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  1. garnoo

    Unplayable low tiers

    6cv's (3 per team) is common, just play a bit on tier 3
  2. garnoo

    Unplayable low tiers

    After a short break iam back playing, resseted battleship tree and started grinding, at last i tried because on tiers 3-4 game is totaly unplayable, 4-6carriers every game(!) wtf... and all of that on low tiers where half of team has complettly no AA(!) at this point counting pixels in minecraft looks more fun...
  3. garnoo

    Error on game launch

    fixed (iam dumb) apparently, launching exe for 64 directory works ok... looks like i somehow installed game in 'old' directory and launcher went mad on me
  4. garnoo

    Error on game launch

    After installing fresh dystem (win10 64) iam getting error when trying to start game same error when trying to start 64, x86, safe mode and resetted settings (it never started) drivers are up to date, no hardware changes during reinstallation (on old win 7 it was working fine) any ideas?