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  1. tasman_devil

    Puerto Rico - Vote

    Don't worry, the next event will be even more grind-y and the ship being actually OP. So probably some russian ship. (I'm only half joking in the last part)
  2. tasman_devil

    Another PLAYTo Rico arrives, along with some thoughts

    Hello Nicram! So I see you and I have the same sentiment... good. És jah, utolsó sor sokat elárul az eventről
  3. tasman_devil

    Puerto Rico - Vote

    About the daily PR thread: sorry , I guess I drew the short one today... And yes, when you think about these manipulations, they actually DO know their player base, they just choose to milk them dry. Come to think of it, this puts all their past shenanigans in a whole new light for me.
  4. tasman_devil

    Puerto Rico - Vote

    ^^ This. Pretty much this.
  5. tasman_devil

    Puerto Rico - Vote

    Why would you? Well, you might enjoy a game and have a like-minded friend you know would like to try it out too. Have you never ever went to a movie theatre, saw a movie and the told your friend about it? Yeah, that gesture would be appreciated, but honestly, they've put that date to Dec. 26. So... I had my Christmas and... was late for the refund. Yeah.
  6. tasman_devil

    Puerto Rico - Vote

    I'd wager that none of them applied to me or my situation in life. Also that you have to have a guide to min-max this event kind of speaks for itself.
  7. tasman_devil

    Puerto Rico - Vote

    What do you mean?
  8. tasman_devil

    Puerto Rico - Vote

    So... now that the event came to and end, let us gather around, have an obituary and cast our votes. Leave a comment if you feel like it. I personally am absolutely disappointed about this event, it's outcome for me personally and to what this might mean for future events. My personal story: Holidays at the end of the year for most of us (myself included) are reserved for family and relaxation, not for grinding. I bought two boosters, only to realise that with my progression rate I wouldn't be able to complete the levels. Filed for a refund (I personally would have been fine with them just removing the boosts and putting the gold back, didn't want my money back initially), and of course I was a day late for the arbitrary date WG set for the refund... so no gold back. So, back to grinding I guess, trying to salvage the situation. Tried to grind but honestly, these directives were NOT my cup of tea. To exacerbate the situation, family and life happened so I couldn't be online for 10 hours every day to manage the grind. In the end I fell short of the directive 3 by about 2 hours. So: - no Gorizia - no Puerto Rico - and I got my money (14k) stuck in a ship that is destined for scrapping. Well done, GG! You could say that I was not forced to pay, not forced to grind, that I could have read the fine-print... but at the end of the day: mistakes were made. Needless to say, lessons were learned about WG and myself after this session: - I will NOT recommend WoWs to any of my friends - I will NOT recommend WarGaming products in general to anyone - and I will just lapse my 200+ days of premium and then... probably walk away from this game. Certainly won't be spending any more of my money with these kind of policies around
  9. tasman_devil

    ModStation Problem

    Have installs on both locations, still nothing for me :(
  10. tasman_devil

    Viribus Unitis: the First Yugoslavian Battleship

    Yeah… ship of the Yugos… right … go somewhere… and do something that I'm not going to write here, but you'll know what I mean.
  11. tasman_devil

    Anniversary Stream! Help Dasha to Get Subscribers!

    Well, not wanting to be the party pooper, but 3k PER day is a tall order for most YouTube channels, let alone a niche Gaming one! I hope a Re-sub counts.
  12. tasman_devil

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    Your hashtags, man... NoCashForSubmarineDevelipment it's develOpment and not develipment... :D
  13. tasman_devil

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    Strange… reading through the comments, my guess is that the DDs mains hated this game mode, while everyone else either liked it or was neutral
  14. tasman_devil

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    I liked these infos! I'd love to see that 275 torps in one battle replay! Also that 221k damage in one battle! I LOVED this game mode, was imho pretty good in it, managing to kill 7 enemies multiple times. Messer and Stealthnado were my favourite. Sea Devil a close third. The other lines I didn't have that much success.
  15. tasman_devil

    Stream Rewards in 0.8.6 – the Full Guide

    Where can I see whether or not I completed all the Missions? Like I don't remember mission 3 but I probably completed it. Would love to know if I should haul a** for the final mission or that my memory is crap and I shouldn't bother anyway...