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  1. maderi

    How do I play the new Midway?

    you don't since Cruisers abuse the stealth , turning off AA's and turn em on at 5-6km when you have no chance to escape
  2. i finally gave up on my CV since WG decided to make em useless decoration boats , i guess ill have to find another game
  3. maderi

    Cv refund please

    some of us leveled after the CV rework and in fact were the guinea pigs aka testers for their lack of internal testing, not everyone had Midway and Haku before patch
  4. maderi

    T8 cv matchmaking

    your role is pure decoration like the T10 cv's atm vs invisible AA reapers of planes ;)
  5. maderi

    Cv refund please

    Can we get a refund all of us who participated on this CV open alpha leveled up and wasted our time?
  6. maderi

    CV- We are in for a world of hurt

    can we get a new refund for Cv's leveled after their crap patches?
  7. maderi

    Nelson needs an AA buff

    relax no one play's CV since hotfix you should be safe
  8. maderi

    WG what have you done to AA flak burst values?

    The new AA
  9. maderi

    F spam "fix"

    since most non CV players wont understand how playing CV is after the hotfix ill try to explain it as simple as possible , imagine having a Yamato with 6 shots only
  10. No nothing is wrong with people spec for AA , but something is wrong losing entire squads in a small pass of 1 drop
  11. maderi

    F spam "fix"

    Well as a midway player myself (never played the op thing) seems like you can run out of planes even with non aa strong planes shooting at you , makes it very hard to be a help for your team after 5 mins in combat
  12. From what i see CV's after hotfix run out of planes very fast if they meet a cruiser or a BB spec for AA , on their way back even if they bomb all planes gone i predict 0 cv players again
  13. maderi

    This whole new concept of "CV" is a disaster.

    i find the new CV's to be fine in fact i enjoy CV first time in my life playing Lexi atm i do ok, problem is you need to upgrade planes fast otherwise is meh once you upgrade em you can do fine in tier X battles
  14. maderi

    CV exchange questions

    if that's the case i hope they are prepared to lose lots of customers lol
  15. maderi

    CV exchange questions

    No it says you can refund em more than once , so you got a bug Aircraft carriers can be exchanged more than once. But all subsequent operations will convert the XP used for researching the ship and its modules across to the associated XP of the ship one Tier below. If you exchange Tier IV carrier, starting with the second operation of this kind, the associated XP will be transferred to Tier I ship.