(x8) and 13.2mm(x6)3x2 100mm 5km range3x3 152mm 5km range Torp. (15)2x3 550mm (9km, 60kts, 90sec reload)14833 dm 1.3 km detect + PLANE catapult Maneuv. (66)Speed : 33.5Turning 690 Concealment : 13.3/7.7 Bravo WG !
  8. Friant - t3 monster?

    Awful shell trajectory arc (made me feel my cleveland had rail guns lol), zero armor (compared to the St Louis at same tiers for instance), awful reload time : just that does not qualify the ship for "monster" for the tiers. It can take real advantage of its long range guns. I just cant wait to get enough xp to get the tiers 4 ship myself and will sell the Friant with no regrets. Though, with so many torp launchers and decent range torps : makes a nice ambush cruiser. You just rely a lot on other players and environment for this.
  9. General Feedback

    To get a premium day on live server you must get 1500 xp on "each Japanese Battleship" ? Means you have to get that amount of xp on all 8 IJN BB from Kawashi to Yamato on test server ? o_O " Get 1 day of Premium Account on the live server for earning 1,500 XP on each Japanese Battleship in Random or Cooperative battles on the Public Test server. "
  10. General Feedback

    Thanks for the link, did not see this annoucement. The delay screwed my timing for those new german ships. Bah, gave me the opportunity to take a break ^^
  11. General Feedback

    By the way, did anyone receive their code today with the gifts from the public test ? I did not get any email with the code as stated : Rewards will be delivered via a bonus code sent to your registered email address on the day of the release of the update or slightly after. Please note that only players with a Public Test account registered to the same e-mail as their live server account will receive the code. Only one code per account is applicable.
  12. General Feedback

    Lol, you sound like a cheap a**. Let me remind you what was written in the news section about public test : " Public Test 0.5.10 Preps You For German Battleships 08/08/2016 111 561 The August update is bringing German Battleships to the game, but there are tons of community-requested improvements as well. Test away! " (from : http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/public-test-0510/ ) It was VERY IMPLICIT that german ships would be part of that public test. So please... (hard to stay polite and not get ban ) I hope next time WG will be much more clear about what will be part of the next public test. Got fooled once, shame on you.
  13. General Feedback

    I was also misleaded to PT thinking I would have a sneak peak at the german Battleships. Participating in this PT seems like a waste of time as the changes are barely noticeable. Also the playing crowd in PT is terrible : now i'm just doing some games in coop mode lol. Anyway, WG will get some feedback and me that premium day and few flags...
  14. Ranked Season 5 when?

    I started to play Ranked battles in the middle of the 4th season. I was afraid it would be like team battles in WoTs, where you see the same tanks filled with very skilled and unfriendly people : not the case. Ranked for me is far more interesting than random. Lack of team play : yes, also many unskilled people but the essence of games like WoWs is team-play so when I read here that WG should reward more individual achievements I'm puzzled to say the least... Instead guys, WG may have to "hold by the hands" and reward more team playing. How, I dont know. Maybe some informative messages there and there with tips (yes, I often think it's needed lol). RIght now as I'm bored with then "normal" game I'm waiting for the next ranked battles season, despite having some free premium time up. Maybe I'll join the public test to test the new german BBs ^^ though. Peace out.
  15. Nagato....just wow

    Maybe because I'm alpha, I have enough experience in the game to tell if a ship is good or not quiet fast (less than 10 games.) In my first post I was playing with second hull. nothing changes much with last one and engine upgraded (was using speed flag to compensate). Played more with the ship and all I can tell is : I miss my fuso. I was doing more average damage with fuso, and had better results and more fun.