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  2. MacArthur92

    Kronstadt and IFHE rework.

  3. Azucai

    HMS Daring Tier X

    Sonntag vermutlich erst, heute B-Day Feiern
  4. lafeel

    cruiser/destroyer salvos

    Better than the Wooster too ironically, her turrets could never manage her in game rof in rl..
  5. Basti542

    Smolensk - Tier X

    Hab sie mal wieder ausgefahren die Woche - das Teil ist noch immer nur krank. Macht ab und zu mal Spass zum Robben klatschen, ansonsten ist das Teil ne Nummer für sich auf Tier 10. Bitte nicht mehr davon WG. Danke. Ich hoffe so sehr, dass der Kreuzer-Split gut wird...
  6. Pikkozoikum

    Hayate for 2 Mil FExp?

    I'm used to the IJN design mentality: Tons of disadvantage and somewhere one good feature. Please don't make it that expensive My suggestion would be to reduce the concealment slightly and make it way cheaper, 1 Mil to 1.5 Mil.
  7. Keep your own DD's alive, kill the other team's DD's, it's half the battle won right there as you've blinded the other team. Forgot what I was in though :D
  8. Basti542

    HMS Daring Tier X

    Mit Cunningham wäre toll - das Replay war ja noch vor dem CV-Rework ^^ (trotzdem gut)
  9. Vbeest

    cruiser/destroyer salvos

    Great! Wish you meet many Asashios too.
  10. PabloGee

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    This is same what WG does in World of tanks. One team has +25 % RNG while another -25 % RNG. You can't penetrate single shot while opponents shooting and penning all around. It causes 15:3 or 3:15 games all the time - its already a meme in WOT community. In WOT you can check shots fired, missed and penetrations. If you go around team lists its abovius what's going on. Seems WOWS uses same algorithm to keep 40 % win rate playing and paying as they must win some games sometimes while putting literally 0 effort.
  11. Verblonde

    cruiser/destroyer salvos

    Not going to join the pile-on (it's wicked to mock the afflicted). However: according to wikipedia, the guns on the Friesland should have a ROF of 84 rounds per minute per turret; in game the thing gets 1.8 sec reload (before skills). In the interests of - ahem - historical accuracy I demand (demand, I say!) a buff...!
  12. MacArthur92

    Anyone using the Torpedo Lookout or

    The only ship that I think I might use it is Tirpitz.
  13. Even a Vanguard with lower 380mm pen could do it. I had a battle on West Virginia and I almost wiped out full hp Albemarle (35k salvo). 25mm and pretty high citadel? Those ships are not meant to tank BB, just like Salem can't tank a Massachusetts. No way.
  14. MacArthur92

    Smaland cost

    Ofc I got it. This ship can't be compared so much with PR situation been limited by time. Plus this fexp is way easier to grind. And I hope no more PRgate will happen in the future.
  15. Sciurus

    cruiser/destroyer salvos

    RPF means nothing they nerfed DD Gunboats to crap. Khabarovsk last game 120k dam- form 400 hits lets split it 70 k from 9 fires set means 50k raw dam. from 400 shell hits like 150 hits on richellieu (tier 8) for 13k dam., 60 hits on Cleveland (tier 8) 8k dam. 80 hits on Bismarck (tier 8) 11k dam. and so on. If you not lucky with fires the shells do no damage to ships at all i mean 50k form 400 shells hitting mostly tier 8 in a tier 10 ship is a joke and this happens over and over the only thing you can melt are DDs and for cruiser smolensk, mino are first target after dd cause they easy kills just load ap and you get citadell hits for nothing. If you got a problem with this ships you do something wrong the only ships which suffer are DD which get melted in 2 salvos within 5 sec. '(maybe thats the reason nobody want to play DD in high tier anymore but thats another story)
  16. Lassaw

    Victoire qui s'enchainent

    Petite serie de victoires pour feter mes 1000 batailles en aleatoire! Encore un plan machiavelique de @Tanatoy ca.
  17. Today
  18. HMS_Kilinowski

    Smaland cost

    How could I forget? I didn't mean that this doesn't work in the sense that they won't find people spending any sort of money. As some people at Wargaming hinted, they even know some players have some sort of gaming addiction and they accept that as part of the business model. What I mean is that this policy will backfire eventually. Reputation is important if you want to do business in the future. This game I like, so I am somewhat commited to it, I accept certain actions that I find disappointing. Butthis product won't last forever. At some point Wargaming will launch future projects. Players will remember the pricing policy and the reputation built in WoT, WoWs and WoWp. They will decide whether to get involved in these future games. They will recommend future games or the existing games to friends or do the opposite. The bargaining power of taking certain prices from people is based on their commitment. For any future game this commitment is zero now. So yes, I can make a buck out of peoples gaming addiction or commitment to a product, but in the long run, people will substitute. This is promoted by the public relations you generate around your business. If you got good explanations for your pricing, people will accept that. If people think you are covering up your greediness, that will generate bad reputation and backfire as explained above. Names are irrelavant. I know a guy who bought the Puerto Rico twice. For them this might be reasonable, that is not for me to decide or judge. What I see is that there are hundreds of thousands of accounts that Wargaming never sells a product to. Each enterprise tries to identify the sweet spot of demand. What is the best price? Traditional economics suggests it is where you maximize earnings, i.e. the product of price times quantity. A digital ship has no cost per unit, so it's that simple. Was the price charged for the PR the sweet spot, the optimum? Let me put it this way: Maplesyrup shows numbers on the Asia server. Within a window of two weeks 2080 players have played at least one battle in the PR. The server has more than 450k accounts with more than 100 battles played. I am sure most of these players would not be willing to pay any money for the PR. But then again charging some 0.5% of your players around 50€ for the boosters, wouldn't you think you're skimming only a small segment of the market? Isn't it reasonable to assume you could double or triple your earnings, if you charged less but sold 5 times the quantity? This is just a rough example, but I hope you get the idea.
  19. DeviousDave02

