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  1. Latur_Husky

    Japanese Carriers are fairly bad or just me?

    IJN Is quite good line. Shokaku might feel weak at the beginning, but it's really powerfull CV. Learn Hit & Run tactics and you'll be doing really well on it. In general IJN planes are made out of paper but, those are only planes in the game that actually pack a punch as every CV should do.
  2. Latur_Husky

    Ark royal review?

    Basically not woth the money until WG fixes it. Starting from Planes: Blackburn Skua: Good speed and fine armor. Unfortunately that's all good thing about this aircraft. Rockets have good penetration, but they do almost no damage even when aimed correctly. You can test these for free by getting Furious. Swordfish TB: Man this thing is slow. 98knt for standard cruise (no cptn skills). Good thing about it is that you get squad of 9 (3x3) so even when uptiered you may be able to do one full drop. Torpedoes arms very quick (~350m) and has same drop pattern as Audacious. DMG and SPD is crap as all UK Torps, Swodfish DB: It's just nerfed version of the same plane from Hermes (Ark Royal's one has less bombs in payload). Drop pattern is nice and tight though, but bombs do very little damage and usually you won't make it to do a second drop. Hull: Fastest T6 CV... And that's all good I can say about it I guess. It's hard to consider fast plane regeneration as a true feature because it takes forever to get from your deck to the target so even with standard replenishment time you'd get your squadron back before you have to use it again xD. In this case WG should consider at least making Ark Royal's planes more stealthy to give them some feature to compensate for super slow speed and allow them to pick up a fight when uptiered. In general the Ark Royal is currently a perfect example of overnerfing everything CV related. It's a nice ship to troll your own team. From the gameplay standpoint when you get to T5 - T7 game, it can't do anything, becomes even more useless while matched with T8. If you get her for free, it's worth to keep her in port because she looks gorgeous. You'll need a lot of patience to play her though. Final verdict: Biggest WG scam ever. Do not buy! It's not worth even a penny. Keep if you get her for free.
  3. It might be map that's on a picture on the wall to the left of the desk, as for coordinates it might be the only scored hit on battleship game which is B3 if I'm correct... it's either that or Half Life 3 confirmed.... or both xD
  4. Latur_Husky

    Think they will Remove Friendly Fire ?

    Hopefully they won’t hurt this game more by removing it.
  5. Latur_Husky

    CV Rework Discussion

    You do realize that even though CV doesn't risk it's hull, every attack is reducing attack power as planes can be depleted? So maybe let's give every other class just enough ammo to shoot twice, let's make it so that one shell regenerates every 90 sec and afterwards it needs to reload and lets see how much fun is that? Let's do the same for torpedoes and anything else.... Seems balanced isn't it?
  6. Latur_Husky

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    That's because there is less players and on test server you tend to have bots with no captain skills, modules, modifiers and actual skill. That's why something that seems ok on test server turns out to be a massive disaster when it goes live.
  7. Latur_Husky

    CV Rework Discussion

    They should firs fix classes that are currently in the game lol.
  8. Latur_Husky

    CV Rework Discussion

    It's not AA that is a problem now but the way CV attacks and damage output of such. What's the point of launching 3 or 4 times more planes than attack run if you can do only one and what it does is almost nothing (with maybe few exceptions).
  9. Latur_Husky

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    rn the best change that could be introduced to fix that mess would be adjusting squadron sizes and make them perform single full squadron drops to make attack runs matter. Aircraft losses are too great compared to reward they give and repeating the attack is absolutely impossible at the moment.
  10. Latur_Husky

    Join Battle bug

    Just logged in and I have the same issue... Game was working fine this morning :/