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  1. StaK_1980

    Weighing up Weaponry: American Main Battery Guns

    Finally, some solid, historical content.
  2. StaK_1980

    5 Days of Premium Ship Giveaways

    Does anyone have an Idea for the secret code?
  3. StaK_1980

    Dry Dock: Kronshtadt

    Why are you making a video on a ship that is currently unattainable?
  4. StaK_1980

    Italian Battleships: Early Access

    Couple of inputs: (good, bad, ugly) - Missions are not too grindy, that's GOOD - I have the D.A from the Prime drops, still I had to open the bundle to obtain it again... why do I bother paying for the prime again? That's like 1800 gold worth down the drain that I already had. This is BAD - Prices of some of the cammos and whatnot are - pardon - stupid. 12.000 for a cammo?? And you can get the bundles by 600 (for 1.500) so that's like 30k gold for one freaking cammo! Yeah, forget it. This is UGLY
  5. StaK_1980

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Season 1 was absolutely dogshit so I stopped at silver. Mixing tiers is useless, should have been: Bronze: Tier8 Silver: Tier9 Gold: Tier10 Why on earth you don't do this... I don't know but if you come with inclusivity I'll hit you. Rewards are meagre and I think I'll stop at Gold 15 wins even at the best circumstances.
  6. StaK_1980

    New ranked is breaking the game

    ohhh, they are in silver already, WG throws them in good teams or what they lack in talent, they do it with tenacity. it has completely ruined the fun for me.
  7. StaK_1980

    0.9.12 - Updates to Ranked Battles System

    Utter lie and stupid steaming pile of dogshit , that's what this ranked is. Some freaking blitz through it, while others are stuck. Best feeling when you just need one star. ONE [edited]STAR to get to gold league. Then you get utter retarded teammates who can't find their [edited]with a map and written instructions. But at least he is in a Thunderer, so he can save his star. I'm now on zero stars. Reset in 3 hours, so basically a whole weeks worth of work (and this was work, no fun involved) down the drain. Thank you WG. IT'S crap, you can have it back.
  8. StaK_1980

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    Silver league was a chore... a whole week of trying and I'm still at 7/0 ... and now it will be reset. So I guess this is queue for me to stop with this ranked BS? I'll give it a second try after the reset but so far was the experience subpar below all my (LOW) expectations .
  9. StaK_1980

    PT 0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    Please, @YabbaCoe stop this before it's too late! The last time WG told "we will test it on live" was the CV rework, and what a fiasco that was. You are still balancing CVs left, right and center. With this skill rework being the latest example of that. The things we actually need: More skills, with broader spectrum and better usefulness (updated 21 pointer looks inferior to a current 19 pointer) CAs, CLs, CBs (Alaska, Stalingrad) are all in ONE class! not to mention couple of the special, secondary Cruisers. Memes probably, but if you want to be inclusive (WHICH you said this rework is intended for ALL), then you should consider them too! BBs need better, broader skillset for speciality builds like AA and Secondary , WITHOUT gimping the survivability part too much German BB secondary spread is a joke. And a bad one at that! DDs have gunboat and torpedoboat skills in ONE class, same as with BBs, you need to broaden the palette not 500k and 700k for each level, but 350k and 400k for level 20 and 21 Postponing this feature by at least a month with actually including player feedback, for once...
  10. StaK_1980

    PT 0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    ^^ This. Pretty much this.
  11. StaK_1980

    PT 0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    The new captain skill window is good. Full of nice features like you can assign all the skills in one go. However The new XP levels are - frankly - absurd. Observe: Basically for level 20 and 21, someone just threw out the old progression model OUT OF THE WINDOW and made it HARD for those skills to be acquired. This is bad. Here, my take: A much more smoother progression would be to use 350.000 and 400.000 for the next level, respectively (for level 20, you'll need 350k ; for level 21, you'll need 400k XP). A much better progression. Inline with the original skills:
  12. StaK_1980

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    Couple of points: Bad tier placement for silver (should be just tier 9) Pathetic rewards (sum total of 1.500 steel, 900 gold, 9.000 coal) Last ranked sprint had 10.000 coal Last normal ranked had 4,800 Steel; 2,750 doubloons Either way I see it, it's a big NERF increase on the cost of cammos (needs 10 tokens instead of the old 3) ... WHY??? the fakk is up with this "Ranked Battles will not be available at night" bull.. ? The increase in frequency will just wear everyone down faster. So you'll have to work MORE, a lot more to get the same rewards... THANK you WG, I thought 2020 couldn't be more shitty... you just had to drop this here...
  13. Do please make it so that you are able to scoop up 100% of the skill points with dobloons and 50% with credits! No one in their right mind is going to scrap a 19 pointer if he only gets 50% back at best (with the current iteration)!
  14. StaK_1980

    Update 0.9.7 – German Carriers: Part 2

    I'll quote from an old maffia movie: WG: F. you, pay me! You still have the chance to buy the cammo by buying one those missions ("Challenge for German Battleships", or something like that) for a very cheap, 7.000 gold. Or you finished all the CV missions till yesterday....
  15. StaK_1980

    Update 0.9.7 – German Carriers: Part 2

    German CV DBs are ridiculous. They are a bad design and a gimmick on top of that. They are the "feature" they try to sell the line with (the other gimmick: the AP rockets, meh). Have all three german CVs unlocked, and I am not impressed. Rocket planes: - Aiming circle is so steeply angled that you HAVE TO come from water. You try to kill something behind an Island, pray you have open ocean on one side and the space and time to make a turn and come from the ocean. You try to attack over a surface feature and your aiming circle simply goes off the edge of the f.king map! ( Flambass video, anyone?) - AP is the gimmmick but the penetration is soo RNG related that you can basically forget it. - DDs laugh at your planes - BBs shrug it off GG WG Torpedo Bombers: - Nice speed but fragile as all hell - All that fuss and you can deal like 2-3k per torpedo, MAX Dive Bombers: - The DBs fly too high and drop nearly vertically. So basically you are under AA fire the whole time in and out. Unless you have your plane heal ready, you have to skip it and go for torpedo planes - If you have your heal ready then you can TRY to bomb someone. Emphasis on try. Pray that it's not a Russian BB (bounces) or an American BB (Massa AA, hello?) GG WG Well, guess everyone will know what to regrind for. GG WG