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  1. W4lt3r

    AA changes in patch 0.5.3

    Looking at the numbers, Hindenburg becomes pretty much even on AA to Des Moines. Then again in current patch type DM has worst DPS when it comes to T10 cruisers so.. In mind I'd like to say DM is the AA cruiser of T10. Even when it really cant kill planes. Hindenburg in current PT patch rotation sports near even AA DPS at range then DM, with even BFT taken into account, is around 471DPS Hindenburg with just buffs bumps it's at range AA DPS to 427.2 DPS. with BFT it would be 469.92DPS This doesn't account for the short range batteries though. There's few ways to adjust this. 1. Let DM keep it's base 6km range on the 3" and 5" battery. <- Would be my choice, considering it would just require them not to change two values in games code that dicate the range of the AA. 2. make the manual AA Control account for guns from 75mm and up. This would be huge boost in AA DPS for DM (easy to do as well) 3. Bump up the numbers even more for DM's 3" battery (unlikely)
  2. I'd settle for: +5mm extra armor (so 14-16" guns dont "ignore" the armor regardless of angle) and DPS buff on the 3" aa battery from current 4 to either 8 or 12. Made a thread about this earlier and of course CV players chimed in and said no.
  3. 127mm buff would impact entire US line up from tier 6 to tier 10. And probably even destroyers. If they alter how DF works, it'll also impact IJN line up as well. Then again this is just speculation, since I have no clue how they've coded the interaction of active skills and ship arsenal.
  4. That AA range doesn't help much at all when planes can easily cover the said distance with little to no losses.
  5. W4lt3r

    (suggestion) Making Torpedo's from planes fairer

    WW2 era planes didn't really fly in perfect line formation when dropping torpedoes, so that already is a unhistorical aspect. The "distance" it somewhat realistic 800m or so but taking account the compressed ranges in game and increased travel speeds, the distance should be upped a bit. *edit* I'm actually not even sure do they run their 600-800m distance to arm the torpedoes. I've seen torpedoes get armed before they've passed my Atlanta in game and that ship is just shy under 170m long. If they'd run their RL distance, they'd pass at least two midway lengths at least. So I guess in hindsight, torpedoes from planes arm too quick actually.
  6. Little background: The 76.2mm (3") / 50 cal Mark 33 gun was designed to solely replace the Bofors anti-aircraft gun after USN took notice of the guns ineffective capability on shooting down Japanese Kamikaze aircraft, which was partially related to the 40mm shells not being able to take advantage of the Variable timed shells (Proximity fused shells). So this gun made it's appearance. The gun itself was able to put out rounds about as fast as a Bofors (55 RPM to 120* ) with much longer effective range and thanks to radar directed FCS and the previously mentioned shells, take out aircraft at much better rate compared to the Bofors. The only downsize of the gun was it's weight, so the USN sought out to replace the Bofors at single 3" gun to 2 Bofors ratio but wasn't able to do so for it's most vessels, so ratio of 1-3 was decided. For a gun that replaced the Bofors in game, why does the 76.2mm / 50 cal Mark 33 have worse DPS per barrel compared to Bofors 4 vs 4.5? You could argue that it's gun range is effective trade off (5.7 km vs 3.5 km base range) but one should also take in account the average plane HP of the tiers. Quick comparison of the AA DPS of Des Moines vs Baltimore and the plane survivability (HP) of the equivalent tiers. AA DPS at set ranges (Stock values) 5.7 km - 132 DPS for Des Moines vs 0 for Baltimore 5.0km - 132 DPS For Des Moines vs 36 for Baltimore 3.5km - 132 DPS for Des moines vs 252 for Baltimore 2.0km - 182 DPS for Des Moines vs 367 for Baltimore Average plane survivability (HP) : Average time to kill at ideal range (tier matched) Baltimore vs Essex / Taiho: Now Des Moines vs Midway / Hakuryu The math does not take in account Defensive fire nor plane speeds at their tiers, but we can already pull conclusions that Des Moines AA battery is extremely under powered vs the planes it goes up against and when compared to a ship in lower tier. I'd suggest bumping the DPS on the 76.2mm / 50 cal Mark 33 from current base 4 DPS to 8. It would kick the AA battery DPS from 92 to 184. 210 if you account for the 36 dps from the 5" battery. Overall battery DPS would then be 270 @ 2.0km range taking account the Oerlikon battery. TTK for Des Moines vs tier 10 planes would still be higher then Baltimore vs tier 9 planes, but the added range would alleviate the issue, since the DPS differences wouldn't be so major. TL : DR Des Moines AA battery underperforms, even though most of it's guns replaced the Bofors entirely in US arsenal. Some math applied on AA DPS vs planes on equal tier. Suggested DPS buff for 76.2mm battery would be from current base 4 DPS to 8. Posted this in NA forum as well but might as well send it to EU for additional coverage.
  7. Holy moley there's lot of people going "yay nice job WG" "glad mods are gone" and so on and so on... Try playing modded WoT with say custom sound pack, better minimap and other similar QoL improving mods or such and then play vanilla one. You guys are making a mountain out of a molehill about the whole warpack deal. Not having mods means saying bye bye to custom skins, sounds, crosshairs/binocular view, minimaps, HUD elements etc etc. Some of which WG ought to consider implementing to their base game if they want to out right get rid of modding all together. WG is shooting themselves in the foot here. I can hardly even play WoWS anymore without at least a custom binocular / crosshair mod.
  8. W4lt3r

