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  1. Cippalippus

    T5 brawls: what ships to play?

    So, I did try Agincourt in Coop. Yikes. Yes, you have all the guns in the world and secondaries, but if people don't come to you, you will never get to them. Anyway, it's really nice to see in port.
  2. Cippalippus

    T5 brawls: what ships to play?

    If people at WG think that I am going to buy the agincourt for the brawls like a filthy whale, well, they are right.
  3. Cippalippus

    Gin court in the shop

    It's all about them brawls!
  4. Ranked with 5 players should be more enjoyable, because bad players will not be able to be carried that easily. I look forward to the next ranked season.
  5. Flamu says what bad players want to hear. That's pretty much it.
  6. Cippalippus

    What's the logic around BBs Airstrike range??

    "Roll 2D6 to see BB airstrike range"
  7. Cippalippus


    It's really a tragic ship.
  8. Cippalippus


    So I need to quote myself because someone at WG heard me and decided to put a Tiger 59 in a Santa Container I got from the Dockyard. Tried it in coop and well, what can I say, thanks for the 75 steel and see you at the next snowflake!
  9. Cippalippus

    The Silliness of Russian Cruisers

    I had one win in tempest too, but I had competent teammates. In squall or gale you can literally mop the floor with a torp reload Hindenburg without camo
  10. Cippalippus

    The Silliness of Russian Cruisers

    I did take radar mino in cb and it worked really well. Admittedly, I used it when mercing for gale/squall clans (it's basically coop with 2500 base XP per game)
  11. Cippalippus

    Where bench

  12. Cippalippus

    Secondaries overpowered

    Secondaries are indeed much stronger now, and I am quite happy about it because secondary builds require a big investment and mean some diversification from the usual tanking build. This in turn means that BBs are more fragile, by virtue of giving up "tanking" skills, usually translating in more fire damage for cruisers and DD - if you play smart, that is.
  13. Cippalippus

    Who do you watch play WOWS and why?

    Why would you watch someone else play? Log in and shoot boats. It's free. If you really must, just avoid the bitter whiners.
  14. Cippalippus


    Players: all ships with radar and smoke are overpowered! WG: hold my beer