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  1. Zenith

    Katori ?

    They're not being given out, you have to buy them. Why should you be the only one with nice things? Stop being selfish, it's a bad trait.
  2. Zenith

    Katori ?

    Bought it as soon as I saw it on the store page. It may be slow and ponderous, but it's a surprisingly good little ship nevertheless. Definitely a must have collector's piece!
  3. They won't complain though, they're too busy killing everything with their glorious Stalinboats.
  4. Zenith

    This game is going down

    I've been back at least a month, and that active number has gone up, not down. You can expect to lose players around the time of a major release, as few people will only ever play one game and one game only. Once they are done with whatever they've been playing, they will probably come back, and that number will climb again. It's a cycle which most online games experience, and it doesn't indicate a dying game.
  5. Zenith

    [RN BB EXPERT] Demanding change

    In which case, your enemy was either very lucky or very good, since the gun dispersion on a BB makes such hits a 50/50 lottery at best. Also, you could have altered speed and/or direction as soon as he fired at you, something which is not only expected of a CA being engaged at long range, but should be standard practice.
  6. Zenith

    This game is going down

    Open your game, sign in, on the port screen look top left, you should see a number, which is currently in the 24,000 region. Do you see it? Okay, now, when the game first left CBT, you were lucky if that number hit 10k, a year on from release and 15k was considered the prime time best the game could achieve. I've been watching that figure steadily climb with each update, not decline. If the game is so terrible, that would not happen.
  7. Zenith

    This game is going down

    People have been saying this since the CBT finished, and guess what? The game is still here, and the active population appears to be increasing.
  8. Zenith

    [RN BB EXPERT] Demanding change

    Cruisers are still fun to play, you just can't YOLO your way into range of a BB, attract his attention, and then expect to sit there tanking shots. Which is what a lot of CA players do by the way, with inevitable results.
  9. Zenith

    RNBB fire spam self fulfiling prophecy

    I'd gladly trade the increased fire chance for stronger AP shells. Spamming HE in a BB is just weird, not that you can really spam anything in a BB, with the reloads being what they are! But apparently the HE thing is the RN gimmick, and if it gets removed or nerfed without some kind of compensation in another area, what is the attraction in grinding a whole new line of XP sinks?
  10. Zenith

    [RN BB EXPERT] Demanding change

    Because the game has deviated from reality to such a significant degree, that without gimmicks all of the ships would just be the same thing, with slightly different paint. Take HP bars for instance, straight away you have a game mechanic which makes it incredibly hard to balance out the differences between a BB and a CA, without both players feeling aggrieved in some way. WG have always struggled with their formula, and although it does work, it does not work as well as it might if cooked in a slightly different way.
  11. You say that, but it should be remembered that WG are Russian, and when you remember that... well, things become a bit clearer.
  12. Zenith

    RNBB fire spam self fulfiling prophecy

    I could never hope to match the professional victims that are the BB whine crowd, and goodness knows that when it comes to crying, they have perfected the art form!
  13. Zenith

    RNBB fire spam self fulfiling prophecy

    Something tells me that this would be seen as acceptable if it were any other nation...
  14. You know how the real crux of the issue when it comes to game balance? HP bars. They all but ensure that the classes will never be properly balanced.
  15. Zenith

    iChase removed from WG-CC program

    I have no problem with a company making business based decisions, because that makes perfect sense, but when they then pull a bait and switch at the very last minute... well, that would be flat out illegal in any other trade. Sadly, law has yet to catch up with the modern world, and video games in particular seem to have a free pass to make a mockery of the consumer. Hopefully this will change, once the old guard have all retired, and we get a younger element making and enforcing our laws.