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  1. theta0123

    Le Terrible, and how it should be buffed

    Wow. This has been quite the eye opener. I rather not have smoke aswel. Wich is why that i tought about repair party for the entire line of French Contre-pilleurs. The reload speed of the Torpedoes is pretty low, at 77 seconds. I rather keep the high damage, add 1km in line with the cruisers but perhaps raise the reload speed? I am satisfied with the Gun velocity. Gun traverse is not so great tough.
  2. theta0123

    Le Terrible, and how it should be buffed

    Aw crap, never mind that. Unless they give some juicy 11km torpedoes with that ^^ I think repair party is a viable option
  3. In 0.7.11, the cossack got a nice and well deserved buff. The increase of the gun rotation and the decrease in the torpedo reload time is a very good placed buff and it has increased my performance for sure with my cossack Being the second worst win ratio DD, i can see why this was done. But the worst of them all is Le Terrible...And now its time she recieves attention aswel I'm not gonna discuss how WG should have handled it before it got released, I just wanna see it improved. Its speed and main battery reload module has potential. But are useless because you cannot use smoke to deal damage. you take far to much damage, they will still hit you and you pretty much did nothing for the team, hence the lowest K/D ratio on WOWS stats. 3 times now have people asked for a smoke field but being one of the few DD's ingame, i just cant provide my team with that support Its torpedoes also show potential but 8km is just to short. -Add repair party so it can restore health after a gun showoff with other ships -Add 1km range torpedo range like on the french cruisers. This will make the torpedoes actually viable -Add the 1943 AA refit. She recieved 10 20mm's and 8 40mm's. The current AA suite is pathetic, like all T8 DD's exept kidd She really needs help....And she can be unique for future french DD's. (why did you bought it if you knew it was bad? It was an extra Bday gift from my GF...when Le Terrible was announched i showed enthousiasm. I got her the spyro trilogy as a surprise, she got me le terrible as a surprise)
  4. theta0123

    T9 seattle is Mediocre!

    My fellow captains. Before i begin= Say no to radar. Save the endangerd Destroyers! That being said= The TIer 9 Light cruiser Seattle needs work At first i tought this was some sexy looking ship, even if it is paper. But its performance feels more of a Downgrade to the cleveland then an actual upgrade Here are its problems= -The gun range DECREASES with the B hull. This has to be an oversight. 14.7 km fully upgraded is absolutely terrible for a cruiser with no smoke. Making Gun fire control system a neccesary module, yet making her reload painstaking at 6.5seconds. Remove the decrease in the B hull -its turrets turn far to slow -Its gun arcs are terrible. You need to show to much broadside to allow all 4 turrets to fire. Furthermore. It has cranes & catapults for floatplanes, yet no floatplanes? I would gladly trade in the radar module for floatplanes Perhaps another way to add some strenght to this ship is to give it artillery plotting room 2 in the last slot, allowing you to decrease the dispersion I might need some imput in this, this ship just feels awefully mediocre... The only thing saving it is its detection radius
  5. theta0123

    Z-39 (upcoming premium) Dropped to TVII

    And also quite frankly, very neccesary.
  6. From the world of warships development blog ST, German destroyer Z-39, tier VII The ship is moved down to tier VII from tier VIII. Ship's stats, as well as her upgrades remain intact - same as they were on her tier VIII iteration. The move is made since the ship's combat characteristics are more suited to tier VII, and it allows the destroyer to show more respectable combat efficiency. Toughts? In a way i like this. Its performance matches more of a T7 DD. At T6 we have the gaede with 150mm's, at T8 we have the Z23 with 150mm's. Now we have a T7 german DD with 150mm's. It makes it unique. As a premium ship should be, yet not OP. On the other hand.... Its T7. No concealment modification. Thats a painfull one. And well, its T7.. Then again no overtiering and facing T10 ships wich Z-39 would have never handled. So what could be a proper T8 German DD? I say they look into the torpedos... No not the deepwater ones. Proper torpedoes. Give them long range capability yet not as damaging as japanese DD's. Also buff japanese DD Gun turret rotation. Also...Where is the T61???
  7. theta0123

    Kronshtadt in very Early Preview

    Its not the Alaska class, thats for sure! Some weird stats, seems a bit underwhelming?
  8. theta0123

    German premium ships candidates

    Hipper and eugen could use a nice buff.. they are durable. But even the americans have better guns. And the gun layout issent great aswel.
  9. theta0123

    German premium ships candidates

    How bout these sexy battlecruisers? T3=Von der tann T4= Goeben (premium) or moltke T5= derfflinger (lutzow as premium) T6= O class T7= mackensen class T8= ersatz Yorck class I know the time gap might be weird for t6 t7 and t8. Premium ships are nice. Battlecruisers are better
  10. theta0123

    Are secondary builds still viable?

    Manual secondaries is only good beyond tier 6. But it is a worthy investement
  11. theta0123

    Are secondary builds still viable?

    Surprisingly, my montana with secondary build has been a blast of a ride. 106 battles, 78 ships destroyed with main battery. 15 with secondary battery (or 29%)
  12. theta0123

    Battleships are reduced to targets

    Battleship overpopulation is one problem. Another problem is high tier, kiting HE spamming cruisers Another problem is the destroyer underpopulation So many problems in this game..
  13. Be a good chap. And play more destroyers Most games these days barely have 2 destroyers yet 6 cruisers and 5 battleships..
  14. theta0123

    Lexington when is WG gonna fix it

    Higher priority is nerfing midway. As it was slightly better then hakuryu And now hakuryu is much better again. Japanese CVs still superior nippon steel!
  15. "I am gonna report you for this glitch abuse" Those were the words from a player when his ermaghedyamatoisgodsuperior ship got nailed by my brand new Republique. First he camped all the way back. Zero support for his team. I closed the distance and began unleashing my 12km secondaries. And then at 5 km he starts to sail away...showing his full frikking broadside to me... allowing me to score 3 perfect citadels A problem with this...is male ego. Then again. I too can become pissed. As i multiple times sweared ingame because of= -long range High tier cruiser HE spamming cuts -cowardice in my own team