    Defense of Naval Station Newport

    So what Premium Cruisers would people recommend for Newport then? I usually run it as a CV but after the current directives (namely burning things as a DD ) and fancying a change of pace I've got the sudden urge to set all the bots on fire in Newport (and sadly can't take my Atlanta in) Tried it with the Graf Spee but wasn't too happy with it as while good ole Graf (which I love in CooP) has the excellent repair party as well as hydro making your neigh on invincible baring being overrun or messing up it's battery leaves... well... much to be desired at the ranges of engagement and angles you typically see in this Op. Any cruisers with good, high(ish) RoF guns that can spew HE all over that anyone can recommend? I was looking at the Molotov although it's RoF looked a tad lower than what i was hoping for (probably my Atlanta spoiling me rotten with it's rainbow ark of doom) but the accuracy and range looked good. Or would a silver line Cruiser more suit the long range HE spam I'm looking for?
  20. motor_g_b

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    I'll be watching this one with interest, Fun Times will be had by all I would imagine.. I'm sure the spread sheets all check out honest
  21. Pikkozoikum

    CV - Rework erfolgreich oder nicht?

    All das klappt auch gegen einen CV. Auf Torpedo bomber zu fahren, breitseite gegen Bomber. Gegen Raketen ist es Schiffsabhängig. 100% schaden kann nicht immer verhindert werden, aber auch wegfahren, anwikneln gegen andere Schiffe kann nicht 100% Schaden verhindern
  22. jarowojna

    Na randomach nie da się grać....

    Najsmutniejsze jest to, że tak naprawdę żadna ze stron nie jest zadowolona z takiej bitwy, bo także wygrani przeważnie nie zdążyli nastrzelać, podczas gdy kilka okrętów zostało przy życiu. Zastanawiam się też, kiedy zaczną się ciche nerfy zarobków. Pamiętam, jak w World of Tanks bitwy zaczęły przyspieszać - w dłuższym okresie dało się zauważyć spadek ilości zarabianych kredytów. WG po prostu chciało, by zarabianie nie było szybsze, a w praktyce okazało się po prostu dużo trudniejsze na drzewkowych pojazdach, ponieważ koszty utrzymania nie spadły.
  23. Wadenbeiser

    CV - Rework erfolgreich oder nicht?

    @panda... allein das du in diesem thread so ein Beispiel bringst zeigt mir das du bisher anscheinend nicht begriffen hast worum es in diesem thread geht...aber egal. Jedes Schiff hat auf ein anderes Schiff einen Konter. Wegfahren, drauf zufahren, drauf schießen nicht zu vergessen...aber das ist situationsbedingt und ein BB hat durchaus Möglichkeiten sich keine torps einzufangen. Links. Rechts. Schnell. Langsam... etc. Secondarys nicht zu vergessen.... so was machst du als konter gegen einen cv? Alles von mir oben aufgezählte klappt gegen jedes Schiff nur halt gegen CV's nicht Aber dir das zu erklären... nope soviel Zeit hab ich nicht.. ach ja deinen Nebel kannst du vergessen..abklingzeit und Positionsmarker sag ich nur. Muss ich dir das auch erklären? Geh am besten wieder CV spielen und dann überlege dir was ich als Schiff gegen einen cv machen kann. 1vs1 gar nichts....
  24. motor_g_b

    Premium Shop: Ships as Gifts for Doubloons

    Poor Old HMS Dreadnought. Castigated and Besmirched, thrown into a game at a level infested with CV's built when Orville and Wilbur were still trying to get things together in Kitty Hawk without even a Pea Shooter to defend Her self, when ships that were just doodles on a scrap of paper could bring down a Carrier Wing of F18's. Maybe a little self defence surely we Brits could have bought some Russian AA to put on her at least. So Sad ....
  25. Yesterday
  26. Infiriel

    Why the insane resource ship price inflation?

    The inflation is generally caused by an increase in accessability of resources caused in turn by an addition of "Special" economic signals. The bonuses they provide are just insane. I`ve witnessed a few 30k+ free exp games myself, and IIRC cpt. Flolo has had a 50k+ game at least once. You probably won`t guess what`s the "special sauce" that makes it all possible: It`s the doubloons, and the magic of you credits cards. "Special" economic flags are generally obtained at random from containers lootboxes surprise mechanics, and you buy those for either doubloons, or cash. With that in mind, my best guess is it`s just a trend designed as an incentive to spend more, and a middle finger pointed towards F2P population too!
  27. Pikkozoikum

    Kii in 2020

    It's not an Amagi, Armor layout is different, guns are worse than Amagis. Amagis Torp protection is the good thing. Though the Armor is kinda the same, which means IJN standard. That's not bad, nor it's good. The Torp range is good, it was 10 or 12 km, dont remember, But torping works mostly only against bad players, because you often go into a positon, where you end up with broadside, even with those angles. And the squishy IJN armor often doesn't protect you. Like it was before, though the AA was pretty nasty pre CV rework, now it's a good AA but not a no-flyzone ^^ This ship was never a good one, more average, if not bad. The guns have worse sigma, than Amagi and you will miss targets even in close combat. I can recommend it only, if you really like IJN ships. If you want a strong or OP ship, then you shouldn't take it. Myself I love the Kii, but only because I like IJN Ships and the style. Not becaues it's op But it shined in 1vs1 ranked sprint and also in clan battles with T8 and only one BB, because with the torpedos, it can be pretty aggressive, if no dd is around So if you are a fanboy and frustration-resistant - yes, if you want a powerful and strong ship - no ^^
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