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  1. Was ist eigentlich der Kampfauftrag "Die Macht von Stahl", der nur beim teuersten Paket separat erwähnt wird?
  2. Panzerblitz

    Any chance a US version of the "Boise" will be available??

    I already said you don't have to share my personal moral compass. I don't agree with you because of my aforementioned opinions, let's just leave it at that.
  3. Panzerblitz

    Any chance a US version of the "Boise" will be available??

    War crimes were committed by every nation in WWII, and if war was condemned instead of glorified then maybe we would not need war games. But that's not the point. I think there is a difference between the commander of a warship following criminal orders (but otherwise said ship's main purpose was as a naval combatant) and the ship being used as a detention and torture center, anchored in a harbor, while the military junta is not engaged in a conflict against a foreign nation but against it's own population, predominantly civilians. I don't expect you to share my personal moral compass, but the latter feels even more "evil" to me than the former. Which is why (to me) the Nueve de Julio feels way more tainted than the ships in your examples.
  4. Panzerblitz

    Any chance a US version of the "Boise" will be available??

    I'm a collector, I have most premiums including the rares, like the Iwaki Alpha, 3 versions of the Kamikaze, Nikolai, Gremy and so on... Considering the rather gruesome history of the Nueve de Julio, namely it's usage as torture prison, this might be the first premium I won't buy. Couldn't they have named her General Belgrano instead ?
  5. Panzerblitz

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I had a really fun Massa game today, which shows how enjoyable the game can be when things work in your favor. Only 157K damage, but 6 kills, lots of secondary action, a comeback after losing all cap points and the closest dodge ever vs an Amagi on a ramming course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyIBQQ8R1xE&feature=youtu.be Watch it if you like, it will only steal 17 minutes of your young life :D
  6. Panzerblitz

    Matchmaking Chart

    It's really getting out of hand, despite their match maker changes. There are so many good and fun ships, which are perfectly fine at their own tier, but fall completely apart when they have to compete in tier X games. Think Tirpitz, Bismarck, Roma, Massa.....and so on.
  7. Panzerblitz

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The Massachusetts is everything I wanted from a secondary specced BB.
  8. Panzerblitz

    USS Alaska sighted

    Yes, it's [edited]dumb. This game is about collecting ships and then they go ahead and hide the required currency in 2 special game modes which a lot of players don't enjoy or are not successful at.
  9. Panzerblitz

    USS Alaska sighted

    If you are in the Typhoon league you are not a casual clan - that's nonsense.
  10. Panzerblitz

    USS Alaska sighted

    Just because you say something 3 times does not make it correct. CB is a horrible game mode for people like me, who have a job and are in a casual clan and who want to play when they have time and not when they must. And if you are not in a Typhoon clan, you won't make enough steel to get this ship within a reasonable time frame. And this is not some paper ship we are talking about, but the Alaska.
  11. Panzerblitz

    USS Alaska sighted

    The Alaska is a ship that many people wanted and hoped for since the early days of this game. Making it cost steel would be a huge letdown for many.
  12. Panzerblitz

    You think you earned the Stalingrad? No, still have to buy it!

    I just hope that other sources of steel will become available soon. I've been with this game from Alpha, but still am not interested in Clan Wars, it feels too much like work - show up on time, don't fool around, be at your best, follow orders....and so on. In normal and in ranked you can at least play when you want and try silly gimmicks and strats.
  13. Considering how the game has recently developed and the radar hell of T7-10, the lower tiers are currently a lot more enjoyable to play. I really wish that combat missions and campaigns would also allow ships of lower tiers.
  14. Panzerblitz

    Summer Sale 2018

    All I want for summer is the current version of the Massachusetts, I just love secondary specced BBs and this one seems great.
  15. Panzerblitz

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Anyone else looking forward to the Massachusetts ? With her recent buffs she looks like the perfect ship for anyone who like secondary builds. Even Flamu liked her and he usually values efficiency over fun....