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  1. Corvi

    CV Profits Nerfed?

    Your avarage DMG that you do is much lower now, so youll earn much less credits too. Right now i do about as much avarage DMG in a T8 CV than i do in a T2 ship. CV's turned completely irrelevant sadly.
  2. Corvi

    Unlayered AA needs to go

    No. AA is way too strong right now, no need for further buffs.
  3. Dont bother with AA, CV dont do near enough dmg that it would be worth speccing into AA.
  4. Well, imo carriers turned into utter meaningless garbage. It took me a hefty 8 minutes of constant bombardment, torpedo attacks and strafing runs with rockets to take down a Jean Bart in Midway that came over a flank. The damage output is laughable, it takes way too much time to do any meaningful dmg and it seems that even DD AA totaly shredds your planes. Ended the game with 46k dmg in 10 minutes. Next game i managed to do a hefty 13k dmg since the enemy was a huge blob and my planes just exploded as soon as they got spotted. 13k the entire game, with a tier 10 carrier. Go figure. Old Midway did more dmg in one single good strike. Game after that i do a torp run on a Montana that is on 4000 hp. A torp hits as the other planes died, poof, 3200 dmg. He sails away and repairs. Uhm. Those torps feel like throwing candy bars at battleships, absolutely worthless as a divebomb attack or even rocket attack deal more dmg and are way easier to execute. And mind you, im Super Unicum on most of my carriers .. Right now, it feels like carriers got degraded to nice eyecandy, and have absolutely 0 carry potential.
  5. Corvi

    Best way to buff Conqueror 457mm guns?

    Or dont use them at all. Best buff for Conq there is
  6. Corvi

    SuperYamato As Japans T10 Battleship

    After Republique
  7. Corvi

    Smokescreen and AAA

    In beta you got spotted in smoke when you had your AA on. I think that was quite a nice mechanic.
  8. So, is anyone having super bad stability issues since todays small patch ? Every game i start crashes after the first 2-3 minutes into the game with a frenzy of pink flickering textures and graphic bugs that suddenly appear and end the game with a critical error. Checked the Tech section but nothing there yet. Also, WoWs worked just fine yesterday evening before the patch, and other games are working just fine right now so its defiantly patch related. Already updated Gfx drivers, still the same issue Anyone having troubles too ?
  9. Corvi

    Best Secondaries

    Alsace and Republique have the best secondaries, why you leave them out ?
  10. Corvi

    Black Camo ?

    Yeh, i figured it would still sjow up in the camo list even with filters on just not show on the ship, but it seems the filter completely removes it from EVERYWHERE .. Weird kinda
  11. Corvi

    Black Camo ?

    So can anyone help me out ? I just snatched the Asashio Black, because it was on a nice discount and said it has a unique black camo. Now in port, it is sitting there without any camo at all. I recieved a pop-up message that about "Asashio Black camo demounted" without me even doing anything, and now its gone. I dont even see the premium camo in the "Exterior/Camo" tab .. Am i blind or is this thing a typical broken WG thing again ? EDIT// Nvm can be deleted. Apparently port filters completely removed it. Eh ..
  12. Corvi

    Huanghe - what do people think?

    HuangHe is an epic ship, I absolutely love it. Its basically a Perth on steroids. Best conceal of all T6 cruisers, more dmg per shell, higher fire chance, faster torp reload and if you skill for it, the now strongest AA on tier 6. With all those low tier CV's you can rack up a considerable amount of plane kills every round without trouble, and you can always smoke up and dakka away at unsuspecting newbs. Highly recommended form my side :)
  13. Corvi

    Experience with Repulique LM?

    Repu has VERY fast shells. And they group quite well at that range. Thing is, most people dont expect you to shoot at them at this ranges and happily sail straight because they think they are safe, and then blap there comes the tripple cita at 25km ..
  14. Corvi

    Experience with Repulique LM?

    You kidding me ? Over 20km the Repu citadelles everything that comes around, even Conquerors and Montanas at all the weird angles. The balistics with that plunding fire are insane. The legendary module is total crap and worthless, the range is much much more useful.
  15. Corvi

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    I officially deleted my WOWS today. Not playing this crap ever again. This ranked season is broken on a scale that is unimaginable. I never had much problems with ranked, it was sometimes frustrating but mostly fun, and i was apply advancing to R1 every time. This time .. No. Not possible. I have a whooping 20% lower WR this ranked as any other ranked seasons. I spent twice as many games, and didn't even get past Rank 4. Hell i played over 300 games on Rank 4 alone. I have never ever seen so much retarded play, so many stupid people and so much [edited] in a game as here in this ranked season. Last 10 games i played, all 10 lost, 6 ! of them where wins for the enemy team where they didn't even lose a single ship. One battle was a game where we had 3 flags, 800 points, 5 ships. Enemy had no flags, 180 points and 2 ships. They won. The amount of idiots is just mind blowing. I threw two wireless mouses against the wall, resulting in me having a third, wired mouse now so i cant throw it away again. Last ranked was Tier 10 too, but for some reason that was absolutely no problem and actually quite fun to play. This now, just wow .. No. I seriously dont know what happened, but no matter what i do, i always lose. So long, was nice playing with you guys.