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  1. OnboardG1

    The Competitive scene in World of Warships

    Chrysantos, I dig that WGEU is in full disaster control mode right now for other reasons but as Ginger pointed out not even responding sends a message in and of itself. That wasn't some kvetch into the void, it was a well reasoned argument backed by at least three tournament winning clans. If that gets ignored then what do we have left to do aside from leave? We want to play this game because it's a great game for competitive environments, but when randoms lose their lustre there is nothing else to do. Tournaments are fine but they're almost entirely community based. I need to know that something is coming up to support competitive or I'm going to go and play something else.
  2. OnboardG1

    The Competitive scene in World of Warships

    I don't particularly care about 22 overpaid hairstyles running around a field but I do enjoy watching e-sports (and kickboxing, because it's actually possible to do both amazingly). People have different tastes and I bet most of the people who watch football are just as lazy and beery, and I'm totally fine with Saturday afternoon TV being given over to people who like that sort of thing. This "if you don't like my thing the you're wrong" is silly.
  3. OnboardG1

    The Competitive scene in World of Warships

    Exactly. It's not just the competitive players, it's everyone who wants to see the high drama of a game that comes down to 100hp and 5 seconds in the final game.
  4. OnboardG1

    XVM? Nope, stats will be hidden after all

    And that's my stats hidden. I'm going to be sad that I can't use good stat tools and that this is going to badly disrupt sites like WarshipStats and WarshipsToday if lots of people do it. However, I'm not interested in the myriad social, team psychological and gameplay issue that being purple on XVM brings with it. The arty focus on WoT was bad enough, I want to enjoy the game.
  5. OnboardG1

    Tirpitz and it's citadel.

    By the way, I discovered that Atlanta 5" AP fire can pen the whole length of Tirpitz if you know where to shoot. Waterline at stern and rear is 60mm of armour (enough to fuze shells without overpen) while the freeboard above the waterline is 100mm max. 4k salvoes every 4s are fun.
  6. OnboardG1

    Cry Havoc [EU] Looking for new members.

    I wondered if it was a rights issue. Okay I'll hang around in the lobby next time for a bit.
  7. OnboardG1

    North Carolina - no citadel hits

    At higher tiers I've found the best citadel locations move from the centre mass under the funnel forward to the magazines. This is true for pretty much any BB and US CA from T8+. Japanese CAs are still squishiest under the funnel.
  8. OnboardG1

    Cry Havoc [EU] Looking for new members.

    What kind of peak times do you guys have in terms of activity? I looked in just now and the TS server was empty.
  9. OnboardG1


    Not going to lie, I flipped my crap a bit today after the second team that played Hotspot in a genuinely idiotic manner. What really rubbed it in was that I suggested the team in the first game ran from NW spawn to crush NE spawn before they left cap (this is actually pretty easy to do, especially since we had a BB advantage and their CV was there). "Yeah yeah sounds good, K". Instead the team sailed off to the islands of North Stupid (the literally useless island chain in the north of the map) leaving me out to dry and all dying to a fubuki. The next game the enemy team executed that exact strategy perfectly while our team bumbled around at the Eastern blue line. Then someone had the cheek to ask "WEL Y U FITE THREE SHIP?". Em, because you all died on that flank by the time I was in a position to intervene. I might have thrown things.
  10. OnboardG1

    Whats your most WTF moment you ever had?

    Fired a spread of torpedoes at a battleship, missed and sunk an unspotted carrier that was steaming out from behind an island.
  11. I'll see what I can do about putting some replay packs up. Although I'm playing through the Colorado right now which suffers a bit in the HE spam meta.
  12. That's not a way I've thought of it before, but you're right. Here's what to take out of stats: they reflect your state of play now, not your state of play in the future, and everyone has their own comfort zones. Don't measure yourself against other people's stats, measure them against your own stats a month ago, or a year ago and work out where your getting better and where you're not. Don't stop striving to be better, but don't look at someone and think "I'll never be that good" because there's no magic trick to it. Just hard work honing general skills that work across lots of games and more specific skills that are aimed at warships. Look for good advice from guys like iChase and think about where you go wrong and how to fix it.
  13. OnboardG1

    Should I skip the Colorado?

    The biggest issue I've encountered is that the low HE pool makes it vulnerable to the kind of HE spam you see quite a lot at high tiers. It makes missing cruisers that are in close proximity kind of painful.
  14. OnboardG1

    Should I skip the Colorado?

    I like the Colorado, but it's quite unforgiving. It takes you from a ship that holds your hand a bit with many guns and requires you to use some slightly derpy but very hard hitting guns. It really messes up BBs because of the high alpha (getting 15-20k salvoes is not uncommon even without citadels) but it's less good against cruisers, and requires you to get better with your repair kit timing, shot timing and your evasion. You WILL come out the other side as a better player, but learning is hard and can be frustrating when stuff you think works doesn't.
  15. Some background first. Work has been hot and cold lately (lots of not much, followed by lots of busy periods, oh and a pay review) and I've been playing ships to let off steam. Here's the thing, in this state I'm pretty short tempered. I don't vent at work or at home, so that leaves the internet. I get cross when teams play badly or when people try to boss people around in chat in a way that I perceive as incorrect. I had a game where a player made some calls that were (from my perspective) kind of wrong and berated the team a bit for not doing it his way. I had a heated exchange over PM with him afterwards. I checked his stats and went "lol 40%er what can he know right?". Of course, after he sent me a pm later I checked again, and he only has a hundred battles. I just verbally crapped all over a newbie because I was in a bad temper and assumed he was bad. Fundamentally, he asked the team to do something he thought was right. It wasn't but instead of trying to explain why, I called him stupid. I've always tried to pride myself on helping people get good at games. I write guides, I make videos, I answer questions over on another popular WoT website, but I've clearly fallen into the flipside of dunning-kruger. Because I'm good at the game I forget how hard it is when you're starting out. I forgot that people don't know about angling, or map awareness, or any of the other game concepts that are not intuitive. I've turned into that guy who assumes the game is super easy and it just isn't. Neither me or the guy who I was talking to behaved with edification in chat, but at least he was annoyed because someone was putting him down. I was just annoyed because he was new. Arrogance doesn't become me. And it bleeds into everything I write on ships. Including on a site where I got annoyed at a player with 57% WR for being frustrated with HE spamming cruisers. That's something I don't want to become. I sent this in game, but in case he's reading this from work or something I'll repeat it: My behavior is not something I would have done in real life, and it's not something that I should have done in game either. It wasn't okay and I apologize. If you have any questions on the game, hit me up in game or on the forum and I'll do my best to answer. If anyone has questions hit me up. I want players to get better, not quit because a grumpy unicum had a go at them in chat. Good luck, and keep getting better!