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  2. tba60

    Wargaming garantisce....ma NON garantisce??

    Ne ho aperti più di 30 e la ciofeca Jaguar l'ho trovata in uno dei 2 container comprati! Però li mettono in vendita coi pacchetti a 4-5 giornate di lavoro..tuo! Brutta annata x la vodka!
  3. josykay

    Siroco (Tier V)

    Ich werde mit dem Schiff nicht so ganz warm. Die Kombination aus "Kein Nebel" und sehr wenige HP ist eine sehr gefährliche Kombination. Dazu ist das Schiff langsam wenn der Boost nicht aktiv ist, nur 4 Kanonen die der MBRB ausgleichen muss. Das Schiff ist sehr abhängig von seinen zwei Verbrauchsgütern, und für mich daher viel zu opportunistisch. Ohne sie ist es für Tier 5 eigentlich viel zu schwach.
  4. Skulldur

    Skulldur´s Let´s Plays

    Mein neuer Kanaltrailer, lustige Momente die ich in letzter Zeit mit KonKorth erlebt habe... Und bald könnten mit ihm WoW´s Momente dazukommen! Bleibt dran :)
  5. SAILOR_2016

    Der LETZTE Post gewinnt

    Geht noch was Anderes als wie nur O.K.?
  6. tba60

    Ognuno va per i suoi...

    Poi quando incontri in squadra un NOmidispiaceSi che ti bombarda con un Minotaur perchè hai fatto una manovra evasiva e ti sei allontanato un pò dalla portata dei cannoni nemici e la chat ti dice che ha avuto un provvedimento,la risposta sul perchè gioca certa gente, è lampante!
  7. Leukoplastschleuder

    Zeigt eure Super Container !

    Super Container??Wo gibt es die zu Kaufen?????
  8. Natürlich war es die gegnerische ^^ Aber zu der Überschrifft passt auch ein weiteres Phänomen, was ich die Tage oft sehe: Ziemlich viele Full-HP BB, die andere wirklich sinnlos rammen. daher mein Beispiel ;-)
  9. UltraRos

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Exactly, and what about the tier 6 7 8 and 9 you also need to buy back, (i try to collect all ships mid and high tier) If i did the math correctly this joke would cost at least 177,634,500 credits (with clanbuilding -15% to buy researchable ships) if you spend 2 seasons and have at least 5 tier 10 in port you can achieve it by resetting 3 lines only (1st reset will give double the RP?) I thnk the cheapest branch is the Grozovoi branch so i did the math with that branch. Gnevny 2,990,000 hull B 860,000 torps B 480,000 GFCS B 580,000 Minsk 5,500,000. hull B 1,400,000 torps B 800,000 GFCS B 1.000,000 Ognevoi 9,000,000. guns B 1,200,000 hull B 2,400,000 GFCS B 1,700,000 Udaloi 13,000,000. hull B 3,200,000 torps B 1,500,000 GFCS B 1,100,000 Grozevoi 18,000,000. torps B 2,200,000 + 18,420,000 47,990,000 + 18,420,000 = 66,410,000 x 3 = 199,230,000 (withouth clanbuilding) -15 % 40,791,500 + 18,420,000 = 59,211,500 x 3 = 177,634,500 (with clanbuilding)
  10. Ion_666

    Ion_666 on YouTube

    The French DDs are here (sort of), and from playing the mid tiers I have to say that I'm not overly impressed.
  11. ColonelPete

    Frensh arc.......

    I suggest to reread the RU BB directives and reread the current weekly stream missions...
  12. Fatal_Ramses

    13th Season Ranked Battles.

    I'm done with this retarded season. Teams are nothing but DDs and BBs, fine I can deal with that. BUT the damn uneven teams, nothing but landslide battles one way or the other. Whats the point of pitting Jutlands and Blacks VS Yugumos and Benhams?? a 4 v 4 DD match! All the hydros/radars and guns on one side, sloooow torpedo reloads on the other side.
  13. Yedwy

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    IDK at first I was adamant to ignore this, after some though - IDK, neither colbert or ohio are that interesting to me but the question of possible future ships remains
  14. Deve essere stata una pessima annata per la vodka!
  15. Spellfire40

    Frensh arc.......

