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  1. gizaman

    New Counter to CVs

    An asahio player with 20 km torps is a much worse player to face that has a brain.
  2. gizaman

    Kick CV out of the game!

    When looking at my own stats, I really cant see an issue. My damage is around average for the types. Of course it is going up at the moment because I get better. So the learning curve started out bad with 20k damage in tier 6 cv and now I am around 50-70k damage often in tier 6. In Tier 8 I am at 50ish...only 2 games and not upgraded. Need to learn more. Is wasting a drop from the start to attack with less planes and losing less planes per attack. But I cant see any alarming bells. I like CVs despite they are unforgiving at times. In tier 8 you need to work hard. If you mess up your entire squardron is gone before even one drop. Will keep on playing CVs and get gud with them. Is that so wrong? My clan will likely need good CV players in the future so that will be my role. Would also like to learn from good players like el2zar and others. If I was just damage whoring I would likely just play some of the strong tier 8 BBs. It is more easy to get high damage than in CVs. But as everything in this game...practice. I just believe that a high skill CV-player has a higher ceiling to reach and matter more, so I play them.
  3. gizaman

    Scandinavian Tech Tree :)

    as long as it is somewhat like the real counterpart they can likely make some changes. There are a ton of swedes, Danes and norwegians that play the game. A tech tree to honor us would surely be appreciated. Think there are more playing this than wot. See a lot of them each game.
  4. gizaman

    Scandinavian Tech Tree :)

    Nice idea. Since a lot of ships is fictional anyway it is possible. Doubt many of the new soviet line was made beside the drawing board. The tier 10 destroyer is OP though. Guided torps with a thin copper thread..lol and a second attempt to hit if missed...that seems quite bad for the other player rofl.
  5. gizaman

    Poll: How should WG handle overperforming premium ships?

    What about ships that has gotten powercreeped. Should they be buffed? My kutuzov is really not that good anymore. First they killed the fire in smoke trick then they pretty much removed the AA power. It was one of the best AA ships at tier 8. That is clearly not the case anymore. When I play my massachusetts it is really hard to justify to play kutuzov that can blown away really easy. Some ships are just in general good in a lot of ways like Atago btw also got nerfed with a bit longer spotting range. Others have one or two gimmics that keep the in the game. Then they lose that or it gets nerfed...how about a buff or refund? At least give the option of getting coal or steel for a bought ship. I think a lot would like to have that option rather than get their OP ship nerfed and forced to play it.
  6. gizaman

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    The issue is that continues damage which they buffed, is not skill dependent for the cv player. At least it takes some kind of skill to avoid flak or getting the best attack angle for the attack. But If you just pump up the constant damage it hits all kinds of players equal hard. And if it gets too strong it will just make CV play a living hell. There are simply too many AA cruisers at the moment and perhaps free respec of captains will lower the amount of AA a bit. The +2 tier as someone has said is one of the issues. It directly hits tier 8 CV. Making AA cruisers more vunerable to normal ap hit would also make it more a hard counter towards cv but other ships a hard counter vs AA cruisers.
  7. Hi Played some games and is getting better. Sometimes it ends up being 3 vs 3 ships. I guess always go after CV last unless he attacks. But is there any point in getting better AA on the tier 6 CV. I guess it is for the end fight if you go cv vs cv but will it save you anyway? There does not seem to be many flak clouds as before 0.8.3.
  8. gizaman

    The last update was what the game needed

    It is really not easy to play CVs well. It takes practice to do well. But what has happend is that CVs are now fun to play. I enjoy them. Well at least more than the old boring RTS style. Am I doing good, no sadly not. But I am learning everytime I play and harvesting good tips from players in the CV forum. While spotting might not be so strong as before, it will only change the way CVs play. The next cap spec will likely make a lot spec their captain back to old AA levels than the ones now. Can you carry as strong now. I would say no with my very limited knowledge. Yes pro players like El2aZar will still do crap loads of damage and likely help win a lot of games. Should a good player not be rewarded? Like a good Destroyer player? Even before 0.8.3 I was not scared of them in my gearing....and it even got stronger. It is not easy to play CVs well , that takes map awareness and training.
  9. gizaman

    Tips and hints for CV. Do you have any.

