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  1. Any updates Herwarth? Was eagerly awaiting the Hood skin and all went quiet, hope everything is ok.
  2. I think Wargaming are really on to something here.....except they have it the wrong way round (have you seen the smoke billowed out when a BB or CA fires it's guns?) Imagine the teamplay possibilities - a German DD inviting a Minotaur into his smoke and 30 seconds later 10 minute duration smokescreen or "hey Yamato my smokescreens getting low" BOOM there you go an extra 3 minutes duration for you. Heck you could even have stationary battleships creating their own smokescreen around themselves......glorious. Wargaming does this suggestion sound stupid to you? ....... well that's how this proposed change sounds to us.
  3. Popov

    Sound Mod Creation Guide [0.5.2]

    They changed the directory structure within banks but according to the patch notes there will be an article about it which we have not had yet.
  4. Popov

    Update 0.6.1 - New Upgrades feedback

    I like the idea of the extra level of customisation these modules bring but they seem flawed in two ways. Firstly I would never give something which is meant to be an upgrade a downside, if something you are adding is seen as so OP it needs to have a downside added for balance I would suggest simply toning down the value of the upgrade rather than giving it a downside. Secondly most of the modules these are replacing are simply too essential to be replaced by these, I would suggest either having another level of upgrade slots or one extra slot where these modules could be placed to enhance the ship.
  5. Popov

    XP on Premium & Fully Researched Ships

    The only change in 0.6.0 in regards to xp is the ability to turn excess commander xp into free xp for doubloons (or give it to other captains)
  6. Popov

    EU special events and Offers

    Bob Geldof confirmed as next celebrity captain
  7. Popov

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I hear the sound of 30,000 wallets slamming shut more like, mine sure did. Very disappointed (again) by Wargaming EU's attitude towards it's customers and as a customer I will be exercising my ultimate right to spend my money elsewhere.
  8. Popov

    About the Graf Spee

    You will still be able to buy it from the premium shop if you feel insulted that WG are giving you it for free......you will get it faster that way ofc.
  9. Popov

    Stopped getting compensations

    You don't pay for repairs anymore, just a fixed cost per battle so the logic is that you do not need compensation for team damage. Whilst it seems to make sense what it does not cover is the loss of income because you died earlier than you should have and hence make less money in the battle but I guess there is no way to sensibly calculate this.
  10. Just to post an update to this: The stars and stripes camo (and the ship I assume) is the reward at the end of the second new campaign which will run through Christmas and the new year, you can preview this on the test server now but rest assured you will be able to get the legit in-game camo if you are prepared to complete the campaigns to get it.
  11. Popov

    Citadel to Tirpitz with T6 cruiser Leander

    Nice screenshot, wows ingame chat at it's finest
  12. I took it to mean replays from previous patches don't work with the current patch so he stopped bothering with recording replays.
  13. I own this camo on my main account on EU but just checked my second account which also has the ship and the camo is no longer available for purchase. I guess it was just a limited availability thing around US independence day.
  14. Popov

    Premium ships or Tier X camo best for Credits?

    Either can work, I have no problem clearing more than decent returns in tier 7-8 premiums but I'm finding that in an average game my Minotaur with premium camo' is an absolute money printing machine.
  15. Popov

    The Akizuki might have a problem

    There is a natural fire resistance increase as ships increase in tier, a tier 8 with a low fire chance is probably the lowest fire chance in the game when shooting a tier ten.