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  1. schurem

    How is your Dunkirk Collection going on?

    So i finished and got the brit commander but not the skin for my Dunkerque :( did I misread the event description?
  2. schurem

    Update 0.6.7 Visual Improvements

    I am absolutely in love with what you guys did with the lighting and the water. Its awesome. One niggle however: the torpedo aiming thing is too bright, it should be a little less opaque imo.
  3. schurem

    Public Test 0.6.0 - General Feedback

    Is there a way to get the test client in english instead of russian?
  4. schurem

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    My best so far is a port slot. I like the new system. <edit> and just after I type this I get a supercrate out of my first box of the day, try your luck, 10 million silver, yay!
  5. schurem

    Epicenter maps

    I had a great time on these maps. Nice tense and close up action.
  6. schurem

    (new consumable ideas) How to make BBs less underpowerd

    BBs are not underpowered when captained well. They are horrible XP pinatas in the hands of dumb, inexperienced or inattentive captains.
  7. schurem


    I too wish to thank wg.net for the beautiful little ship they gave us. She's absolutely gorgeous.
  8. schurem

    Tubes on the turrets of Murmansk

    Lol thanks guys, great answers all! I think they indeed must be containers for Soviet logs of Workers' Glory !
  9. Hey guys, Can anybody tell me what the tubes on the corners of the Murmansk's turrets are? What is their function? Thanks in advance! p.s. Good Job WG on! game looks even better on my box now!
  10. schurem

    North Carline to expensiv to play whit.

    Dude you make only 40k? Even my tier 5 BB makes three times as much on a mediocre game!
  11. I love the look and feel of it. Big boats that go boom. DD gameplay is fun too. I understand the need for rng but i dislike it when it makes my perfectly aimed salvo go splishsplash and i love it when it blesses me with juicy citadel hits. Boom baby!
  12. schurem

    Manual Torp Drops should Go !

    Add some fusing time to the torpedoes. Should be at least a ship length. Perhaps more. Same for ship torpedoes. Its insane that they arm about a second after hitting the water.
  13. schurem

    Main Battery Modification II

    I prefer the gun accuracy mod in that slot on nearly all of my boomboats
  14. schurem

    wows released sept 17th

    Will we get unified gold and freeXP?
  15. schurem

    Update 0.4.1 when