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  1. Han_Sh0t_First

    Paolo Emilio owners: are you happy?

    I love the PE. Sure in Comp I will bring my Smaaland / Petro / Yawn-This-Is-The-Meta-Boat. But when I want to have FUN, the PE is my weapon of choice. Just remember to take it easy the first 5 minutes, do some spotting and support your DD comrades - At that point red team is starting to spread out and you can quickly find the 'sheep' seperated from the flock and it's game over for him. People sometimes forget this is a GAME. Chill a little, smile and have fun.
  2. I will give the rapid fire a twirl this evening mate. Have a test account, so can make a macro (For test purposes!) that just spams left click every 0.2s until deactivated. Actually, if this holds true I will probably run it with different intervals (0.2, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0s) and see if that yields any difference. I am sure there is a sweet spot. Vermonth, 1km away - 5 runs each.
  3. I run Fearless Brawler + Main Battery + AA Spec. I thought I was going out of my mind when playing, as it seemed that Salvo firing was WAY more effective (More hits on targets) when engaging other DD players (Which makes sense, as those are usually quick sub 30 second fights). 20% more rounds? Damn...
  4. Han_Sh0t_First

    No DDs capping anymore

    I started staying away from caps myself, when playing DD. Caps are the first thing a CV will fly to, in order to spot a DD - And from there things start to go downhill. Does not help that 99.9% of the BB players never move, which makes the cruiser stay back... Which leaves the DD without any support. What I, and alot of other DD players, are now doing is flanking. Maintain spotting the enemy and throw torps into the camping BB / Cruisers - Hopefully forcing them into giving broadside to own BB, or eating a few torps. Cap zone is suicide - So many things working against you.
  5. Han_Sh0t_First

    Z-44... The Tier VII gunboat with a Tier IX tag

  6. Han_Sh0t_First

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery. Merry Christmas sailors and admiral 07
  7. Han_Sh0t_First

    Z-44 - Are you kidding me?! (Do NOT buy!)

    Woah hold your horses. Like you say yourself, I did it well knowing - I am merely warning other people about purchasing it. I am luckily in a situation where I have a good income, so have no problems blowing off some cash for a ship. Yes, there are numerous Youtube reviews of the ship, but if anyone would come to the forums there were not really anything said about it. Just warning anyone against using hard earned coal or real money, and expecting a Benham 2.0 - They will be sorely disappointed.
  8. Han_Sh0t_First

    Z-44 - Are you kidding me?! (Do NOT buy!)

    I would take Neustrashimy in a heartbeat over any other Tier IX DD there is. The Specialized Repair team alone is worth it. Then you add in AMAZING concealment + 10Km torps (On a russian!) and her railgun Guns.... The ONLY con is her insane coal price, if you have that coal I would not think twice about buying her.
  9. Han_Sh0t_First

    Armada: Z-44

    Hey, if you can make it work and are happy - that is great. Me? If I wanted to torpedo spam I would grind the Halland and roll up with my lightning fast torpedos with 1 min 15 sec torp. reload. + Better concealment + God tier AA + Epic Bofors guns + Me saving 60€ / 228.000 coal
  10. Han_Sh0t_First

    Z-44 - Are you kidding me?! (Do NOT buy!)

    Yah - Everyone, from CC to Youtubers and your Average Joe, that had the.... Erhm.. 'Pleasure' of sailing this Meh-boat agrees. Hopefully word spreads quick enough that a few sorry souls won't part with their coal, or god forbid, cash. Just want to emphasize - Do NOT buy this boat unless you are a hardcore collecter. She WILL be a port queen before you done a dozen matches and given up on her. Want a 'free' torpedo spammer? Get the Halland and it's god-tier AA. Want a 'free' German DD? Get the sister-ship Z-46, you might not be spamming at the same rate, but everything else is better + Hydro. Or just roll with any other Tier IX DD which beats the Z-44 in all possible ways - And save yourself the cash and coal.
  11. Han_Sh0t_First

    Z-44 - Are you kidding me?! (Do NOT buy!)

    Amen brother O7
  12. Han_Sh0t_First

    Armada: Z-44

    I will take whatever you are smoking. 'One of the better ones...'? Really? There is absolutely ZERO reason to take the Z-44 over anything else in the game. Asking 60€ / 228.000 coal for this ship is borderline robbery. Hydro would be a gamechanger on the Z-44 - Otherwise it is just a torpedo spammer (With torpedos that hit like fluffy rabbits) that get outspotted by any other DD and have to defend itself with the WORST guns I ever experienced at Tier IX. If anyone spend cash or coal on this, they will be sorely disappointed.
  13. Han_Sh0t_First

    Z-44 - Are you kidding me?! (Do NOT buy!)

    Ha ha 🙂🙃 In all honestly, I cannot even fathom why they would ever release a ship like this, it makes other meh-boats look like OP god-tier super-boats. It sends a shiver down my spine that they actually BUFFED the concealment right before release (To 6.1....lol?) - Could you imagine sailing around in a designated torpedo DD, without hydro, with the old concealment? *Face palm* 6.1 is already bad enough. What scares me the most is that SOMEONE was apparently testing it before release and thought 'Yah, we better lower concealment just a tad and she will be perfect' - I am bewildered. Grab yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, go look up Notser or Toptier review of the Z-44, and be prepared to loose all faith. 60€ / 228.000 coal ..... Really Wargaming, really?! Hopefully this post will turn at least 1 person off buying it, saving them their cash / coal.
  14. Han_Sh0t_First

    Z-44 - Are you kidding me?! (Do NOT buy!)

    Right - I knew the stats, I read the reviews and I was well aware what I was heading into, but I bit the bullet as I have some weird fetisch for an 'underdog' and apparently have some serious self-loathing I have to deal with. And boy oh boy did the Z-44 deliver in spades - Trips back to port that is. For 60€ / 228.000 Coal you get the pleasure of sailing the seven seas in what I can only describe as hell on earth. Sure (!), her torpedo reload is super duper - And I can live with the non-existent alfa-strike on the torpedos (I own the Halland). But thats it, that is ALL she is - She might aswell NOT be equipped with guns, because the ones she have are..... Well, let us just say you stand precisely a snowballs chance in hell to survive an encounter with ANYTHING. Whomever tested this must have been high on crack cocain when he/she checked it off as 'Ready for release' and appraised it as 60€ / 228.000 coal. WG, at least give her Hydro - I mean, really, read LWM review - See Notser and Toptier review on Youtube. This boat cannot be recommended, at all. For anyone thinking about it, just forget about the Z-44 (In it's current state at least) and save your cash / coal.
  15. Han_Sh0t_First

    Armada: Z-44

    No Hydro = No buy-o - In other words, trash ship for an obscene amount of cash. With Hydro it would be ALOT more intresting.