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  1. I kind of expect this will only make it worse yes the silly alpha we got with CV is to much but is it going to be any better when there stacking dots. I think the DOT stacking is the way to go but is going to lead to more toxic chat as people get mad over the none stop DOT stacking and what looks like NO CV counterplay due to lack of any real fighter control. Hell you do not have to own the enemy team in a CV to walk away with a load of reports i expect DOT stacking to annoy people more and lead to more CV players been perma chat banned by reports.
  2. Darzok

    Supertest FAQ

    Its nice to know we got roughly 100 on the EU.
  3. Darzok

    Why are BBs so chicken?

    The BB's are not chicken as such there just been smart you push in with a BB you can have support but once the enemy shoots back that support will run away leaving you alone to fight. BBs do not want to push alone due to DD's torps and HE spam cruisers. Cruisers will not push for fear of a BB just flat out deleting them. DD mostly end up fighting each other highlander style there can only be ONE.
  4. Darzok

    1940 Hood is T6 material

    The Hood launched in 1918. The Hood was sunk by taking a hit to the aft of the ship that lead to a massive explosion but no one knows for sure what was hit some say aft mag some others say it was one of her torps. The concept was not flawed at the time as she was more than a match for any BB of her time but still able to run down cruisers. Trainspite her stats easy put her at T6 given how she is just a faster but weaker warspite. I am 100% sure ranked is going to be T7 again i would put money on the Hood coming out around the same time as ranked starting.
  5. Darzok

    1940 Hood is T6 material

    The Hood fits at T6 but it will be shoved in to T7 for ranked battles to boost sales. I know it might be given away for free but we know its going to be sold in the shop as well.
  6. Darzok

    world of tanks 3 days premioum work for warships

    I got the email it was in the spam tab but i got the email.
  7. Darzok

    world of tanks 3 days premioum work for warships

    I done it works for me. SexyCroat its stupidly easy to sign up i was able to work it out in 2 seconds and sign up and i did not understand any of it. User name youre name Email Password Password That is the layout just fill it in.
  8. Darzok

    French cruiser next it seems

    At first i was like dam again no RN bbs but i am more than happy to have a new cruiser line just hope there going to be good ships. I do not want a line of flamethrowers with good speed since thats just a the RU line all over again.
  9. Darzok

    French cruiser next it seems

    Not yet but should be some thing more soon i hope.
  10. Darzok

    French cruiser next it seems

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/allons-y/ US wows site new link will replace with EU in 3-4 days when its posted on the EU wows page. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/oh-la-la/ EU holy crap we got the news the say day. Looks like we get the French cruisers can not wait to see how they turn out. I dont know much about them but i think its safe to say there going to get the engine boost.# could end up been the best DD hunters if the Camo is good. Tier 1: Bouganville Tier 2: Jurien de la Graviere Tier 3: Friant Tier 4: Duguay-Trouin Tier 5: Emile Bertin Tier 6: La Galissonniere Tier 7: Algerie Tier 8: Charles Martel Tier 9: Saint Louis Tier 10: Henry IV
  11. Darzok

    BB's ruined this game

    The problem is the way the game is set up. BB can no go in due to skill wall spam form DD that can just stealth fire/torp all game long with out a care in the world. Cruisers can not go in to deal with the DD's since avoiding skill wall spam and the whole enemy team shooting you is all most all ways a sure death. DD get to run rampant around if no CV spots them. CV just not fun to play with the crappy UI. The maps are all so a big problem you can not use cover to get in close as it all most all ways leads you in to a small area ripe for been killed walled or smashed by fire you can not angle in to and avoid eating massive damage. The game is just set up to make people camp as the first in eats skill walls and is wrecked by the other team shooting at them. The maps need a good rework to allow you to have cover to push with out forcing you in to a fairly small space none stop so you can dodge skill walls and incoming fire with out crashing in to an island. Then we can start on a rework to make every class have a good role other than BB most BB long range sniping and cruisers been deleted.
  12. Darzok

    Dunkerque: a good buy or not?

    She is not a bad ship but not that good at the same time. She has a nice top speed but is poor to accelerate and takes forever to come to a stop and turns like an island. Guns are ok but the RNG is a massive troll not uncommon to miss broadside targets at under 8km since spread will make every shell fall short or fly right over the top. Great HE so you can burn the enemy to death or BB if there angle means ap is doing all most nothing but at the same time she will go up in flames the second a HE round looks at her. The Secondarys are real powerful much more than people think had a few DD's miss torps and charge past thinking there in a safe spot behind my main guns only to melt to the quad secondarys. Over all i can not recommend her as she just feels like a T5 ship you can do ok vs T7 ships but T8 will wreck you.
  13. I said The Dunk is oddly still holding its own dispite the massive number of downsides to her few strong points. That dont change the fact its guns have massive spread or you can still deal massive damage shooting at it bow on by hitting the Super or setting it on fire by just looking at her.
  14. The reviews are fair she is not that great and you could make a great case for her to be placed at Tier 5. I would disagree with most of what you said about her. Guns have massive spread and poor accy. Top speed yes its good but till half speed she is a rock and form 0-15knots takes forever and to slow down all so takes forever. Turns like an island Armor highly questionable Bow hits the armor is great but shoot above that in to the super and you just wreck her. She bursts in to flames the second the enemy with HE loaded looks at her. The Dunk is oddly still holding its own dispite the massive number of downsides to her few strong points.
  15. The Dunk on paper should win unless ambushed and takes torps. That been said there is all ways luck both in game and real life and why the Dunk was made to counter the Graff you can never take in to account a un/luck hit that could cripple the Dunk or even lead to its loss. You need only look at the Graff to see how luck can effect a battle she was crippled fighting 3 light cruisers that she out gunned and was made to counter with out sinking any of them dispite dealing heavy damage to them she was forced to run away.