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  1. Orkel2

    PTS 0.7.11 - General Feedback

    Do NOT add 10% torpedo bulge / external plating damage. Removing no damage hits from AA guns, secondary guns is great. But 10% damage to torpedo bulges and external armor plating (for example French cruisers and Alabama / US BBs in general) should not be implemented as it destroys balance and makes no sense whatsoever.
  2. Orkel2 Release Downtime

    They seem to have added santa convoys!
  3. Orkel2

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Radio detection: Restrict it to cruisers and destroyers. Battleships having this skill would break the game. Manual secondaries: You have a chance to rework it with this update. Limiting it to tier 7 is extremely bad, it should have more effect on tier 2-6. The current system of 15% on tier 2-6 and 60% on tier 7-10 makes no sense. Have some love for the low and mid tiers! Either make it the same (60%) on all tiers, or buff the tier 2-6 from 15% to 40-50%.
  4. Orkel2

    ?% chance for getting super-container

    Try your luck is 1 in 50 (2%) chance. Of course it depends on luck, you might get 3-4 supers in 50, or none at all. But 1 is the average.
  5. Orkel2

    The new repair flat is bullcrap!

    You're expecting to make T10 credits on a standard account?
  6. Orkel2

    Sound Improvements

    They could have played around with the pirate voice more. As it is now it feels like the standard voice lines except with grumpy old man. Not a single Yarr is heard.
  7. This is my main account (I'm from Finland). I don't play on NA.
  8. Mikasa is a terrible ship and the recent MM nerf (by removing its ability to fight T1) makes it even more so. The only buffs I can think of are: (choose one) 1) Reduce repair+heal cooldown times. 2) Increase main+secondary gun accuracy. 3) Increase main gun accuracy and secondary range. 4) Massively increase secondary range. 5) T2 only MM with increased secondary range
  9. Orkel2

    raped fire guns pot BB on fire to many time

    You illustrate my point perfectly. Instead of actually telling me why you think fire mechanics are fine&dandy, you simply attack me for being a supertester, completely unrelated to the thread In my view, fire is similar to arty in WoT. In most games, battleships can tank fire damage, heal and survive, but there's that 1 game in 10 where there's absolutely nothing that you can do, being set on multi-perma-fires, with no way to retaliate other than camping at long range while you get pummeled to death by a Zao doing 5k+ HE damage and fires every volley. Whether you're broadside, bow on, long range, close range, there's no way to avoid fires from a cruiser, destroyer, or even an HE-battleship that decides to click on you. Just like in WoT, where most of the time arty won't destroy you, but there's that game every now and then where you get blown up from full health without anything you can do about it, resulting in frustration and camping behind rocks. Either fire chance or fire damage should be reduced, or alternatively make the 2 point fire prevention skill actually do something, but in compensation make the support abilities of cruisers stronger. Better defensive AA, better radar, better hydro, and so on. Reduction of frustrating, unavoidable fires will make the game more dynamic as well, with less battleships camping. Many still will camp, but some won't.
  10. Orkel2

    raped fire guns pot BB on fire to many time

    What annoys me is that every time someone complains about fire, which is a broken mechanic btw, you get the cruiser mafia flooding the thread with "BBABBY" trolling instead of making valid arguments.
  11. The only way to defend against fires is to snipe from range and not get close enough. If you get closer than 15km, you will be permanently on fire from the HE spammers that ignore any armor you have. Welcome to tier 9-10 gameplay, let's blame BBs some more for not leading the charge.
  12. Orkel2

    Excessive stuttering.

    Same stutter here, with the lag button too.
  13. Orkel2

    Public Test Update 22/07

    "Fixed a bug resulting in the target hit ribbon sometimes being doubled with a penetration;" So this was the cause of the "0-damage" penetration ribbons?