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  1. GrumpyWorm

    Forumites Chat Channel

    Stop with personal vendetta and get back on track please
  2. GrumpyWorm

    This was post on Croatian (renamed)

    Few things: 1. Opening of Balkan sub forum will not happen for multiple reasons - We asked about this 2 years ago and we were denied the creation; Soon Wg will be without any staff even able to speak languages used in that sub forum so even having WoT&WoWP sub forums remains questionable and you want them to open yet another one? That will simply not happen. 2. Moderators dont have absolutely nothing to do with any decision making, not even about so trivial things such is pinning or unpinning the simple topics. Not to speak about opening whole section of forum for some other languages. For all of this you need to speak to managers. Only they can help you . 3. If there is nothing constructive to say, skip the post, and avoid flaming &trolling, leaving pointless comments and in general violating rules, as some of you discovered, already sanctions are much severe now. Closed
  3. GrumpyWorm

    Fix Chatban Abuse Please

    Avoid reviving so old topics in future please, especially if topic is repetitive. Closed.
  4. GrumpyWorm

    Fake chat bans have to be fixed

    Discussing sanctions is against rules. Same goes for repetitive opening of topics which were previously closed by WG staff. If you think you are sanctioned without reason - contact support and resolve issue with them. FYI: You wont be auto chat banned if you didnt violated rules. Closed.
  5. GrumpyWorm

    Player avoid warning

    Avoid naming & shaming and multiple threads about same thing. Tk is handled by automated system, for other things you can use in game report system.
  6. GrumpyWorm

    Player avoid warning

    Avoid naming & shaming TK is handled by automated system, no action from player`s side is rrequired. For other cases you have in game report system.
  7. GrumpyWorm

    So lets think WW2 trough...

  8. GrumpyWorm


    Move along people, nothing to see in here Closed.
  9. GrumpyWorm

    How can you report a poison message

  10. GrumpyWorm


  11. Avoid this kind of topic here. Closed.
  12. GrumpyWorm

    Stats of a Good Player?

    Avoid necromancy in so old threads. Closed.
  13. GrumpyWorm

    Ghostcrawler on Design (applied to WoWs)

    Topic is moved