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  1. HMS_Erebus

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HAERT]

    Hello, Playing WoWs quite a bit again, very much interested in history and the idea of reenactments of notable engagements intrigues me more than a little. Playing my destroyers a lot at the moment but I've gone up a few lines. Only just left my current clan, there was very little activity in it.
  2. HMS_Erebus

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Would I be eligible to join you guys? https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/500009297-HMS_Erebus/!/pvp/ships/?bestShip=north_20carolina https://eu.warships.today/player/500009297/HMS_Erebus
  3. HMS_Erebus

    Flame in fight chat

    A lot of people give other players who make mistakes serious grief rather than constructive criticism and help in the battle. Things would be far better if people actually gave advice rather than just saying noon, usually 30 seconds after they've died because they didn't bother to look at the minimap.
  4. HMS_Erebus

    Hood - first impressions

    Its quite fun to give a cruiser a fright by turning about and chasing them down. Its like any ship really good map awareness gets you a long way but she's got a lot of speed which helps in extricating yourself from dodgy situations. I honestly could do without the defensive fire consumable its pretty much useless against TBs which is the only plane it has a difficulty with, i'd rather see it do no damage boost but effect the dispersion it'd actually make it viable against a weakness at the moment its a novelty at best.
  5. HMS_Erebus

    Hoods out!

    I don't think WG have helped themselves in selling the Hood by teasing not just the Hood itself but the Kaga, the Enterprise and HMS Gallant in the past week or so... oh and the Makarov/RussiaNberg. If they were going to stagger the releases they could've at least given us 2 options in the first week so those who have more brass than sense can play Alan Bennett class and pay and get the ships big bundle if they need a resupply of their flags and gold and the whatnot and people with a bit less to spend can do just that if they want the Hood; I think it's a safe bet that there's quite a few people in the latter category.
  6. HMS_Erebus

    Why are rocks/ islands blocking shells/ torps?

    Your not serious are you?
  7. HMS_Erebus

    Quick Exit from game - is there a mod ?

    SuperF4 works fine.
  8. Wut? It could be he just finds destroyers and the like more enjoyable; carriers for example are/were good and people played them on their own, doesn't mean everyone would just on the basis that the ships themselves are good. Not everyone enjoys the same style of gameplay and battleships play very differently from cruisers and destroyers.
  9. You know if your spotted thanks to SI becoming a default skill for all captains so you should at least start taking that into account when your planning your advance. Also saying Ignores the fact that DDs now have a let off because of the lack of carriers which were their most effective counter, even then your stretching it to say they should be nerfed more just because some players can't quite manage to work out how to reduce the threat from them. The way some people go on about getting hit by torps makes me think that a lot of them don't know anything about adjusting their speeds whatsoever.
  10. HMS_Erebus

    Anyone concerned about War Thunder Naval Battles?

    Lost interest in WT because of the mismanagement from Gaijin; don't get me wrong WG isn't without its faults and mistakes but they're hardly biased in the same way Gaijin are and at least the MM makes some semblance of sense. Also PT boats sounds interesting but I like the big ships, if I want PT boats I'll dig out BF1942 and/or get Forgotten Hope again.
  11. HMS_Erebus

    Best high tier ships in each class to aim for.

    There are sweet spots in every line as well to consider, as, you might lose interest in playing a certain way at points and want to go up a differnt line for a while.
  12. HMS_Erebus

    Nice preview about german BB's from Jingles

    I think Jingles' lack of experience with BBs showed in this video tbh
  13. HMS_Erebus

    New German Premium BB sighted!

    As a side, the same site that provided the leak has this as well, suggesting a pair of other German BBs; presumably a one of the Kaiser class dreadnoughts judging by the armaments and name of one of them. http://bbs.ngacn.cc/read.php?tid=9471962&_ff=441
  14. HMS_Erebus

    Change Name with Doubloons?

    Its probably worth noting that forum's aside you won't see the difference in game until there's a server restart anyway.