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  2. GulvkluderGuld

    Z52 needs some love

    Will cross post from the gameplay topic about german dds. It may be that stat wise the Z52 isn't doing so well, and perhaps minor buffs are in order for average joes. Personally, I find the Z52 is fine and doesnt need any nerfs (obviously talking random battles, not competitive). Played it a lot untill a few weeks back i finally got my Legendary module. All dds have to adapt to the increasing prevalence of radar ships (with longer range) and CVs and make changes to how they play around caps. However, the hydro + smoke one-trick is still as strong as it has always been. No dds can hide from Z52 once it gets detected. Press U to spot whatever it is, press T, spam away and most DDs drop to 50% or lower. Grozovoi, Khaba and Harugumo sisters? They have to angle or get torped to oblivion. They're slow and turn like a bus. I've been feasting on the tears of many Harugumo players with my '52. RN dds? Z52 has a 3 km buffer hydro on the RN dds and the stealth-to-hydro window is 100 m. Basically unless they already point their nose away, the RN ships will get while disengaging. In that sense, RN dds are no different compared to all other dds vs '52. You have to bait through all 4 charges of hydro/smoke or catch the bugger with hydro down. Shima and gearing stealth buffs get neutralized by pressing U. Slight DPM buff to shima is of little consequence due to pressing T and possessing enough braincells to not being in radar range of anything. Where the Z52 falls short is dealing with cruisers and BBs as torps do fairly anemic damage, as does the HE, so that might be worth looking into if buffs are called for. Also the legendary module could be modified to compensate for any gun buffs by exchanging them for torpedo (or handling) buffs. Not to nitpick, but isn't that supposed to be the case if the game is properly balanced? (we can see with Kitakaze what it means if you dont have to be)
  3. DFens_666

    WG it's a time to think about your game because it is unplayable !!

    Some people dont deserve to get carried... if it would somehow be possible, id like them to get a loss
  4. Cadelanne

    WG it's a time to think about your game because it is unplayable !!

    It's not that it's uncarriable or that you can't play, it's that it doesn't make any sense to have very good player, playing against 40% W/R player. Don't get me wrong, WoWs is a game and anyone who enjoys it should be allowed to play it in good conditions, even bad as [edited]players. But players should play with and against people being a match for them. It's a nonsense that 43% W/R casual players just being there for the ships and gunnery sounds can be matched vs a KotS winner division. That's as if a top NBA team was playing against your districts' senior basketball club.
  5. benton18

    Kurze Frage, kurze Antwort - Der Erste Hilfe Thread

    Werden sich die 2500 Florins für den 80er Briten CV denn als free to play ausgehen? Da sehe ich schwarz, denn ich hab erst 850, und so lang gebts die nicht mehr zu verdienen oder? Kronen hingegen habe ich 180 der geforderten 150 schon zusammen lg Benton
  6. Please check the date on the latest post in a threat you are responding to beforehand. Especially if the title already containes "solved"
  7. JohnMac79

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    They dont spot everything on the map without putting themselves at risk though. CV cant be top spotters, top damage dealers, and the most immune from return damage.
  8. Yesterday
  9. marsu59

    New map suggestion

    Nice map but too many islands in the south est CAP D for me ;-)
  10. mrblueskye

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    What a comedian. Those deep purple average damage stats must be under threat. If KoTS tells us anything it's that CV's are as OP as ever, in the hands of a skilled player and here you are asking for buffs. If it weren't so unremittingly perverse and sad it would be very funny indeed.
  11. Nefertum

    English Speaking player looking for clan.

    Hi , we are recruting new members! we are a multinational clan with players all over EU ! come join us for some clan bonuses ! your only comitment is to connect to discord ( chat app ) and be responsive to chat and banter on discord ! if this invite caught your attention please give me a chat on discord or this chat box and we will talk more ! this is our discord adress ->https://discord.gg/nQTgcJS
  12. MikkoZ98

    My thoughts on CVs...

    Except that the planes are not really "unlimited".... You can only reproduce a certain amount of planes in a 20 minute game... Why do people even keep bringing this "infinite planes" stuff up anymore?
  13. SexyCroat

    Some more CV stuff

    this sounds awfully like post 0.8.0. are we considering cvs OP again? i mean you all said rts cvs were op, than flying shima craap was OP (ok ill grant that one) and now it seems everything able to shoot, drop and/or kill you is OP... questionable reasoning at best... BBs are OP they can oneshot a cruiser if hes a total idiot and shows broadside, CVs are OP in the same logic if some harugumo guy aligns himself perfectly to a full Midway DB squad. CVs are not OP,top 5% of CV players are OP and will always be
  14. JohnMac79

    Saint Patrick's Day - no green river?

