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  1. Corvi

    Buff Neptune pls

    This enough ? Those 43 games were enough to research the Minotaur ..
  2. Corvi

    Champagne Seconday build

  3. Corvi

    Champagne Seconday build

    I run full secondary build for two reasons. First, other builds dont really add any benefit to it, and second, sometimes you face a DD, and then its VERY handy as the secondaries can hit quite hard, together with the speed of the Moet Bottle its very hard for DDs to really run away from you. Saved me a few times already now.
  4. Corvi

    Champagne in the Armory

    About 3 times as accurate and MUCH higher pen.
  5. Corvi

    Champagne in the Armory

    Well, for me it works. Imo Champagne is a Tier 8 Stalingrad. Its EXTREMELY accurate. I just devasteted a Monarch at 27km with 5 out of 6 shells hitting directly int he citadelle ...
  6. Not historical = not interested
  7. Corvi

    What is your cursed ship?

    Tashkent i guess .. 31% WR in the first 20 Battles ...
  8. Haaaaave you met LoYang ?
  9. Corvi

    THE most incredible ROFLSTOMP

    My best game ever was my team winning in 2 minutes 34 seconds with 0 losses and me obliterating 3 enemy ships right at start with Troll To Rico in an epic lolrush, draining all their start points.
  10. Corvi

    What happened to the Nevsky ?

    I gained nothing as i had both ships with premium camos. If anything, i lost money becasue i would have gotten the camos for free now and have to spend another 240k xp to finalize the line again and get a new prem camo for the Nevsky.
  11. Corvi

    What happened to the Nevsky ?

    Oh well, thank god i basically stopped playing WG games .. Login, see the [edited], logout. When my chatban gets lifted i might play some games just to insult people until i get banned agian, but thats about it.
  12. Soooo, i had the Russian cruiser line researched and bought for years now, my Moskva turned premium but now i gotta research the Nevsky again ? I thought if you would have Moskva then the Nevsky would be researched too .. Or did i miss something here ?
  13. Corvi

    Siegfried incoming...

    Just got myself the Memebert .. ah .. Colbert, so .. *shrug*
  14. Corvi

    Is it possible to get the Missouri?

    Wouldnt even notice with those 800 million credits i got sitting around and dont know what to do with ....
  15. Corvi

    Is it possible to get the Missouri?

    The only thing that is going for the Missouri is the credit earning, but since credits economy is comletely broken and you absolutely dont need anything to earn even more credits, Missouri is kinda pointless ..