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  1. Benden

    Eighth Brawl

    Yay, just one your MM guys : Do you think it's balanced to put on one side : Atlanta + Fiji on the other side : Scharnhosrt + Haida ????? Bravo to the team who coded the MM...
  2. Does "Legend" have another different meaning in russian or something ? Why is this 50's/60's missile ship is even mentioned in this game ? You could have made some "Naval Legend" about german Schnellboot or american PT Boat : they are both worth being called "legends" during WW2. Or if it's about new weapons why not mentioning rocket firing ships and/or the american rocket firing weapon and their research in this matter for instance. Damn, that reminds me the dark times when Serb was in the lead game designer chair at WG...
  3. Benden

    Public Test of Update 0.10.7: Round 2

    Those community tokens nailed the coffin for my pts participation : less and less rewards for the dozens of Gb written and read on my hard drive needed for each iteration. And then the abysmal work to achieve the goals. Where before you could grab some signals and camo doing few battles now you just get 300 tokens
  4. I am unhappy with the changes for public test rewards. "Up to 4,500 from participating in the Public Test." you say but it is for obtaining ALL the rewards for BOTH test phases. Before that I was happy with the signals and camo rewards for playing few battles. Then you made changes and rewards dropped now that. Now it is too much time consuming to get those token : I will NOT grind battles on public test just for those tokens. I prefer to spend my free time and my motivation to play the game on the live server, thank you. About token obtained via recruitment : except few exceptions like gaming families and such, it only favors abusers/multi accounts etc.
  5. More like you Bindolaf just that I did the grind but I've suffered. Neptune, Saint Louis (not that bad but still bad), Ibuki (this one border line, between Neptune being super bad and St Louis). US BB line until Colorado (too slow, at least Colorado has good guns/accuracy for its tiers and good practice for those heavy AP shells). Italian BBs (uninteresting, inacurate, bad damage, slow guns reload) New German DD line (why did WG created this line ??!) British CAs : i'm at tiers 8 actually and it's getting slightly better, slightly... I'm starting to see some Goliath in Clan battles being effective fire starters/dps farmer so I guess this branch seems to be like italian cruisers : only top ship being good. You will notice that Wargaming love to either : create a whole ship tree branch with most of the ships being bad until you reach tiers 10 one : forcing players to either grind but more probably use ressources like free xp/ doubloons to ge to those branch best ship ( Venezia or Petropavlosk or maybe Goliath for instance) make the tiers 9 ship of the branch weak to again force players to again either grind painfully or more probably use ressources like free xp / doobloons (many exemple there : Neptune, Saint Louis, Buffalo, Seattle, Izumo pre buffs etc. (god, before the buffs I had pity on those playing Izumo, then it was my time to grind it and suffer lol). Still it's not a rule for all ships/tree branch : I found Riga better than Tallin for instance.
  6. Benden

    What has happened to this game??

    One thing for sure, my teams are more n more creative... in their own way... :
  7. Benden

    TL;DR: Update 0.10.4

    Same : allow owners to be refund the STEEL spent to buy it. After my first battle I asked support the refund seeing how bad it was already but it was "no, you opened the blister pack, now you keep it :D" minus the smiley.
  8. Benden

    TL;DR: Update 0.10.4

    Imo half player base is made of kids according to 80% of my teams in randoms/ranked. It's a pegi 7 game after all, sigh... Now for the author of this page to write like that, well no comment.
  9. Benden

    Armada: Flandre

    Useless/unoriginal meh fantasy premium BB ship you've thrown at us here. All is said here.
  10. Benden

    Make Money Recruiting - Event Prolonged!

    Why dont you allow more countries ?! Seems mostly east Europe countries discriminated...
  11. Benden

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    What the hell with this whilrlind ship : did you guys at WG do some balance testing before making this thing live? This ship is un hitable while pumping torps at long distance at unholy speeds : WTF ?!
  12. Benden

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    So it's another kind of ranked battles? Is it possible to join in division or clan division ?
  13. Benden

    Twitch Drops Changes in 0.10.1

    I've this drop stuck at 73% since yesterday... The longest 15 minutes since Windows 95 installation lol edit : same progress today, nada...
  14. Benden

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    Does not look the same woman as the one in WOWS
  15. Benden

    Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

    Re grind ships since tier 2 Ships and modules are sold for half of their cost for some other ships and those unique upgrades once available with mission before you removed them ?