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  1. I'd totally take a CV with a 2-0-4 deck. That fire dmg you can dish out with proper timing would be insane. Imagine being able to light 2 BB on fire simultaneously with sticky fire.
  2. Start game, set settings, alt-tab, find settings file and set it to read only. Im on the phone right now so no idea about exact file path, but shouldn't be too hard to find :)
  3. Yeh, my first two games ended in being oneshot right in the beginning of the game. First i thought the enemy turned lucky, then i realized that Flint is even more fragile than a DD. Not easy to play i have to say.
  4. Also Gene ambushed me with a broadside spread of tin fish very early in the game which want all that nice, landing me on the bottom of the scoreboard :p
  5. Dont bother with the potatos reporting you. When i play my strike Lex i get reported nearly every game by some noobs who whine that i have no fighters, yet end up obliterating the enemy team with sheer dmg and carrying the game for them ..
  6. I once got TK'ed by a WG-EU player, but since i already got banned from WoT forums for calling out a TK by a Dev i wont bother with it here anymore
  7. I just play random ships and the millions keep pouring in ..
  8. Seen a few GZ now too, they seem to be terribly effective at killing DD. If you get the distance right, the drop pattern is unavoidable. Otherwise planes are extremely squishy, especially the fighters. They just melt like snowflakes. A single Enterprise fighter squad can kill both german fighter squads without losing a single plane.
  9. Midway, 3 times, out of frustration.
  10. I suggested that somewhere already, would be an awesome unique gameplay/visual feature. You only have 1 plane per "squadron" but it drops multiple bombs.
  11. Funny thing is that all of those carriers are blatantly overpowered ...
  12. Id take Izumo over any other T9 BB any time of the day. That thing is a monster of a BB.
  13. inb4 copyright lawsuit
  14. 1. Buy Enterprise 2. ... 3. Profit !
  15. Because a LOT of people are having lags and discos since the past weekend.