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  1. Strike and sink him in the beginning. Ranger can oneshot Saipan, and players flying AS are usually total noobs so can easily be bombed if you fly your strike planes around the map border while distracting him with the fighter squad. It will take some 3-4 minutes, but then you got peace and quite the rest of the round.
  2. Well if the enemy CV lands just one strike he already did more than you can possibly do the entire round. AS bogue is worthless in a sense that you are playing a 1 vs 1 game in a 12 vs 12 .. Bogue can drop devastating strikes on BBs on that tier, check my stats, I was ripping up poor beginners with it like there was no tonorrow and I played 101 ..
  3. Midway is all fun and nice but you cant play it solo. It cant carry a team like Haku can.
  4. AS Bogue was probably the most useless ship in the entire game. Everyone who played that should have been blocked to coop only ..
  5. A working reporting system

    Report system is great. Played 1 game today, wrote in chat "please dont go A, you have no chance there", division of 3 new mexico players with an average of 42% win rate just said "stfu noob", and before i could write the second line i was chatbanned. Obviously they got annihilated in the first 4 minutes by two dd, and we lost. Best gaming experience. .
  6. Ashitaka in the Premium Shop

    What do you think ? Im kinda reserved about this one, doesnt seem to have anything special to it .. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/
  7. What CL line to choose?

    Why not the Baguette line ? Starting from tier 5 they are all very good and fun shops to play. From tier 8 upwards they are downright monsters and can cause a lot of tears
  8. Moskva HE buff

    Uhm .. You are supposed to use AP with the Moskwa..
  9. Must Add sailors and soldiers

    You dont get to shoot at those thou
  10. Remember that game, i dropped quite some dmg on the enemies pushing A cap there :) You guys held the flank very well there, thx :)
  11. That team was a total disgrace. Akizuki sailing past enemy DD not fireing a single shot, spotting Ranger then turning away again not firing a single shot at it .. He didnt smoke up once to fire at enemies, all he did was trying to torp at max range with that single launcher. In the end i could have probably carried the team, but that akizuki doing absolutely 0 killed the round for us.
  12. This. Have an AFK or potato CV and your game is pretty much lost.
  13. Reports should be increased

    I usually run out of reports in the second game i play ..
  14. You cant escape KARMA

    Only reported twice ? Amateur
  15. Izumo or FdG?

    Izumo is the better ship. FdG is good for "trololo rushing guns blazing", but then mostly you die pretty fast too. In late game its lethal, but to get there you gotta survive long enough and you wont hit much with its super bad accuracy. Izumo on the other hand has extremely powerful guns, can bowtank very well, has usable secondaries and is very manouverable on top. Id take Izumo over FdG any day