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  1. Rage_Oddball

    Update 0.8.0. Prepare for Takeoff! - Discussion Thread

    did i miss the memo where DD's become underdog and we need to nerf everything else so they can play comfortably?
  2. a nice ship. that said, whoever is buying this ships under this prices completely lost his mind. i'm sure that you have your numbers, but this is bonkers.
  3. no problem boys, you are right. nothing has change, yamato is the best, i suck at it. now i play moscow, some how i do more with moscow then whit yamato (top dmg with yamato was 262k, now whit moscow after 30-ish games is 186k, on avarage 75k). but you are right i don't know how to play, i am a whine little [edited]. but yes, you can't have nice things . i know. what goes around comes around, yes.
  4. funny the amount of white knights telling me how yamato was never nerfed, only buffed. go check how yamato was never nerfed https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/110602-yamato-nerfed-to-oblivion/ the level of retardation of people that just want to oppose something because of lack of the attention to them is pitiful. and i for sure will not go dig up patch notes to show you how many times yamato was nerfed. and for the [edited] that wants to see my stats, what the f [edited]my stats have with AP shell that do 4880 on pen, when the base potential is 14800 dmg, or what my stats have to do when yamato shell shatters on mogami armor, what the f [edited]are you boys smoking. you want to talk to me about how dmg works, how about you get checked for reality https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/6usqnu/real_wwii_warship_damage_reports_why_you_do_not/ wows should state that it is a science fiction game, not a naval history game. there is nothing historical about it. but that is beyond my point, and a point that i don't want to make. my point is for how long we should take the changes to ships that in the end are nothing that they started with. and with that stated, community as any community in any game is toxic, i will definitely not argue with more or less professional trolls. dev's will certainly not answer or do something about it, as that is the way they make money. first they make a ship with stats that are wanted, and then when a sufficient players spend money to get it, they nerf the ship and push a new one for you to grind and spend money again. this monkey will not put up with this, but for rest, your life, your choice. celebrate you smugness. login off
  5. tell me how much bullying we should take from you devs before you stop rampageing on us. yamato today have nothing to do with the yamato that i grinded for a year a go. and so many other ships, but i will stick to yamato now. i could do 31,5 knots when i got it, now i am happy if i do 29. I could turn yamato in torpedoes and at worst pick up one, now even when his life depends on it it will pick up everything (torpedo bombers). before i could get citadeled, yes, buy a kurfurst point blank, now f[edited]tirpiz can citadel me from 15 km away,. guns are as you can see from picture for crap (there were at least 6 pen on that T8 mogami, and i pened it from a broad side for nothing), tell me how the F a shell with 14800 penetration those 4880 on a penetration, or 1080 on an overpen, if overpen is guarantied 10% of the base value. in battle from the picture i fired 93 AP shells, 51 hit for 107k dmg. 2k dmg per shell with the biggest shell in the game. it was never like this. this ship is nothing you advertise about it a year a go. only you know (devs) why it is ok to change characteristic of the ship so much that you essentially say "f[edited] you" to every player in the game that wasted time and money to get a ship. how about every time you decide to change characteristic of a ship for "balance reasons" you give us compensation for the lost time and money. that would be fair. you would think twice when balancing game then, but no it is just "look at the monkeys".
  6. Rage_Oddball

    Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    absolutely disgusting the way people in dd's and cl's can play ranked and be rewarded for unsporting behavior. on a regular basis, a dd or cl, only need to cap and do some scouting for the them to keep the star. like the battle that i had now, where dd has gone all around the map to get to enemy cap, so he cap our position and theirs, didn't do anything, in fact he left a clear opening for enemy dd to come to our backs and torp. us. and after we lost (duh). HE WAS [edited]SECOND! HE DID NOTHING O HELP THE TEAM! wile on the other hand me in a bb, that on a regular basis tanks 150k dmg, and do 150k dmg back, can hardly be third. disgusting. yes, ffs, yes a million time. [edited]rusher looser that needs to win in first 2 min. yes, -minusfingthree.
  7. Rage_Oddball

    Suggestions thread

    Game mechanics Riding the map border, the mechanic is still being exploited. just put 400hp dmg per second once you cross it. so who ever wont's to exploit it, let them.
  8. Rage_Oddball

    Riding the map border BS

    the mechanic is still being exploited. just put 400hp dmg per second once you cross it. so who ever wont's to exploit it, let them.