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  1. Because Rrrassia! ☺ Usually that was the game balance thing : Russian CL/CA s get crap stealth, in return they can radar further. I'd be with you but I don't call the shots here. I understand how you feel but please remember that this is an arcade game, full of paper ships (GoKu, Conqueror anyone?). PS : on the topic of paper ships, have you seen the new Bias Battleships? ☺
  2. ... And then they continue to mess up EVERYTHING. Please! Introduce some consistency at least, like: Range: Tier 7 ships = 8.5 km Tier 8 ships = 9 km Tier 9 ships = 9.5 km Tier 10 ships = 10 km Duration: Tier 7 ships = 18 s Tier 8 ships = 20 s Tier 9 ships = 22 s Tier 10 ships = 25 s With notable exception of the Russian fleets, who all gain 12 km radar but are locked at 20 s duration. There! SIMPLE WORKS EASY APPLICABLE RELIABLE = SWEAR
  3. tasman_devil

    Unique Commanders / Captains - on what ship to use them?

    Thanks for all the replies. I'll incorporate them shortly!
  4. tasman_devil

    Armada 2.0: HMS Vanguard

    While I absolutely love the vanguard, that asking price is a bit much. :-( If you'll have it for sale at 50% or with a 10 point captain for 75% of current price, I'd be inclined to buy it. Pitty
  5. tasman_devil

    Unique Commanders / Captains - on what ship to use them?

    Thanks for the replies! I'll include them. Yamamoto on shima?? hmm may I ask why?
  6. I have a fair amount of them buggers, but till now I have not really used them. I would like to ask the community to help me out a bit here, in my search for an answer to the question: Which one to use in which (Tier 8-10) ship? Some things first: I'll include my educated guesses up front and then I'll update and correct this post regularly as new answers or information comes from you lot (ie. I intend this topic to be a "living document" ) Main focus is on what ship gives out the best synergy to the captain. I know there can be some odd combinations that happen to work, but I'd like to avoid any "one trick pony" To save space (and to save us all from a wall of text) I'll not include the specs of the captains. You can find this information in the pretty comprehensive Wiki Page, here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Unique_Commanders So, here is my list: Unique Commanders / Captains Commander Name What ship to use it in? Yamamoto Isoroku IJN BB, Yamato / Musashi John Doe & George Doe USN BB, Montana / Iowa USN CA, Des Moines / Salem William Halsey USN BB, Montana Jack Dunkirk & Bert Dunkirk RN CL, Minotaur / Edinburgh RN BB, Conqueror Jean-Jacques Honoré & Charles-Henri Honoré FMN BB, Republice FMN Henry IV Viktor Znamensky & Vasily Znamensky VMF Grozovoi VMF Moska Franz von Jütland & Reinhart von Jütland ... Absolutely no Idea, Z-52 perhaps? DKM Hindenburg Ovechkin US Ovechkin USSR Gearing Grozovoi Any suggestion is welcome!
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    Ranked Battles Season 10


    While BalanceGrad is really a game-breaking feature, I see quite rarely a Stalingrad on the enemy team. However Worchesters I see a LOT, and it it not fun to be lit up by three fires even though you fit for survive ability on your ship. Usually I see a setup like this: Conqueror (HE) Repblic (AP/HE) Worchester (HE) Worchester (HE) Minotaur / Zao (HE when Zao) Gearing (torp) Shimakaze (torp) So my Damage Control is like almost always on cooldown. Not fun and not engaging. More like grinding work
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    My short guide to "how to play Battleships"

    Those radar cruisers are a bloody nightmare for my GoKu, they hug the islands and can lob shells over places I can't reach.
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    Tripple bonus for NEWCOMERS only?

    Well, I also bought the larges package, only to realise I didn't read the bloody small-print. Luckily, WG was kind enough to give me back my money, but it did leave some funny feelings in me.