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  1. It’s absurdly overpowered. I would consider it the most OP ship in the game actually, as it can easily shredd everything it meets without much effort. Only thing required is some brain power and you can win games practically alone. Would recommend for every passionate sealclubber.
  2. *Edited
  3. The next update really might kill her thou, but lets see.
  4. Completely braindead team of cowards that was. Keeping them alive for minutes by reducing ticket count and they simply couldn’t capture empty flags because hurr durr Need to hide behind island :( (btw I spared you mostly because you said hi ;p)
  5. I found those two the easiest actually. Thou you gotta play like a real douche to get them, but its very easy. I did them by playing minotaur, just parking near one or our flags and waiting for enemy cruisers. Managed to complete both of those missions in one battle twice.
  6. 17 actually. But after WG removed my screenshots signature i didnt bother to add that too .. Edit: Nvm i stand corrected: 22. Enemy team really didnt like me soloraping them with saipan ..
  7. @Skycat79, twice today :) Too bad i got chatbanned for typing "dont go to A" the round before (naturally the team went A and lost), but nontheless epic teamplay without coms there ;> Gj mate. (also sorry for not going div, was my last battle for this evening :))
  8. Past two weeks has been horrible to play. Never been so frustrating. Actually stopped playing for a few days, came back, 7 out of 10 games lost, left it sit again. My nerves are not strong enough for the amount of bad players on high tiers right now ..
  9. I had an under 4 minutes game on Tier 10.
  10. Always amazes me that there are still people who defend this utterly broken system .
  11. Game is completely spasming out right now. Ping counter shows normal connection but there is massive delay on everything for all players causing no hits to register.
  12. Yes, Imo Yama is the worst. Guns can be trollish, but they only really give you an edge if someone is bow on to you. Otherwise all other T10 BB have more firepower or survivability.
  13. I got it too. First round 123k dmg, burned down 3 BB with lazer guns and nice long torp ranges. Quite fun even thou its ridiculously slow and sluggish. Too bad it was a loss because of absolutely horrible team ..
  14. Easy to fix, only allow Tier 8 or maybe 9 CVs. Then they can have impact against BB and DD and with scouting, but won’t be flying around deleting everything they see.
  15. Worst in what ? I consider HIV to be one of the best T10 cruisers out there. The flexibility and firepower are exceptional. As for the build questions .. Go for a mix of AA and Demo and happily kite away while being nearly untouchable by anything.