    Well you got them ifree from playing without having 7 plus navys researched before and compleating specal missions with prems of teh nation in game before teh arc and without paying real money even for the non prem containers even 1 arc before......you can argue about the old poilicy of them selling new prems only in overpriced bundles with things nobody needs too........at some point there either has to be enogh backlash that tehy think about what tehy do or tehy go overly greedy anyhow. See line reset case drastically increasing the performance of certain ships.......
  16. Yedwy

    Submarines: the next step.

    Well they might be reserved for those convoi escort stuff preferably in scenarios only
  17. Cartman666

    Was mich richtig stört sind BB's die sinnlos rammen

    Ich hoffe mal, dass die nicht in Deinem Team war. Denn hier geht es um rammende Teamkollegen. Gegner rammen kann natürlich sinnvoll sein wenn man dadurch einen guten Tausch macht (fast kaputtes Schiff rammt Gegner mit reichlich Hitpoints). Im Co-op hat mich das aber schon oft Karma gekostet wenn ich den letzten Bot rausgerammt habe. Irgendein Hampelmann mit einer Co-op Siegquote von unter 90% 25 km weiter hinten am Kartenrand denkt immer, er hätte an diesem eigenen Gegner sein 150 EP Ergebnis aufbessern können...
  18. ColonelPete

    Frensh arc.......

    Instead you now get them for free by playing... Yeah, the world is not fair
  19. CCRogerwilco

    MAC Wrapper 2.0

    Right now I was trying to install on a new computer, after not having played for a while. The Wargaming Center app is very unstable. I managed to get to the point that it was downloading WOWS, after crashing 10+ times. It got about 9 GB into the download before crashing again. It's also flickering a lot, often only showing a large white box over the whole or part of the screen. Probably a repainting issue, everytime it tries to update parts of the screen. Which it seems to do constantly, to get me news and advertisements. It also requires a ton of network connections. My firewall does not like the app at all. Part of it seems to be a/the peer-to-peer download system. 2018 Macbook Pro 16GB, Radeon Pro 560X MacOs 10.14.5 It's also warning me that the application is 32bit and will not work on the next version of MacOS. I think the days of trying to run Wargaming games on MacOs are over. It worked for a few years. Wargaming either needs to invest into this properly, or just drop it officially.
  20. Daniel_de_Francia

    Alter Sack sucht Clan

    Servus, ich hab dich mal via PN überfallen
  21. Loran_Battle

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    THE END HAS COME! PANIC! I mean, I finished my Zuikaku model... I will make another video using all the pictures I have made over the past 2 years and talk about how everything got made and such whatnot... I've also TOTALLY NOT started on my next 2 (!) models.... Oyodo and Yahagi (Agano-class)
  22. hellhound666

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    thnk you for proving my point. so 1 and 3 are about ntc but 2 is in general, right? though 3 answers of 2 are also about ntc. just this one single answer is not about ntc. very clever didn't notice this in beginning ... very clever indeed.
  23. Spellfire40

    Submarines: the next step.

    If they can test if tehre are workable tehy need to so some intanal testing. The only way they are especally in low or mid tir unless they start SSNs at t6-7 is by giving them totally unrealistic surface detection.....allmost no sub broke teh 20kn speed even overwater in the ww2 erea thats not workable at high tir maps unless you spawn them near objectives.......and tehn be useless if teh enemy dont goes for that objectives.....we dont need some US BB speed subs on t8plus maps. We dont need soem ships thatare by disign cant be atacked unless you have specal weapons and certainly we dont need some stealth unlit with even less than 5-4 km detect being able to cap......if they want a scecal gamemode fine- But dont force this crap in standard random gamemode.......
  24. Salentine

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    ok, to bring it back to reality (it's going a bit off-topic) with there being 3 seasons of ranked sprint (T's 6,7 and 8) to accompany the season, i'm going to choose to reset something which will be useful for those, ie like the RN cruisers, or perhaps a dd line like the haru, daring or gearing.
  25. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Oh yes...
  26. hogger4169

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    Nice poll, but... Why the rush to publish research bureau? Why so sparse "rewards"? (Colbert, flags, free xp. the promised ohio would justify the attempt to regrind partially) Why USA bb Ohio not out with the upgrade? Who can guarantee (promises are meant to break) that ohio will be a reward in the research bureau and not as a new shiny premium ship in the store? Questions are not for the publisher of the poll, is to problematize us and think a bit...
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