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  1. Nishizumi77

    IJN Asashio in Preview

    I wonder what unique gameplay did WG visioned for Asashio. She can't contest in caps because of the overnerfed and slow guns which are basically there for decorative purposes (worse reload and slower turn than Kagero). With DW turdscCan't hit anything else beside BB and CVso another reason of avoid going near the cap zones or the frontline because easy prey for enemy DDs and cruisers. So... the right gameplay for her is to sit at 20km away from battle and launch torps in every 1:30 minute in hope of maybe 1 torp hit a bb? wow sounds exciting.
  2. With regular torps it just a worse Kagero. For some reason she has even worst reload ans slower turret travelse speed than already bad Kagero guns. over 9 sec reload lol...
  3. Nishizumi77

    Show us your 1 million XP ships.

    Atago for me too, but I'm very close to 2 mil xp
  4. Sounds good but I fear about this line: "All regions, moving forward, plan to be aligned on almost all the missions and events with some exceptions which are very local or region specific." Sounds like WG left a backdoor for WG EU to be able to screw us like: "christmas isn't celebrated in EU" "there is no santa" "april fools is not widely known in Europe" and so on..
  5. So that is the reason why basically all main nations (germany, uk, usa, france, russia) get special camo reward for certain ships except Japan. I always suspected you dont like japanese ships.
  6. Nishizumi77

    WG Listened to us and did the right thing

    Interesting, none of the people who signed this apology are specifically from the EU office.
  7. Nishizumi77


  8. WG seriously nerfing one ot he most underwhelming ships in the game? Hmm I think I see the reason why nerfng it... yup! thats why
  9. Well if the AP bombs hurt the most the German BBs thats the best possible outcome of this AP bomb feature since they are the most overpopulated ships.
  10. Nishizumi77

    Ship for Tier VI ranked

    but not as p2w as Belfast massive meta, the only ship which has access to radar what can effectively counter the smoke meta and recommended to have in your team
  11. Nishizumi77

    Ship for Tier VI ranked

    I'm looking forward for T6 ranked, no p2w premiums but a lot of choise of ships. Personally I plan to use the followings: DD: Shinonononomoe/Gaede CA: Aoba, maybe Graf Spee too. Will see how she preforms. BB: Mutsu can be a good choise in T6 to counter other BBs with massive caliber guns and since I played a lot with Nagato in the last season, the gameplay is pretty much the same with her. Also Fuso too.
  12. Nishizumi77

    Austrian-Hungarian Ships

    I'd like to see them in the game! A full standalone line is not possible but they could have their own nation tree as a "premium ships only" nation like Poland what we have in the game now. Video of the Tegetthoff ckass Battleship: sinking SMS Szent István (Saint Stephen) after a succesfull italian torpedo boat raid
  13. Put into Arkansas Beta I don't play with US ships.
  14. Nishizumi77

    Are you buying the HMS Hood?

    Nope, I'm waiting for Harekaze.