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  1. WgPlsNerfYourself

    [PTS] is looking for active players

    And 50 sec after the post we have allready 10+ omni guys on it... hello OMNI guys! We allways like to see our brothers...
  2. WgPlsNerfYourself

    [PTS] Pirates Community

    Darn. What a waste of potential. Well hope to see u areound.
  3. WgPlsNerfYourself

    [PTS] Pirates Community

    Come one halfik... u know u should join... ,) I heared u love this game!! ;)
  4. WgPlsNerfYourself

    [PTS] Pirates Community

    Hello Shaka, Well I agree with u about old Pirates sometimes some of them were hard to handle. I can only say that this PTS will be more mature and pleasant to community. Right now we already have over 50 players some of them are from old PTS from WoT, but not the ones who were problematic. We want to contribute to WG / WoWs community. Thank you again for your words and hope to you in battle,. Theexit
  5. WgPlsNerfYourself

    [PTS] Pirates Community

    Great we have a fan! P.s.: hmm who are you?
  6. WgPlsNerfYourself

    [PTS] Pirates Community

    [PTS] Pirates Community PTS clan formed for the first official World of Tanks tournament. We were hugely successful in ESL, WOT and clan wars tournaments and outside of them in day to day battles. In short, we were Legendary. PIRATES have now arrived in WOWS, and we are ready to raid the Seven Seas with the same enthusiasm of old. If you have a teamspeak headset and a believe your skills can assist us in our endeavours to conquer the oceans, come and play with us in the PTS WS community. You can contact us: LittleGentleman ziGeuNerk0eniG Theexit All PIRATES obviously have at least one Jolly Roger flag in their locker.
  7. WgPlsNerfYourself

    Pirates [PTS] is recruiting

    Hmm... finely the name for clan in WoWs. I hope they will add LOOTING in to the game ;)
  8. WgPlsNerfYourself

    IJN KitaKami

    Seeigel, on 09 April 2015 - 06:43 PM, said: Did anyone played Navyfield? over 5 Kitakamis per team (with 5 instead of 4 torpedos per launcher) that start firing at the begin of a battle their long lances? Man, just because of that nostalgic memory I want one! Sorry for being half off-topic. i played NF and men i loved lvl51 kitakami... uff... that was fun... Jengkins, on 09 April 2015 - 03:56 PM, said: Absolute crap at the moment. I haven't test her yet. I was thinking to buy her but the 10km torpedo range are an absolute deal breaker. If they would use the accurate historical range of 22km to the torpedoes the ship would be way too op. I think a slight increase of torpedo range as well as some decrease in torpedo damage would make her a bit more useful. But one thing is for sure. WG doesn't want people to spam long lance torpedoes like hell. Imagine a Division with 3 Kitakamis? They would cause pure havoc. Well in NF there was 3,4,5 kitakamis per side... They can limit 2 kiatkamis per team, like they did with CVs... If they want they can do it. I mean if they dont change it just a little bit, no one will buy it... I would love to have it just coz it was OP ship in NavyFiled, but at this stage ill suffer... ;)
  9. WgPlsNerfYourself

    IJN KitaKami

    Hello, I tested Kitakami and i have to say ship is really useless. Few facts: - u get spotted at 11.3km ( with all skills on 100% u get it down to 8.8km), - toprs range is 10km, - speed of torps is good, - ship is total paper. My question is: - will there be premium tops ( as premium ammo), will they have better range? - do u think small buff on toprs ( +2,5km ) would fix it? plz share ur comments. Theexit
  10. WgPlsNerfYourself

    Update for Closed Beta

    hello, Good to see some progress going out. But i have 1 quick question: why are u interdicting new premium ships if we cant buy them nor buy any gold. Its like looking something u want trough the glass in store. Any foths if we gonna get any gold currency in near future to test this premium ships? thank you on answer
  11. WgPlsNerfYourself

    Bad language/Bad behavior

    Hey... me again. I just got 3 "minuses" coz of my post in this topic. I got a feeling that i got it from ppl who are saying: " don't get angry or don't insult anyone... be nice to others..." After all i was expressing my view of this situation. Why u all hate me? Don't be angry...
  12. WgPlsNerfYourself

    Bad language/Bad behavior

    Again... I'm not supporting something like that: " go get cancer or die u fuckin Polak/ Warsaw crap... ", but if someone say like: " Even a grandpa would hit that u noob" or "even a noob gets lucky shot" that's something i support. Trash talk is what needs to be in game. Thats about it.
  13. WgPlsNerfYourself

    Bad language/Bad behavior

    Ohhh Trash talk is part of every professional game (football, basketball...) so don't tell me trash talk is something we should all say no to it. If u cant handle it then look my answer above. Block it or mute it. thats all folks...
  14. WgPlsNerfYourself

    Bad language/Bad behavior

    Simple as that.. Add blocking / mute option for player and "vola" all problems gone. We did find a good solution here...
  15. WgPlsNerfYourself

    Bad language/Bad behavior

    well there is a lot of "noobs"... Few days ago i had a full health Fuso running away from our cap coz he was afraid of CA and his torps... It was Cleveland and he won against 5 of us (alone) I said ok maybe hes new. went to see his stats he had 26 games in Cleveland. How the hack u don't know Cleveland doesn't have torps after 26 games. U have to understand that there is so many ppl who do stupid things. And ppl get angry. And about abuse. I said trash talk not homophobic insults on personal lvl. Why so many ppl play games???? SO u can chill out and have fun and trash talk is something that gos along. Ill say the same way back to u if u cant handle trash talk and some small crap, then go to church or go out side play ball with ur friends. "Life is not all about rainbows and sun shines..." Uf where did i hear that sentences??? Let ppl have some freedom...