    Thanks for the reply, Skurious_volleys_fan. noticed some good tips there aswell. And it was for japan cvs..that is good also since both cvs is a bit different. Like the torps a bit more than dive bombers, so perhaps I should focus a bit more on the japan side.
  10. gizaman

    Tips and hints for CV. Do you have any.

    I am actually liking the new CV style a lot more. Just knows that I am not at the level I want to be. Needs a lot more practice. A lot of it seems to come from random games. Is not planning on going into tier 8 before I master tier 6 ranger. Ilya_wolf , thanks for the help. It is truly helpful. Answer number 2 is nice. Never thought that the scouting was infact also for my own sake and knowing where to go with my CV. Answer 5 is good. Never thought on losing a drop to make fewer planes go in. This way could lower the casualties in the next strike. Often it seems that thinking 3 strikes in one wave is simply not possible. The entire squad is gone before. With the wasted drops. They are safe to next attack.
  11. Hi I am a newb at playing CV and is at the moment in tier 6 ranger. and tier 4 japan cv. But want more a general hint and tips for them. 1. When the game starts, do you start out with rocket planes to go fast to cap zones? Or is perhaps a torpedo bomber better? 2. Do you spot a lot in the start of the game? What is your focus? 3. What is your game plan when the game moves forward? Torp lone battle ships, dive bomb them? 4. Do you always leave a burning ship alone until you can see it has stopped taking damage? 5. Do you avoid the last attack that will likely kill the squad but do some more damage? 6. Focus on one ship or many? 7. What ships to avoid in different tiers? 8. Is there a mod for wows that shows strenght of AA in a very nice colourful way that can easy tell you which to attack and which to leave for later in the game? 9. Play differently if it is a double CV game than a single CV game? 10. Are there any ways of playing that makes you win more games? 11. What ships should team mates bring where you can support them and help them? 12. Are you less focused on spotting in this AA heavy patch? 13. What is your CV build, focus more on torp, dive or rocket planes? What about captain is RPF worth it compared to other skills, what do you use? As you see I have a lot of questions which you can not read in the official manuals....What is your thoughts and how do you approach the game.
  12. gizaman

    AA Aura calculations - How fast are planes in game?

    Perhaps you could start a test server, place an enemy ship that can not move but attack. Pick one with something like 6 km AA range or an easy number. Fly over it with same speed and time the seconds with stop watch from AA start to AA end.
  13. Like Rbay said. The old system where flooding was death to a ship when Repari was on cooldown was not exactly great. Good players knew when to stop flooding and often took the fire damage just too stop that flooding. New system could mean that they will allow one flood instead of just auto stop the damage. But of course some ships will benefit from it and others lose. My Asashio will not lose a lot I guess. It is borderline impossible to get those long lasting floods since hitting with two different waves of torps is hard and people repair always. But we are living in test server times. They throw so many changes it is difficult to know what happends in the future.
  14. gizaman

    WG what have you done to AA flak burst values?

    Issue is not flak. Good players could easy avoid those. Issue is that dps is going to be at grotesk levels on some ships. Remember a fully AA spec. destroyer will with DFAA increase its damage 7 times. An Cruiser around 4 times. So when increasing the continus dps, they are nearing levels that will kill any planes going close. The real losers besides tier 7 ships is the ones without DFAA. It is simply the best skill at the moment vs air.
  15. gizaman

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    The only reason more people did not complain about the old system is that barely anyone played the CVs. They were too boring. So it is a bit wrong to compare old and new CVs. Increasing the continus dps damage will not fix anything. It will still make some ships worse than others.