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  1. Blinks

    Rework of CVs

    I see you don't play the game much. That's a shame but let me explain what usually happens. Most games don't have CV's. The classes that do have good AA? Do fine, the classes that don't? Do fine. Remove CV's and nothing of value will be lost.
  2. Blinks

    Rework of CVs

    AA is obviously not a balancing factor, or no-one would have stats like that. Ever. Also, you can't balance for the 1% or so who play Kots. You balance for the actual game population. As such, class is broken.
  3. Blinks

    Rework of CVs

    Oh? So someone like https://wows-numbers.com/player/500390286,MaciejoVietnam/?type=solo is entirely reasonable? Those are stats that are impossible in anything else but a cv. Nope, class is broken and the game is better off without.
  4. Blinks

    Rework of CVs

    What's rebalancing the entire game? Gameplay is vastly improved without them.
  5. Blinks

    Rework of CVs

    If we're really lucky. They'll delete the class entirely and refund the credits/xp/gold
  6. I have also played every tier 9 cruiser bar the Neptune and, in fact, show my account. The Roon is the best tier 9 cruiser. In fact i'd go so far as to say to stick with it and not bother with the Hindenburg. going through the others. Baltimore - It's... usuable... but to use it's guns you've got to be pushing and with all the BB damage at tier 9 that's very dangerous. Ibuki - Basically an upgraded Myoko and while the Myoko is a fine ship by tier 9 it's a little long in the tooth. Play HE sniper all day long. Neptune - I've not got it but i can't imagine it's much different from the other ships in the line. Vicious damage if positioned right, Sod all if not. Dmitri - Possibly my second favourite, though to be fair i'd been playing for a long time by then and new what i was doing. Better HE, AP is kinda.... Basically the Roon is the best of the lot, rear turrets let you pull back and still do good damage when it's getting much to hot. The fire rate is marvellous and the damage obscene. Essentially you play ambush and delete other ships before they know your there, then run off going "wub wub wub wub wub" as their friends try and get vengeance.
  7. Blinks

    Your Greatest RN Game Today

    Pffft, who needs citadels
  8. Blinks

    RN Cruisers...

    Yeah, the emerald is... bad. If you get thrown into a tier 7 match you may as well just suicide as you're throwing spitballs
  9. Blinks

    RN Cruisers...

    It is very much a case of if you're fighting a BB your dead. Can't HE them, can't angle against them you just... die.
  10. Blinks

    RN Cruisers...

    The line is interesting... you're utterly helpless vs a battleship though. Lawl, change that to "utterly helpless vs's anything a higher tier than you"
  11. Blinks

    Time to NERF khabarovsk

    Here's the problem with the Khab. What's it afraid of? BB's and Cruisers can't hit it, DD's that try and fight it die and CV's can't exactly be counted on. It's simply too good.
  12. Blinks

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    Not particularly. Cruisers can generally hit DD's fine, the issue is spotting them. DD's essentially have the best armour possible, that of not getting shot at due to being invisible.
  13. Blinks

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    The problem with DD's is that their counter does not, in fact, counter them. If your in a DD at the start of a match your mostly looking at the enemy DD line for things to worry about. BB's basically put their worry's on the enemy BB line and the enemy DD's Cruisers pretty much worry about everything. DD's should be looking at the enemy cruiser set up and feeling some worry, not "Oh look, targets"
  14. Blinks

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    Yes, the claim is still "and guns" You've not made any real argument against that, except bringing up the Fubuki fighting a Benson. I already said the Gearing is about the one thing the Shimkaze fears, but they're nowhere near as common. The Fubuki on the other hand... Fletchers, Bensons, Mahans, Kagero's, Shimakaze's, Gearings. Ect..ect..ect... There's a lot of things that Fubuki's have to worry about. While for Shimakaze's it's.... Gearings. Kind of a short list really.
  15. Blinks

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    I wouldn't. The Shima has more health, a better fire arc and getting close to it is pretty much suicide unless the U.S. ship can know, for a fact, that the Shima has launched torps. If not.. well, they get to eat a faceful of torpedo while trying to catch it. gg So stay at range, die due to better firing arcs so the Shima is getting more and easier hits on target. Get close, die due to an incoming and massive torp wall.