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  1. Asthaven

    Manual secondaries and AA

    Manual AA and secondaries should be introduced at the beginning but WG was too lazy to do it. Their first arguments were not balancing issues but technical difficulties (laziness). In fact game would be much easier to balance if players would have controll over their weapons.
  2. Asthaven

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Yup, same for me, looks like servers died :/
  3. Asthaven

    Tier VIII CV in tier X game

    Yeah they need to revert that -20% detection for all ships except maybe DD's (I'd still make it -10% instead)
  4. Asthaven

    Tier VIII CV in tier X game

    You can always try new approach: Start new captain and try to spec him for secondaries and don’t use planes at all, that might give you better damage output than planes will...
  5. Asthaven mini patch good???

    Current patch is terrible. Cv’s lost everything to be fair and gameplay turned into very poor version of civilian flight sim. You can’t spot, you can’t deal damage that would eventually influence the battle and you still can’t even defend your own team. It is useless hull on autopilot with very poor civilian flight sim features simulator right now. On top of that eco for CV’s is terrible too.
  6. Asthaven

    CV- We are in for a world of hurt

    Even if why is it supposed to be fair if he can spot your planes from 10 km and you can’t see him untill your squad is unable to perform an attack?
  7. Asthaven

    Tier VIII CV in tier X game

    Start the game, torp yourself, wait till it ends.... Start another and repeat the process.
  8. Asthaven

    AA BUG

    So as it's quite obvious many ships have pretty much like 5 - 6km range (apart from few exceptions). However it is still shooting much further away if it's shooting to a retreating squadron. Recently I had few battles on my Shokaku and after I performed an airstrike on a target (F. Der Grosse) While I was retreating from his AA zone which is around 5.2km he managed to shoot them as far as 7 or 8 km. I think that should get fixed so AA can reach only as far as maximum AA range for a ship.
  9. Asthaven

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    That would solve all the balancing problems. I don't mind if flak damage will be very high if what's hitting my planes would be actually their good aim instead of some magical aura that eats the whole squadron. I would also include BB's in that.
  10. Asthaven

    Hotfix #3 - a consumer view - Shokaku (VIII)

    I play Shokaku quite a lot since 8.0 and I do not agree with these statements. Maybe if you use first set of planes it might be really tough to do much but when you upgrade your planes it's really good. In fact even in T10 battle it can be quite good. Planes will be shot down that's for sure but the only thing that needs to be changed is the fighter consumable on air groups as it's pathetic and it does nothing.
  11. Actually fighters are useless at the moment. I constantly keep flying through their coverage circles and with proper set of captain skills you can actually outrun them so they do little to no damage at all. I don't mind if they'll chase you across the map if you get into their coverage zone, but they definitely need to be faster and their action time should be increased to be able to effectively take down bombers.
  12. Asthaven

    CV's Balance Solution WG STAFF pls READ

    I don’t think that nerfing every other class into oblivion will be any good for the game just because DD’s never learned how to teamplay... CV’s seems to be fine in their current state with some small tweaks to be done here and there.
  13. Asthaven

    Suggestions thread

    Suggestion: Change the fighter squadron consumable for aircraft carrier air groups so it can be attached to cover an ally instead and extend it's action time to like 2 - 3 minutes to make it effective.
  14. Asthaven

    Suggestion to balance carriers and destroyers

    DD players just need to finally learn how to teamplay. Rocket planes are very effective only if CV attacks lonely target, if there are more ships nearby they fall off the sky pretty fast. Needless to say that it will take them 3 - 5 minutes to deal with that DD anyway and in the meantime enemy CV's can do whatever they want. Yeah DD's there are two teams in this game if you still haven't noticed. Actually reducing squadron size might work better especially that many DD's are spoted just at 4km or less , it would increase survivability of some DD's without nerfing CV's ability to fight back to the point where it's absolutely impossible. Last but not least all that's needed is actual ability for CV's to stick a fighter squadron to an ally for like 2 - 3 minutes or until it gets shot down/runs out of ammo instead cover a sector which is almost completely ineffective at all.
  15. Asthaven

    Suggestion to balance carriers and destroyers

    I guess some people can't stand that their favourite class is no longer OP...