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  1. I have 850 battles and a Tier 10. Only received 50 flags. I am missing either 50 flags for the 500 battles, or the 50 for having a tier X.
  2. Yup... based on that claim, I bought gold for WoT to prepare for WoWs, and spent part of it to convert all my free XP. The plan was to hopefully unlock good ships quickly on WoWs release. Of course, it didn't happen at release, for obvious balance purpose, so It didn't bother me at first. But I was hoping everything would be unified 6 month after release as promised and it didn't happen either. So now, I think twice each time I buy doubloons, and only in small quantities.
  3. Gaulwa

    Torpedo Spam - add realistic options

    No matter. The problem here, is that DD are underpowered beyond tier 5. Your change, no matter the justification, will negatively affect DD. Therefore, your demand is rejected. In a sense, the real problem is that WG made the DD overpowered in tier 3-4 avec every noob believe the balance stay the same the rest of the game.
  4. Gaulwa

    Torpedo Spam - add realistic options

    Oh, this thread again. Sure, well... if you want to nerf torpedoes, please consider first that good players only have around 12% hit with torps. 2) If you reduce torpedoes stocks to reach some sort of historical similarities, then you better be ready for torps to have actual historical statistics: 10km range torpedoes? They are now 40km. 62knt speed? They are now 92 knt. Visible at 2,1km? Torps are now completely invisible. Don't nerf what isn't broken. Only the reload speed is too fast at low tier 3-4. DD at tier 6-10 are very much underpowered.
  5. Gaulwa

    Torpedo spam

    I've observed something similar. Basically, the CV played dropped his torps on top of an ally ship, toward me. It looked like as if the torps had went through my ally, or as if he was firing on me. This was just a visual bug due to exploiting the manual aiming.
  6. Gaulwa

    treat torpedos like consumabels

    Sure, let's make torpedoes a limited consumable. In return, please give me back a useful smoke screen, ship's turret rotation speed, camoflage, reduce torpedoes spotting range, faster torpedoes and longer range. (all 'historically accurate') Make it a consumable? Sure. But give DD actual torpedoes that will let them hit targets.
  7. With the current implementation of MatchMaking and the low population of high-level players, it is very easy to exploit the mechanics. Simply form a platoon with 3 Tier 10 ships, wait a couple minutes... and as the MM is not able to find an equivalent team to put against you, you will end in a tier 7 battle, with all Tier10 on the same side. I don't mind seeing a single tier 10 in a battle. Even though I would prefer to see one on each side of a team... but tier 10 vs tier 7, now that's just sad. MatchMaking should just let platoons in queue until it finds an equivalent team to place against them, or let them wait. Dropping solo is fine. Dropping a high-level platoon during low population to force an imbalance in the teams is not fine. The problem is particularly present now as the game is still young, and will be present every night during low-peak hours.
  8. Gaulwa

    [Basics] Spotting mechanics

    I see, thanks for the reply. Even with 20km range torps, I don't think there is much use to lock the target. it will most probably have turned by then, or the torps will be too dispersed. 20-25km range is mainly good to flood a narrow path. The rest of the ships have an acquisition range much farther than their firing range.
  9. Gaulwa

    [Basics] Spotting mechanics

    Question: What about the 3 millions credit ship module that increase acquisition range by 20% ? Does this module allow you to see invisible ships 20% farther? Torpedoes? If this only increase the distance at which ships are drawn, what is the utility of this module? Every ship's acquisition range is already far enough to cover most ship's firing range in the game. From the screenshot, even a DD, the smallest ship has 17km of acquisition range. The only utility would be to eventually spot that Yamato 22km away if and only if his detectability is beyond 22km? (meaning he would have to fire his gun and be on fire... but if he's firing his gun, he is probably already in firing range and acquisition range of other ships.) Is this correct?
  10. Gaulwa

    Toggle info at alt inseatd of hold key plz

    Water, reflection, light effects... that stuff use lots of compuer power to render. Try turning some option OFF instead of leaving them at low. (default game settings never turn them off)
  11. Gaulwa

    T9/T10 CVs in particular

    Since everyone is fairly sluggish at that tier, and planes very fast... it's very difficult to 'stay together' without also crippling your DPS as every cruisers will not have targets in firing range. Silly example: I just played a T8 mission with my Atago. I spawned on the side of the map, all BB spawned in the middle... a 'classic'. I rushed to the BBs and by the time I turned around and reached them, a single shokaku had dropped a point-blank triple salvo of torps on a warsprite, followed by a triple bomber. Triple stack of planes and point-blank drops are just silly. I am half a mind to suggest modifying the AI of squadrons so they refuse to fly inside another, and removing the manual aim.
  12. Gaulwa

    When no missions you only get bot-opponents

    On the right of the 'Battle' button in the port, you can select battle against bots (co-op battles) or battles against other players (random battles). You start with co-op battles by default, you need to change it. Since Missions can only be accomplished in PvP, when you click the 'battle' button on the mission screen, it start a PvP battle. But you don't need a mission to play PvP.
  13. Gaulwa

    Limited amount of garage slots

    So basically, you're saying this game isn't worth paying 1-4$ for a few more slots? Fine then, wait for some promo or a contest to win gold.
  14. Gaulwa

    T9/T10 CVs in particular

    There are a few more underlying issues with high-tier CV. At low level, you only have 3 squadrons, often of 3 different types. The squadrons are slow and not that great so you can hardly do advances tactics such as stacking squadrons. At Tier 8+, and I'll mention the Shokaku with 3 Tops and 3 bomber squad you can do things such as stacking 3 identical squadrons together, and drop torps very fast at point-blank range, making sure anyone will take at least 3-6 torps, and finishing the ship with a triple stacked bomber strike. Unless you attacked a group of ships, or a cruiser with the AA skill, there's a good chance you will do 30-40k dmg on the target without losing a single plane. That's enough dmg to sink many tier 8 ships and quite frankly, that sounds a bit overpowered. No that each plane or squadron is, but the ability to stack them is insanely efficient. I assume CV were limited as 1 per group specially to prevent people stacking aircraft and focusing fire. It would seem weird to let a single player reproduce that thanks to a high number of identical squadrons on his ship. I would suggest that squadrons should not be allowed to fly inside other squadron formation. Or give them the 'panic' aiming penalty for crossing another squad's formation. Faster planes also mean less warning that planes are coming as they are already dropping shitz by the time the AA wakes up. Less time to react, less time to start turning in prevision of the drops... and of course, higher tier ships turn slower and have more difficulties to avoid things. Seems like the higher you go, the better the planes gets (that's logic), and the worst ships are against them. Historically accurate, maybe, but not very fun for a game.
  15. Gaulwa

    Wrong premium ship description

    When you select a non-owned premium ship in the tech tree, you can see a description of the premium ships advantages. Among them: Elite Status, allow the player to earn more free XP WRONG: You get exactly the same amount of free XP as anything else, which is 5% of your regular XP. Elite Status allow you to convert unused regular XP into FreeXP provided you pay a conversion fee for real money. You don't get more free XP. More credits and XP for each battle WRONG: You only get 50% bonus credit gains. There are no XP bonus. I think you should fix that very quickly since premium ships are bought with real cash, and I'm sure a few countries would regard that as a false advertisement and it would probably reduce the amount of complains/emails your support will receive if your description is clear and accurate.