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  1. mitchell600

    Suggestions thread

    Make every ship repaireable above 25% remaining health. For example a ship has 80.000 hp, he gets damaged to 60.000 and he repairs every second 1 hp or more (donno how much is best). This simulates the crew being able to repair some modules etc like in real life. This was also used in a game before Wows was popular. Below 25% the ship is "lost" so it is not able to do it anyway. And another suggestion. Maybe make more crew, like engineers, repairmen, gunners etc and give them also a level 1-19 and lvl 19 is current status on repair rate, speed rate ship and dispersion etc. But when you start at 1 then you have like penalties.
  2. Ehm where is the option to cancel out your cv tech tree to fxp?
  3. mitchell600

    Rented Le Terrible, normal price remains

    Ah i misread it then. And yes i answered your question the last time @ColonelPete ;)
  4. mitchell600

    Rented Le Terrible, normal price remains

    (edited, misread it)
  5. mitchell600

    Rented Le Terrible, normal price remains

    Youre so right, they gave me a new support respond and it doesnt help either. Because yeah you cant purchase the ship ingame! Read: Hello mitchell600, Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Customer Support Team regarding your game issue. I'm sorry to hear about the situation. I will do my best to help you. There may be many reasons for this, as well as solutions, let's take a look together! 1) Make sure that you are logged into mitchell600 account while trying to make the purchase. 2) Clear the preferences please, they may include corrupted files. 3) You may have to remove the mods as they can cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. 1. Go inside your res_mods folder, by default: C:\games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\ 2. Remove everything from the res_mods folder, create an empty folder named after the most recent game version. If this doesn't help you, please send us a WGCheck report: ‌‍‎‏ ‫‪ ➞ How to create a WGCheck report? Additionally, send us please a printscreen with the Le Terrible price. If you have any other questions, or if this situation unfortunately persists, please don't hesitate to contact us again. I wish you a wonderful day and much success on the battlefield! Kind regards,
  6. Jeez no Alaska, no Izumo, only these weird stuff "Fixed an issue which immediately removed a detectability penalty applied to a ship after firing its main guns if the ship was not in the target's line of sight. In Update 0.8.0, the penalty will work for 20 seconds irrespective of whether the target enemy sees the firing ship or not." And ofcourse Carrier Revamp. Man man man... When you blow us bad news, return some good news!
  7. mitchell600

    Rented Le Terrible, normal price remains

    Well it seems a ticket helps a lot! Not... Hello mitchell600, Thank you for contacting the Wargaming support. I'm glad to try to clarify the situation. If you like the ship, you just have to pay the difference between the rental price and the usual price. Otherwise, the ship will simply disappear from your port when the rental period ends. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. I wish you a wonderful day and fair seas! Regards,
  8. mitchell600

    Rented Le Terrible, normal price remains

    Yes sir, i am! :D
  9. mitchell600

    Rented Le Terrible, normal price remains

    Inside the game you cant buy her.
  10. mitchell600

    Rented Le Terrible, normal price remains

    Renting Le Terrible should reduce the full ships main price if you want to buy it after. However it sticks at 35.12 euros en doesnt lower. Anyone know what i do wrong or?
  11. To bad for you thats the official channel. It starts at 7th at the daystart. I had a box already an hour ago now :D Just takes a while before it drops i guess then
  12. mitchell600

    Forum title names?

    Good day I joined Wows somewhere in 2012. I got Beta tester under my name. But also Alfa tester. When i look in edit profile it shows, "Choosing secondary groups to display" - In AlfaTesters (vinked on). What does this actually mean. Its either Beta or either alpha right? I am confused haha Thanks in advance!
  13. mitchell600

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HOO]

    Fat_Maniac, i have sended you a personal message about recruitment. Greetings
  14. How can you figure out if a container had been dropped on your account? I got Twitch on all day now and i have 0 containers or any notification etc.
  15. mitchell600

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery! Thank you to all donators!