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  1. Corvi

    Please never do Arms Race again.

    Uhm no. With 3 heal buffs you can make BBs completely immune to fire dmg as it heals faster then the fire dmg ticks. You can get a yamato down to 20 seconds reload .. Thats not minimal, thats substantial, especially in late game. Imagine being a HE slinging cruiser and the last enemy BB heals faster then you can burn him down.
  2. Corvi

    Please never do Arms Race again.

    First i didnt finish becasue i didnt want to, not becasue i couldnt ..
  3. Corvi

    Please never do Arms Race again.

    Did anyone manage to get past Rank 10 already ? Im at close to 50 games played and havent moved a single rank from 10. Went down to 11 twice, but up, no chance. Absolutely unplayable
  4. Corvi

    Please never do Arms Race again.

    Well this will be the second ranked season that i wont finish. The first one was Season 10, which was Arms Race too. This is unplayable. The amount of idiots int he game who absolutely dont get what to do or just screw up the games on purpose is overwhelming. This has to be the stupidest thing that ever excisted in the history of games.
  5. Corvi

    Planes in Ranked are invincible

    lol no, planes are invincible.
  6. Corvi

    Please never do Arms Race again.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Planes are 100% immune to dmg once your team has 3 heal buffs. You litteraly have god-mode.
  7. Corvi

    Please never do Arms Race again.

    It is. I was just playing a round were i scouted a Montana with my Audacious bombers, circling right over the Montana to avoid the flack clouds and i literally lost no HP on my planes. They are invicinble to Montana AA dmg once you get more then 3 heal buffs .. Stayed over him for like 2 minutes and didnt lose a single plane. Edit:// 3 Heal buffs are enough to make them invincible against a single Des Moines.
  8. Corvi

    Please never do Arms Race again.

    Oh and once you have 4 Heal Buffs, CVs become invincible. It heals Planes faster then AA does dmg .. You can keep circling over enemy ships and not lose any plane HP at all. Seriously ,who thought this is a good idea ?
  9. Corvi

    Please never do Arms Race again.

    Im talking about Arms Race in ranked. It sucked major balls last time and everyone hated it. Now they did it again in ranked and litereally every round you play everyone complains. Its the worst of the worst.
  10. Arms Race in ranked is the worst game mode since last Arms Race in ranked. it sucked backed then, noone liked it, and it sucks now too and noone likes it. Please delete. Kthxbye
  11. Corvi

    Anyone using the Torpedo Lookout or

    None. Concealment is better.
  12. Corvi

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    Just got unbanned from a month long Chatban toady and played 2 hours. Now I’m chatbanned for another month again.
  13. Corvi

    Is Moskva worth grinding?

    I’ll leave this here. Still relevant.
  14. Corvi

    Spend 1k doubloons for guaranteed UK CA?

    You have "a chance". If id get a random ship garanteed for 1000 dubloons id be in, but like this you can spend 20k dubloons in a bad case to get a T6 ship that you can just free XP for basically nothing.
  15. Corvi

    Next ranked is gonna be Fun!

    Arms race was the only ranked season ever that i didnt rank out. I just couldnt take the level of retarded.