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  1. gizaman

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    Atago is gonna be a nice boat for that mode....good stealth, possible stealth torp range and good equipment for anti dds. But CVs allowed is just a joke. Guess my enterprise will hit the waters....
  2. gizaman

    Chieftain Talks: the Largest Naval Battle Ever

    Just like the game...CVs and submarines will sink it all.
  3. gizaman

    Any hope for Enterprise?

    If you can make those dive bombers work with Enterprise, she is really strong. If not on a reliable base then I would rather have Lexington bombers.... Lex also has better rocket planes....well they do more damage and more rockets. But in skilled players the enterprise is much better I guess, but lexington can also be nice. Has some nice damage scores with it. Also the fighter support is really strong. It is just hard to contest any area where the enterprise is. They will kill your fighter planes then keep on flying.
  4. gizaman

    CV Rework Discussion

    Wait till tier 10 subs arrive that can under water cap and easy get away again. Homing torps etc. When pros play them it is gonna be a nightmare. Expect CVs hunting DDs even more than now, so subs are Gods.
  5. gizaman

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    The 12 player maximum of random games will be hard to play around. We need more spots in a game. Another point is that homing torps should not be in the game.....Why can the tier 10 swedish destroyer not have homing torps then? like in reality. Tests seen from first videos of the subs show that they can rather easy avoid being hit by depth charges...and with that crazy stealth it is gonna be hard. And what if the CV player is in division with the sub player....hunt the destroyer down.
  6. gizaman

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    Best advice for a new player is to play thorugh stream. WAY cheaper like 60-75% off at summer sales...easy to buy the dubloons there. Even sometimes better deals.....the people that are getting ripped off are those that play normal without steam.... Now they give 10-20% better deals....What a joke.
  7. gizaman

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.8

    Do they not close a door they walk through in Russia...or are they all born in Circus. ROFL
  8. I said it few days ago but no it was obvious that they will not be fast. They will go with 25-30 knots submerged.... Gets snorkel ability....that means refilling their air from periscope depth. Maximum depth, cant be hit by depth charges....nice O2 regeneration....longer time under water. Enhanced active sonar. And should i Mention at least 8-9 km torps...saw one firing them. 5-6 km detection...that is really nothing while your team can detect their ships... Can cap under water style. Have homing torpedoes that really seems good. Not easy to avoid, saw dds getting hit by them. Good luck if you expect to sail around while enemy team can easy nuke the dds. In this form it simply cant be released also the search area that dds drops depth charges in, is way too big. Just dive and steer of to one of the sides....nothing hits.
  9. We do not now the speed of the subs yet. That is your view, I would much rather have a dds vs me than a sub like in halloween event. That is gonna be serious hard to deal with. The point is that if you can hit the sub besides him being stupid and going into surface mode close to you, it will never be seen. Stupid dds and CL players can be beaten. Often it is not rocket science to know where they are. But just give my CV some Anti sub bombs...that would also be more realistic than any stupid BBS with depth charges plan. If that event is anything like they want it to be then it is very fast reload of torps. If that freeze crap comes into play in some form, it gets even worse. Do you know the cap speed of subs? What if they travel 35 knts submerged? They will not be slow...that is pretty certain, who would play a 10-15 knts sub...more likely speed like ships.
  10. See a lot of brain storming just to come up with ideas to make this balanced.... First a bismarck would never try to chase and hit a sub with depth charges. Please stop watching too many movies, it is embarrasing to hear. What if the sub just sent torps against the slow lumbering giant comming their way.....would be quite easy and hard to avoid getting hit. No captain worth anything would do silly things like that. Hitting the sub with main guns will not be easy. Firstly they will not go further up than periscope depth and still that would be hard to hit. Their stealth range would be stupid short...like 2-3 km max.....good luck spotting them. Imagine night maps.....even harder to see them. Let us imagine that dds is the only class plus some CLs that can hit subs. 2-3 mins into the game the dds are dead from CV attack. It is going to be great to sail around in bbs knowning that you can not win the game anymore. If the stupid player in dds or the one or two CL on the team dies. 100 % loss. It was a ton of fun in halloween mode and will likely work there, maybe a separate game inside the game. But in the normal standard game it seems way to hard to balance. It is hard enough as it is now. But who knows. WG is desperate to get the last penny from us, no matter destroying the game in the process.
  11. gizaman

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Likely just reset US cv line, free xp to lexington, grind that one, buy midway, rinse and repeat.
  12. gizaman

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    And suddenly the power creep is getting real. Putting up ships that dominate the rest ships. What should the beginners do? grind five tier x ships lol. I have 3 plus could buy a fourth. But Really it seems bad design to release this. What is next, release submarines through this system.....??
  13. gizaman


    If playing CV, a benchmark is getting 1 negative karma from enemy per match and sometimes positives ones for good games. Frankly I do not give a damm just kills people that is on my way.
  14. gizaman

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    Lexington is nice too. The new NTC crap mode will be made with just grinding the US CV tech tree. Since most games is in tier 8 cv...that is fine for me. Besides soon they will rework entire AA system to more flak dependent and less continous damage. Really no one knows where CVs are in a month or two.
  15. Selling a ship with 152mm shells that soon is getting a major ifhe nerf....well good luck.