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  1. Mitchverr

    Everybody loses! (Draws)

    More hitpoints runs into a couple issues though, for example the bad MM system when it often pits a team with mostly DDs vs teams with a ton of BBs in it. They are significantly lower "hp" from the get-go. Teams avg HP % would work better here i would guess.
  2. Mitchverr

    Patchnotes for

    For me and a buddy, its doubled the loading times for us, so, maybe? (ie up to and beyond 3min to load in now AFTER the game starts)
  3. Mitchverr

    Super slow loading times

    If anything this patch made it worse. When the open beta was up first, i was fine, loading in in time 95% of the time, then a patch, and it got worse, another patch and i am at 1 1/2 minutes into the game i load, this patch it takes me up to 3 minutes plus to load the game sometimes and the same for my mates. That is ofcourse post start of a match (ie the time after countdown begins) In another game this wouldnt be so bad but in this game speed at the beginning of the game can be highly important, especially if your ship only goes 21 knots. Those 3 minutes can mean alot for actually getting into combat/positioning with other ships.
  4. Mitchverr

    What is wrong with you? (dont cap guys)

    The thing is, i am a realist, i know most people will never learn to defend the cap.
  5. Mitchverr

    What is wrong with you? (dont cap guys)

    Because it sucks out fun? If you want that, why not just play a game where theres a straight line and you just have to dragrace to the end?
  6. Mitchverr

    What is wrong with you? (dont cap guys)

    Thanks, covered it nicely.
  7. Mitchverr

    What is wrong with you? (dont cap guys)

    For "fun"? Victory at any cost usually means removal of said fun.
  8. Mitchverr

    What is wrong with you? (dont cap guys)

    99% of the time i ever say "dont cap" is when this happens, its 10-15 minutes left on the clock and we got 4 destroyers capping their flag, nobody has done much, only 3 ships destroyed a side if lucky and we all "win" with the max xp gained being 600xp and most the time it happens to be first victory so there goes my extra xp (made worse now with wasted xp flags happening). Thats the only time i say "dont cap yet" hang around the cap zone sure to cap if it goes south or when theres 5min on the clock, but most people cap the flag so when it ends theres enough time to cap it 3 times over which isnt fun because the fun bit of the game is fighting the enemy ships (especially annoying if you are having an awesome round and are at the point of wiping out their last ships with over 5min left and a 100% victory in sight). Depends, if the ships going for the cap are all DDs and the ships trying to stop it cant see through the massed smoke, well, not exactly their fault usually. Been there, went to stop an enemy cap of my flag as a BB vs 4 destroyers, unless you get to suicide range in many parts you cant stop them capping. (lets also not forget many ships are SLOOOOW) Even when you have a carrier on side to send planes to spot, most wont do this.
  9. Mitchverr

    Warspite's gun range

    Really i would say all they need to do is buff the armour of the citadel (cmaaan 15mm lol) and increase damage of the AP guns a bit more and it "would" be okay.
  10. Mitchverr

    Warspite's gun range

    Either way it would still be worse, just it would be kind of fair worse.
  11. Mitchverr

    Warspite's gun range

    We dont know, theres been no clarification beyond the vaguely written announcement, 1 of the staff members said he is trying to find somebody to explain what the vague scripture means for us though has yet to get back to the community.
  12. Mitchverr

    Warspite's gun range

    Problem, it wont be up for OBT according to how the announcement is written, or it seems to infer this, meaning if you buy it 1)do you keep it or 2) you wont keep it even when its gone and have to spend your money elsewhere anyway even if you planned never to spend on anything other then the ship? At least last night this had yet to really be answered beyond people saying "you get money back for ships and gold!" which doesnt answer really in this unique case where avg tester likely doesnt know. See, i dont mind it being "historically bad", (though its fire controls, might be thinking wrong ship myself but i thought they were improved in its rebuild which this ship had ingame according to being 1941) but i just dont see why tier 6, it with the current stats could easily be an opposite of the kongo in my mind without people claiming OP or anything, those who tested it, what do you think?
  13. Mitchverr

    Warspite's gun range

    Same tier and tier 5s, just because it should be weaker doesnt mean it should be dramatically weaker ^ i hope it gets a nice little buff, it would be nice, but as is, it seems like it was built for tier 5 and placed tier 6 to charge more cash (a joke, but it does seem like it was originally inteded for tier 5 then got bumped up without improvements likely due to the hull armour being a bit better apparently)
  14. Mitchverr

    Warspite's gun range

    It doesnt have a strength though, its "strength" of turning fast, well, its turrets negate that heavily(go close, you cant turn your guns fast enough to keep up with things). I wont spend £20 on something i might turn out hating, thats alot to ask for especially when americans already have access and are not giving good reviews from what i have seen, if you see good reviews do pass them up as i want to be wrong but, alot of meh to bad is all i heard.
  15. Mitchverr

    Lucky Asian Server..... they are teasing us!

    Not when you account for 1 having 4 more guns then the other, when you count this, the "alpha" hit from the fuso is 30k up more in AP then the warspite per volley, this could be a problem i think.