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  1. ajappat

    Northern light

    It was ugly as f.
  2. ajappat

    People in this game should learn basic english

    What does "prefferred language is English" mean, if not that it should be used whenever possible?
  3. ajappat

    Time for a good ol Edited

    Can I play yamato in tier 5? I'll make pinkie promise to play bad to stay balanced.
  4. ajappat

    Time for a good ol Edited

    I think the funniest part is, that those rocket launchers were like most useless AA ever mounted on a ship, yet they now are displayed as sort of super weapon.
  5. ajappat

    Warning points

    Most certainly they are not.
  6. ajappat

    Warning points

    I still have 3 points from 2015.
  7. ajappat

    Metric system is annoying me

    As did Russia, Germany, France and Italy afaik. Edit: Seems there's more ships ingame that actually used metric system than not.
  8. ajappat

    Fix Chatban Reports

    Same here. I don't hesitate to point out when all DD's clump to one cap or BB's find something interesting in the corner. Yet to be banned.
  9. ajappat

    Does anyone here work in lesta studio ?

    I don't think they need people who cant use google (hint, available vacancies was second hit) and don't know proper ways to apply for job.
  10. I very much doubt any "toxic player" could impact your gameplay. Ignore and carry harder.
  11. ajappat

    Player more than 6 years

    Having played wot from 2010 too, half my premium tanks have been free gifts or mission rewards (out of some 30 premiums). Been here with wows from the start too and already have 9 free (not bought with gold or real money) premium ships. Not too bad honestly.
  12. ajappat

    Domination ?!

    I started to write a reply 4 times, but I just can't cope with all the stupid stuff in OP's post.
  13. ajappat

    How to find/select a suitable clan?

    No such thing in my client. I think that's only for someone already in clan.
  14. Yet to try out Ishi after buffs. It was stupidly good before so...
  15. ajappat

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    So, what is jolly rodgers 3?