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  1. Haha oh yeh, that was a game. Brawling Yamato and Zao at below 5km range int he center cap was thrilling :P Thank god for nice fire support from you there, hope you saw that +1 at the end from me :)
  2. Sadly just as much of a hopeless round as all the others i had today. 11 gamed, 11 lost. And all of them where crushing defeats :/ Thanks for the heads up thou :)
  3. Are secondary builds still viable?

    Since they buffed the range and greatly buffed accuracy it’s a total cruiser/DD shredder now. Super fun to play with that setup
  4. Are secondary builds still viable?

    I’m running full secondary on the French Bb line and found it amazingly effective. Lyon has a metric crap ton of guns that can actually damage cruisers and DD badly, Richelieu also has nice guns with that 3 turrets in the back, the HE rain they can dish out is epic and it saves my [edited]a few times when suddenly a DD popped up behind me and I didn’t have guns on the back. Alsace albeit only having 100mm guns won’t do much dmg, but the amount of shells it tosses done range and fires it sets is insane. I’m getting 30-60k dmg by fires set by secondaries, and a lot of times that was decisive in the win. Republique is a different story again with upgrades guns to 127mm and higher fire chance. It’s like having a Gearing strapped to each side that just hammers away at 12,3km range setting fires left and right. Also works great as DD deterrent and, because of the long range, can be used to flush out ships that camp behind islands as the shells win down from above. Sure you can have better builds, but it fits my play style very well so I’m running with it with great effect :)
  5. Commander Kappa

    Dafuq is wrong with those japs :O
  6. No excitement for Super Containers

    I've recently gotten a Leningrad and Kii from Supercontainers. Granted, that was pretty much the best drops i had from them .. Everything else before was trash.
  7. Lexington when is WG gonna fix it

    Im still baffled how i managed a 66% win rate on Lexington pre-buff, without any fighters .. Oh yeh, Lexi was a actually OP and just needed some brains to play ..
  8. Native MacOS Please

    Im playing on a Bootcamp partition too. Works perfectly well, got all setting maxed out and i get constant performance. Tried the OSX client too but it was waaay slower.
  9. FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Same. Noticed some higher VRAM usage thou after longer session. My guess there is some memory leak somewhere that fills up with time played. Maybe textures and such are kept in memory even if you are not on the corresponding map anymore ..
  10. How many French BBs did you get?

    Finished all missions, even bought another 10 boxes .. 0 ship missions. Fml.

    They don’t do dmg, they still set fires thou ..

    Oh it does. I already set friendlies on fire with stray secondary shells who then decided to let it burn and call me noob just to punish me ...
  13. Just because i let you have the kill :P Na thou, all that smoke shooting left me with what ? 3k hp ? :P I was an easy kill there, was suprised oyu didnt kill me straight away but went behind the island first :P
  14. First 18 containers, nothing. Im pissed :s
  15. WTF is going on with this game?!

    Noticed that too. Took a week off because I couldn’t stand the idiotic teams anymore, came back yesterday, lost all 10 games unplaced while being top XP in all of them. Logged off again. Playing PubG in the meantime, this game is not good for my sanity.