    Except technically, Britain is only England, Wales and Scotland. Which is why the UK is named as a member and not Britain.
  15. Dragnorak

    WINRATE upgrade

    Your stats look good but to add to this mix some of them are in Divs and this also affects your WR. I do agree WR is a good measure of a players capability but it does not tell the whole story of that player. I myself suffer from many many battles in the early days where I was just messing around and also letting my nephew play on my account too who is 9. Then I got serious and improved BUT I had already had over 500 battles in Shima and other ships playing at 40%WR with no clue. So if you look at my stats you do not see that story or picture you only see stats today. Even today the nephew jumps into my account if he is over at ours and you can clearly see his sessions compared to mine LOL as my stats go from 45% sessions to 75% and above when I play ha ha Stats only mean something if you have perspective and understanding. My stats are not the player I am today mind.
  16. Melchioros

    Où est l'équilibre des cuirassé allemand

    Et les BB anglais ? ils ne valent pas le coup ? où ils sont inférieurs aux trois arbres que tu as cités ? Sinon je suis d'accord : toucher avec les Bismarck et faire des dégâts est parfois une vraie sinécure (alors que le North Carolina, en comparaison, peut faire vraiment mal !)
  17. Click on the little gears, then Special Ships, then Decorative - this enables the Freedom Camo if you have it in your inventory.
  18. Beastofwar

    WG it's a time to think about your game because it is unplayable !!

    That is what stat fanatism leads to.....believe too much in that stat crap, give all your energy to uphold it as the truth is self defeating. Games should just be played and enjoyed...
  19. Aschwell

    Aschwell Twitch, Youtube & More

    Kots 8 Round 2 compiled! 10GO vs BGNAV TWA vs 5D TTT vs CIA RT vs HYDRO 10GO vs SHEN RT vs OP
  20. JohnMac79

    Suggestions thread

    Which doesnt really answer my point at all. All we hear is ‘they will be dealt with’, which is literally meaningless.
  21. JohnMac79

    WINRATE upgrade

    Which is a truly awful system that promotes bad play. It is the person who sits at the back farming damage in a BB that usually saves the star, not the people actually playing objectives. Many people actually advertise the fact in chat they are playing to save a star while sailing off. It is extraordinary, and certainly not a reliable measure of skill.
  22. Moin! Wünsche erstmal allen die die Exeter erspielen wollen viel Erfolg und Spaß! Und das das Schiff die Erwartungen erfüllt! Bin heute mit der 3. Aufgaben-Reihe fertig geworden. Es ist definitiv machbar... Habe Stufe/Tier 6 und 7 Schiffe genutzt. Nur für die 30 Flieger wechselte ich von Coop zu den Zufallsgefechte. Für die Errungenschaften werde ich auch wechseln. Diese beiden Aufgaben dauern und erwarten etwas Fleiß und auch mal etwas Beistand von Fortuna... Selbst wenn es bei Aufgabe 4-3 ein Fehler in der Beschreibung ist, sind drei Gegner im Coop auch mal zu schaffen ! VG und gutes gelingen!
  23. Bear_Necessities

    WG it's a time to think about your game because it is unplayable !!

    we've been carrying for a year or 2 now
  24. Mr_Tayto

    WG it's a time to think about your game because it is unplayable !!

    Didn't we carry in about 10 games tonight?
  25. Butterkeks_Modcom1

    Schlachtfest V3-2019 Anmeldung OFFEN

    Jep 2 CV max pro Team. Wenn nicht vorhanden werden die CV Jeweils durch BB ergänzt. Das ist nunmal Schlachtfest und jedes team hat die selben bedingungen.
  26. The_Monk

    Karma- What's the point?

    Ive been reported/downvoted for: - Playing bad (obviously) But also Ive been reported/downvoted for: - Playing a CV (oh man havent I just) - Playing a radar cruiser (f...ing radars) - Playing a hydro cruiser (f...ing hydros) - Playing a DD (f...ing DDs) - Playing a BB (f...ing BBs) - Playing a premium (f...ing P2W) - Setting an enemy ship on fire 4 times in a row - Killing someone - Not killing someone - Missing a shot (useless idiot) - Hitting with a shot (kill stealer) - Colliding with another ship - Suggesting that not scouting all caps/letting the enemy have caps for free is stupid (especially flank caps) - Pushing agressively ( i got reported after doing over 200k and a kraken in the worcester for not running away at the end of the game - I killed a DD instead - we won) - Not pushing aggresively ... you get the idea. The whole system is laughable. People will literally report anyone that doesnt conform to their own preferences, or make simple mistakes we all do. To me, if you truly want a constructive playerbase, get rid of downvoting (u can still report players with tickets of course) and just keep the compliment function. As my mother used to say, If you dont have anything nice to say, the dont say anything at all.
  27. TheComedian1983

    Fotky, fórky, zajímavosti a jinej přístavní brajgl

    Obě fotky parádní. Docela by mě zajímalo kolik si to DD v ten danej okamžik sviští.
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