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  1. DecosterDavid

    Lunar New Year

    So, now we're not only screwed from buying what we want through the game store, but even in-game? Frack this bcrap. At least with stuff in the in-game store I could have a non-Belgian clanmate 'gift' me stuff... I wonder what location / country the game will count me as if I log in across the border...
  2. DecosterDavid

    Lunar New Year

    Any reason I'm not seeing the 3 Lunar New Year Bundles in the Arsenal?
  3. DecosterDavid

    Lunar New Year in World of Warships - Discussion Thread

    Any reason I'm not seeing the Lunar New Year bundles in the Arsenal? Just logged in after a 2 week absence...
  4. Until when are the Santa crates for sale?
  5. DecosterDavid

    Unique commanders for EU?

    Yeah, but only their 'brothers' are available: John Doe, Viktor Znamensky and Reinhart von Jutland...
  6. DecosterDavid

    Unique commanders for EU?

    Will the following unique commanders ever be made available again on the EU server? George Doe Charles-Henri Honoré Vasily Znamensky Reinhart von Jutland
  7. DecosterDavid

    Haida is in shop :)

    Could you elaborate: Tier 1: Why PT instead of PM? Tier 2: Is AR that good / important? Tier 3: Why no DE to offset the penalty by IFHE on Tier 4?
  8. DecosterDavid

    Haida is in shop :)

    Any of the more experienced players got some advice on how to skill Haïda's captain for gunboat use?
  9. DecosterDavid

    Irrevocable Ranks?

    Anyone know which ranks are irrevocable?
  10. DecosterDavid

    Ranked Battle Feedback

    Can Divisions of friends enter ranked battles together?
  11. Fellow Captains, I was wondering which tier 5 skill you guys pick for your high-level US DD's. I usually play my US DD's as gunboats so I was wondering if there was any point in taking Concealment Expert... I was thinking of taking Preventive Maintenance instead since I'm spotted as soon as I start firing anyway. Also, I've only gotten to the Mahan at the moment, so maybe the higher tier US DD's play differently. Thank you for your advice.
  12. DecosterDavid

    Absurd Torpedo Bombers.

    As mentioned in a about a gazillion amount of other topics: - Increase the reward for AA kills (both from fighters and shipborne AA) -> Cruisers and DD's might actually start to care about filling their resp. roles -> profit.
  13. DecosterDavid

    Premium Shop - Ship availabiliy question

    Holy crap, sorry for the multipost guys... Forum-hamsters didn't get their morning coffe apparently...
  14. DecosterDavid

    Premium Shop - Ship availabiliy question

    I agree with Ectar for about 50%. Exclusive items achieved through effort should retain full exclusivity. Example: exclusive ships given as rewards for winning events. Other 'limited' items obtainable through an action within the players' control should maintain a 'limited' (time-or priceconstrained) form of exclusivity. Example: Arkansas Beta - because a player could choose to buy into the Beta through packages OR Albany - because you just had to enter the code. The Iwaki Alpha (and Alpha rewards in general) don't really own up to that aspect, as the Alpha Test was something you had to be lucky enough to be chosen for. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for giving exclusive rewards to people who contribute to the game in any phase of testing (or even after release). But it should be based exactly on that: a contribution, not 'getting lucky'. Then again, it's not something I'm angry about, I'm happy for the people who got 'lucky'. Just stating it as a personal point of view. Also, I DO have the Arkansas Beta (and Albany) and I wouldn't even mind if they sold them to everyone else. Hell, we got them for free, so why would you be so petty as to deny something you have to someone else being able to buy them if it can make them happy... P.S. Sorry for the dead horse, but TBH I think it was the first time I voiced my opinion on this on these forums.
  15. DecosterDavid

    Cleveland is soooooo OP

    I'd agree with some of the other captains' views that propose re-tiering instead of a 'nerf/boost'-solution. I want the ships to perform as closely as possible to their real-life counterparts. If that means leaving a tier 'open', so be it. Enough with the arcadey BS already... P.S. One of the reasons I dumped WoT in the trashcan as soon as thatotherarenagamewithmoderntanksthatisinclosedbetabutshallnotbenamedbecausecensorship™ comes out.