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  1. Baron432

    Z-39, another premium passes the "WG balance" check

    But I said that this ship may be strong, but not OP (like, we all know, are Belfast or Kutuzov), so that - in fact - we share the same pint here? I can see that some could see the Z-39 as OP, but for me, with its handling and guns (and whether I am "right" or "wrong" here), it is rather not.
  2. Baron432

    Z-39, another premium passes the "WG balance" check

    Thank You for Your kind words. Yes, I've got the ship and - as I am used to - until I'm able to sail it properl, I'm testing it and learning in a Coop battles not to burden my Random teammates with my inabilities. And - no, my Tirpitz stays quietly in my port for a looong time now, not becouse me being whooped by OPs, but simply becouse there are many more ships I like to play more, than her. And as concerns the Z-39, I said my opinion, which is (in)valid in the same way, as many other being posted here. Have a nice day.
  3. Baron432

    Z-39, another premium passes the "WG balance" check

    Well, it is strong (spot, sonar), but with its rather bad DPM, average torps and bad manoeuvrability I would not assign it as an OP.
  4. Baron432

    WoWS Bonus Codes (EU)

    Krakentime! Thank You!
  5. Baron432

    WG hell bent on turning WoWs into Wot

    It happened to me last weekend on the PT server - my team was performing really badly, so I was trying to tell my mates what we should do better, then calling them names (coz they were not listening and even sinking each other), finally - and only then - recognizing that there was not enough players to start the game and the MM filled all remaining ship slots in my team with bots! A great lesson for me!
  6. Well, looking at the whole WG ingame logic, I would expect CVs to be "balanced" by: - giving CVs an unlimited nuber of planes (in the same way ships have unlimited amount of torps/shells) - distinguish individual CV types only by number/size of flights and models/quality of planes - limit available modes af attack for each plane type to 1-2 simple semi-automatic ones
  7. Baron432

    The Grozovoi saga (nerf, actual status, news...)

    Well, fresh new flamu's video with "production" version of thes DD is up and this ship seems to be ... worthless crap (for the Tier X ship) now. Seeing such an experienced player to be really unhappy with the vessel he is driving is not motivating me to upgrade from my Udaloy at all. Low manoeuvrability and speed, high visibility, poor gun range, under-par torpedoes, no extra ability to offer ... that is to be the top-tier object of a new, well-balanced DD branch???
  8. Baron432

    RN Cruisers...

    Currently Im levelling my Emerald, any my opinion/experience is - this line performs rather worse in-game, then I expected, becouse: - ships are rather fragile - weapons range is rather short + they are bit ineffective (trajectory, accuracy, effect) on med-to-long ranges, so you have to close on the enemy - smoke is bit tricky to use, radar/sonar help in close proximity of enemy ships only - with tier V Emerald I'm almost always put into games with 3+ Tier VII and 4+ Tier VI ships, and - while my on-level opponents are playable - higher tier opponents are ALL able to deal with me REALLY quickly and easily - Tier V+ maps are frequently well spotted by DDs and planes - if BBs in my team are playing it all bad, then as a US/IJN/SOV ship you can hope for saving the rest of the day for your team, but ... not with the fragile and tricky RN cruiser(s) Overall - I think that RN cruisers are sent forward to be able to use their weaponry properly, but have not enough abilities to stay "there" long enough to deal some important damage (or, when the map is well scouted, to even get "there"). Maybe that they should get bit better gun range (to stay far away from the target) or better armor/smoke (to survive bit longer at the front spot)? And/or stop them being farmed by 2-tiers-higher (aka too-much-stronger) predators?
  9. Baron432

    Navigator Mod

    For me it does not work even with the official WG modpack. It is being installed, but ... does not show on the screen (even when installed as the only one mod). No standard game setting seems to "collide" with it as well, it just ... does not work
  10. Baron432

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    The same *effect* here
  11. Baron432

    CV matchmaking plague

    Agreed. Maybe 50% of my games went with different number of CVs in each team or with higher tier CV in one of teams. With CVs having a really different way of playing to all other ships, it - unlike BBs/CAs/DDs - simply can't be "balanced" by adding of extra/tiered-up other ship class.
  12. Baron432

    EU server down?

    The same problem here.
  13. Baron432

    can not login - server NA

    The same here, can't connect to EU server, no error message, just waiting endlessly ...
  14. Baron432

    Max quee time waiting no more than 5 mins

    Yup, the same here, with all ships, no dicisions
  15. Baron432

    Battles will not start

    The same here. One game did not load. One game went OK, now clicking on "Battle" button has no effect ... Something in the game went really, really wrong! EDIT: ticket sent