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  1. Corvi

    Credits issues

    How can you even have credit issues at all in this game ? Economy is super easy. I got 60 ships in port and play nearly only Tier 10 and have like 550million credits I don’t know what to spend on :/ T6 should be making you lots of credits
  2. Corvi

    Main Battery Reload Booster

    Man DeGrasse with MBRB would be sooooo much more OP.
  3. Corvi

    War gaming Give me back to old aircraft carrier

    Just give back 8.4 carriers without all these nerfs.
  4. Corvi

    If you wanna grind Benham...

    I’m sure it’s gonna be available in Arsenal or Premium Shop sooner or later anyway, so I’ll pass on this I guess.
  5. Corvi

    Henri IV is THE BEST ship for ranked season

    Henri is fine until Midway or Haku happens ..
  6. Corvi

    ALASKA accuracy?!?

    Alaska has always been super inconsistent and unreliable in terms of accuracy ..
  7. I bought 4 premium containters to check them out and got all 4 missions straight away. Dunno if luck or drop rate is really high tho
  8. Corvi

    Your top 5 most Fun ships

    Okhotnik Nürnberg Massachusetts Republique Jean Bart
  9. Corvi

    Is a bit of Mikasa love possible?

    Give Mikasa same secondary stats as Arkansas and it’s good.
  10. Corvi

    What carrier should I get

    tripple post becasue of network. plis delete
  11. Corvi

    What carrier should I get

    tripple post becasue of network. plis delete
  12. Corvi

    What carrier should I get

    Wha ? Them Torp planes are amazing. Especially with that long range, you can drop on stuff before you get into AA range, often do suprise drops on stationary targets where they think you disengaged and yet there are fishes in the water. Close drops are supe reasy too as the planes are insanely fast. DB's are probably the best ive played so far, you can engage the bombing run and drop in like a second. The reticle instantly turns green and you got a super high drop altitute resulting in epic citadelles all over the place. So far i managed to citadellle every BB i dropped on, from Montanas to Yamatos and whatnot. With the high plane count you can actually kill a T8 BB with one wing as every single run gives you 14k dmg. Rockets are indeed also good, low accuracy but they work well against cruisers, doing tons of dmg. So far im seriously thinking that GZ is a worthy contester to Enterprise.
  13. Corvi

    What carrier should I get

    From the Premium CVs id say Graf Zeppelin ex-aequo with Enterprise, after that Kaga. Saipan is just bad. Enterprise is the more versatile one, GZ is easier to play. Kaga is a monster, but quite challanging to play imo beacasue of the weak planes.
  14. Corvi

    Enterprise vs audacious

    But a very small drop circle for sniping DDs
  15. Corvi

    Instant permanent turret knockout

    Happens a lot with french BBs. Particulary stupid with the Jean Bart, but i just go and turn it into an oversized torpedo with speedboost when that happens.