    Dev guide to fixing "WHAAA CV ARE OP PLZ NERF"

    When a decent CV player in high tier CV's can average high caliber almost every battle, something is seriously wrong with balance. AA DPS in high tiers is ridiculously inefficient considering the total HP of aircraft. We're talking +2000hp a bomber vs maybe 400dps from Montana or some 180 from a Des Moines Probably logical nerf would be in plane durability if anything. Having +10k EHP bomber squads is ludicrous. At least gives me a reason not to put any money in the game until the balance is looked at.
  9. W4lt3r

    Carriers Getting Rediculious

    It's either: Defensive fire, Fighters or the fighter scout. Only those cause the inaccuracy to bombers.. and most often only show on dive bombers but torpedo bombers still drop their set on the desired point and still score few hits.. If it is for example 3 groups of torpedo bombers from an IJN Carrier, even with the defensive fire debuff, proper placement of the drop point ensures the victim ship will suffer hits from 4+ bombers.
  10. W4lt3r

    Zao's AA is not existing...

    Least they could do, yes would be to bump the range on the DP guns from 4.5km base to 5.0 which is standard in every other tier (not counting DM with her 5.7km 3" and 5" guns)
  11. W4lt3r

    Zao's AA is not existing...

    Zao has same issues with AA as most other IJN cruisers. Most of the DPS in her AA armament is on the Type 99 25mm guns, which was the main-stay small caliber AA gun IJN used during the war and on most of the design ships. And has pretty terrible range. That is the downfall of Zao when it comes to AA, and really puts the Des Moines on the pedestal in terms of AA. Sure the DPS on Zao might be higher but DM can start dishing out near her full AA DPS at almost 8km range. Where Zao shines though vs the DM is really just slugging it out on long range, at least what I've heard from others is that she is able to easily duke it out on battleships on long range, dodge their return fire while constantly laying down the pain with her main armament.
  12. My tendency on using the smoke in IJN DDs is when I'm starting to get near my detection range (<0.5km). Makes targeting me much harder and turn away while popping the smoke out. By the time the smoke runs out, I've already turned around and sailing into the smoke screen. It'll mess up my torpedo run for certain but better that then sinking. Occasionally I'll use it to screen friendly battleships in an engagement to give them an edge of having LoS while enemy does not.
  13. 1. Clevelands base max AA range is 5km for the DP guns which can be bumped up to 6km via upgrade module and then 7km from tier 4 captain skill 2. Most of the DPs though comes from her Bofor mounts that have base range of 3.6km and again bumped up to 4.32km with upgrade module and 5.04km if they have the captain skill as well Sounds more like you mis-managed your planes. You probably got accustomed to the tier 4-5 ships that have barely any AA and assumed tier 6 and above is same deal. Welcome to reality.
  14. Not even accounting how long the reloads get at t9. 1 minute and 42 seconds with commander skill on Kagero..
  15. On simple gameplay reasons really. This doesn't become apparent in mid tiers but very apparent on tier 7 and higher gameplay where CV's start to get more then enough plane groups in the air to have some dedicated on scouting (fighters 99% of the time) and quite often I find CV players parking a fighter group above a DD user, making his contributions to his team meaningless, as every torpedo launched by this player is automatically detected by the plane squad and marked. For historical reasons, most of the iJN torpedoes in the game from Isokaze onward are Type 92, 90 and 93 torpedoes. First one was electric runner, so no exhaust wake making it incredibly difficult to spot visually and latter two used oxygen as oxidizer instead of compressed air, which also caused same effect as Type 92's electric functions, making the torpedo leave almost no wake, aside the tiny wake from the propeller and dissipating quite fast. Though again for gameplay reasons, I'd have this come with a separate change as well. Give BB players option of either the firing range increasing scout or then a scout that stays in the air much longer and has bit higher detection range for torpedoes but giving no range boost. And sort of make the scout planes no longer invisible but have similar spotting ranges to regular planes, so DD drivers could see and measure on when they should launch their torpedoes to minimize the risk of being detected by the scout or the ship they're targeting or it's escorts. Footnote: I play mainly on US server but did spend quite a bit of time in CBT in EU, getting as far as Lexington so I'm not unfamiliar to CV gameplay, albeit this was before IJN carriers appeared and moving to US server mainly.