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  1. Why don't we get the Dunkirk Evacuation Scenario battle anymore ? I was enjoying this one. By the way, WG should propose us more scenarios battles than the 5 usual ones for like two years now ? Take a break on developing new (paper) ships for a change.
  2. Benden

    Weekly Combat Missions: the Hunt for Bismarck

    Accuracy was supposed to be buffed a bit for German BBs some months ago... used to be bad indeed. 3RD TIME at least we have this event about Bismarck Hunt. I'm missing elements from Battle of the North CAPE collection (doubt i'm the only one), would WG mind proposing this event a 2ND time ?
  3. Benden

    Public Test of Update 0.9.5: Round 2

    You guys did not warn testers that this PT requires a 3.6 GB download and that it will force to use the unified WG Launcher for PT as well as live server (no choice given)... In my opinion the new mission interface is not clear about what to do in which condition (coop/random etc) and where the reward will be credited : live server or PT one. Armory would not load for me, stuck at a blank loading screen. No hard drive activity, few hundreds bytes being sent to ed-sl-c131.fe.core.pw []. edit : fixed by restarting game.
  4. Benden

    Hawkins Best Sealclubber

    You would have had no chance if we met in that battle me in a konigsberg, omaha or its premium clones or furutaka for instance. Hawkins is total crap, only advantage is armor and heal apparently. Low maneuverability , mediocre guns. You indeed had a nice games, but I remember having same kind of games with tiers 4 phoenix for instance with over 100K damage. I am actually "manually" grinding the UK heavy cruiser branch and i'm suffering every match I play with this sh*t. Dont lure people into thinking they'll seal club in that crap. Or just *dont* seal club whatever.
  5. Oh my, here we go again. Must wear my "been there, done that" costume again. The debate about Win rate is old and points to its irrelevant. Not even talking about in wows, but several years before in wot. No matter how hard you carry a game you can lose it. How many games I was top played in the team and played well but still lose. Also opposite happens (fewer times though unfort.) : team pushes fast, plays well and enemies get slaughtered and you barely do antything and the game is won. Funny as a forum crawler you did not see that for instance (found in fews secs on google). About the losing streaks and MM I can just speculate. So to the original poster : get to know the game mechanics, maps, ships better, Watch some tutorial on youtube (sorry no links). But dont worry and dont get mad if you lose : many times you could not help it.
  6. I knew some white knight or whatever would arise on this one. Are you playing the same game WoWs I do for the last 5 years dude ? The player base already made the game wot unbearable to me so I left several years ago, and I was playing since the closed beta. Here it's a bit better but sometimes you better not be TOO involved in the game or the behavior of some players will drive you crazy. Expect many losses even if you carry the game like crazy. i'll try to find a link to a thread about those games.
  7. Several good posts here I'll just say that YOU are not yo blame : you will lose a lot of battles because of the bad behavior of the other players in your team. If you're unlucky and most of the bad/dumb/young/high players are in your team you WILL lose the game whatever your skills and knowledge of the game is. And it can happen several games in a row so... 😅
  8. Benden

    Audacious or Midway

    Like this post. Played all 3 but own Audacious. I doubt the answers going for audacious compared to midway are honest but you'll be more happy with Midway : strongest one. IJN requires more skill but can be devastating and is maybe the strongest when it comes to focus on a hard target like BB. Also the attack aircraft devastate DDs like noone else can thanks to a very tiny reticle for accurate fire. Audacious : the carpet bombs is only accurate on large ships with no or linear movement and even then you will barely penetrate anything with armored deck (41mm pen, on paper...). Torps are fast to aim but slow and average damage. Attack bombers are average, in between ijn and midway. IJN will do reliably more damage while US can potentially outdamage both others in optimum conditions. My advice : try them in the Public test server when available.
  9. Benden

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    Could you try to be constructive and not just farm posts for a change ? That change was expected since elluva time. Different than announced to be effective at T time. Now, if someone with real info could post that would be great ;-)
  10. Benden

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    Well when I'll need a white knight I know who to call now. Playing this game since, well it can be seen below my nick. First time I see such huge game mechanics with so little advertisement. Also first time I see a much needed captain respec with a link embedded in their web page for that short time duration. If WG staff or mod knows if a Cpt respec is possible for those who missed theirs, even just for those captains with the IFHS skill that would be great :) As most people have a life out of the Wows forum and game, I am pretty sure I am not the only one in that case.
  11. Benden

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    How come I did not have my respec for free in the game ? How come those HUGE changes to the game were not announced more loudly (just because of ifhs nerf, sigh) ?! I have learned this week about the ifhs nerf and game changes from clanmates. And nope I did not read about changes in 9.2 because higlights were only about those european DDs I dont give a dime about "Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1". Why did WG made that you have to click on the web page link to have your free respec because of their changes !!? Now I'm stuck with captains I need to retrain with dooblons. Is there a way to have an unclaimed free captain respec ?
  12. Benden

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    Unless you are member of the WG staff you know nothing about what I say in chat but speculate. Unless just a way to farm posts 😁 a skill you master for sure. Now let's get back to why the chat bans and how WG are handling those 🤔
  13. Benden

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    I walk in the park every day and never had pigeon crap on my shoulder 😁 Read between the lines as we say 😁
  14. Benden

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    In that time frame and more I've been chat banned from players reports and via semi automatic bans countless times. Maybe you just dont type a thing ? Would explain that.
  15. Benden

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    I doubt it. In any "debate" no accurate information can be quoted without its source, so please provide your sources or it makes your post useless.