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  1. First of all, you change your survivability build to a full secondary build. Then, you use speed boost to get close to your enemy, 10km is fine as your secondaries will open up on everything around you. Get into positions where no BB would go in early game. Stay with DD's or cruisers. Then, you point your bow at the enemy, slow down and just spam away. Congrats you now know how to play Richelieu
  2. Ships that need a buff

    Izumo is a great ship, why would that need a buff ?
  3. Republique is quite possibly the best tier 10 BB right now. It IS accurate and consistent. Never have i dropped so many citadelles at targets as with the Republique.
  4. 127mm secondaries of Republic with IFHE

    Im running full secondary on my Repu and i net about 30-50k secondary dmg alone per game. Quite significant imo and a huge deterrent against crusiers and dd's.
  5. Mikasa is lackluster!

    Mikasa always was the worst ship in the entire game, and still is. No love from WG :( What Mikasa needs is a secondary buff like Arkansas
  6. It was quite a close battle in the end, sadly all of my cruiser where total idiots who where not able to push out that Z from cap. Lost us the game as i was pinned down the entire game :S Good play there thou
  7. I free-xped the US cruiser line up to the Baltimore, so only got like 200k left, but i also got a ton of gold from ranked and other events, might even convert that ..
  8. Jean-Jaques Honore advice

    French BB need to be played with secondary build. Everything else wastes huge potential. Especially T8 and above are crazy good with secondaries. I’m running a full sec/ifhe build and I take up about 50-60k dmg a round with no Rainer secondaries alone. It’s fabulous :)
  9. Conqs heal and Republics armour

    Republique has bad armor ? I think you havent played it yet, that thing is tough as nails. You can easily solo any other BB and dont have to worry about much dmg since your baguette spaced armor eats up all the penetrations for 0 dmg
  10. Current Ranked T10 Meta

    Well, i blazed through R13 to R5 with Republique only, 89% win rate in the end. At R5 the meta changes as there are a lot more noobs and afk'ers around. Dropped a full Rank because i had 4 afk players in a row on my team and we lost hair thin ..
  11. Notsers CV video

    Because easy to play and being good at is not mutual here. It’s easy to play, but it’s also easy for someone with an IQ over room temperature to just face roll you completely without being able to land a single strike the whole game. Imo strafe needs to go. Deleting entire wings of planes ina. Second is just stupid. Remove storage and give the ability to just disengage fighter locks. Basically if you order your fighters away they act like normal planes and get dmg by the chasing fighters. That would make cv so much more noob friendly
  12. Richelieu captans skills

    Go go full secondary. You got a ton of guns in the back within very long range and high accuracy, it saved my [edited]bounteous times when dds tried to sneaking on me because they thought I wouldn’t be able to harm the with my front turrets. Also secondary build on Alsace and Republique are a must :)
  13. Ran into @7obruk today in his GZ, however he had mixed feelings about me playing Enterprise :P Sadly his team went potato to hide behind an island and the DD's where out to chase me across half the map, so we kinda steamrolled them
  14. Humble Bundle Free Flag

    I got a code but when i enter it i just get a turning wheel on WG's page. So not working. Meh
  15. Leaked Images For Two New IJN Destroyers!

    Oh gib gib plis ! Me want ! Im afraid it might suffer greatly thou if it gets outspotted by all other DD's and cant really dodge torps becasue of speed and size. Dont want it to be a Minotaur with HE :/