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  2. Oh no you were there, you even checked me for any insignia that could be considered inappropriate after the Jingles incident No I guess you were just busy with things, I hung around with Krešo and Rich most of the time...
  3. samphilconlor

    Großer Kurfürst Secondary Build

    You've never made it past T8 what are you talking about? Besides any battleship can be made to work and brawling can be achieved at T10 it's just hard but managed 2 "Close Quarters Expert"'s tonight in one game.
  4. lup3s

    PSA: It's Captain Jingles o'clock

    I didn't understand, you meant using his voice on other captains too?
  5. Bear_Necessities

    Ugh, Neptune

    Neptune is fantastic and the regrind was a dream. Went for a 50% WR to a 60% WR in her.
  6. ForlornSailor

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    We need a "sad" emoji for the forums to react to posts.... man your streak with CVs is not funny anymore :D
  7. Logan_MountStuart

    New Twitch Prime-Loot to claim

    Takes an hour or so but works perfectly well.
  8. mcboernester

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I did things again
  9. Blixies

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    5/6 battles in tier X. 6/6 top score in my team (two times even better than anyone in the winning team). 4/6 games at least one AFK on my team. Thanks Obama.
  10. Aerroon

    Aerroon Playing WoWS Highlights

    Thunderer Barely Hanging On
  11. mastercloudi

    Explication cheat?

    C'est l'histoire d'un mec (d'une div) qui crache sur un pauvre yamato qui n'a rien demandé en début de game. L'Atago se fait rape violent au bout de 2 minutes. 2 minutes après avoir fait de l'huile derrière une île, c'est au tour du Lightning de se faire ouvrir par la moitié de l'équipe ennemie. Désolé mais j'ai rien vu d'autre.
  12. invicta2012

    Cruiser Conundrum

    Oh, and I looked in my captain roster and found I had a dedicated Australian cruiser captain. Who could that have belonged to, back in the day?
  13. harryeddi


    Sorry war ne frage
  14. invicta2012

    Cruiser Conundrum

    Ah, well... I looked at my captain roster and realised I didn't have any spare US captains (they are all on my DDs), so I went for the NdJ. Impressions? Coming off playing the Italians you realise just how much WG have given those ships compared to older cruisers. NdJ is slow, sluggish, with a shell lead so long I need a new laptop, in another county, to hit things. Landing seven shells from a salvo and getting 500 damage seems a little feeble when you're hitting single SAP shells for a couple of K.... but there's something joyful about HE whacking destroyers and BBs into oblivion. Good ship.
  15. Stronginthearms

    [SBS] Looking for Clan Members

    come and have fun guys and gals
  16. Zemeritt

    Ring-Kapitäne: Holt sie euch hier!

    Sicher? Bei WoT mag das stimmen, aber bei WoWs?
  17. Seaman80


    Handelt es sich um eine Frage oder Aussage? Ist es tatsächlich sooo schwer einen Satz zu bilden?

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Apparently Yuudachi is supposed to be bad... The replay, for your viewing pleasure: 20191119_202659_PJSD507-Yudachi_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay
  19. Katzenjammer84

    Übertragung eines Rekruten / einer Rekrutierung

    Mir stellt sich in dem Kontext die Frage, ob Spieler C im Beispiel des TE Spieler B nach einer Inaktivitätsphase als Rückkehrer rekrutieren kann und unter welchen Bedingungen der Rekrutierungsbund zu lösen ist?
  20. tvujkonec

    YasuLord - Twitch stream & Youtube

    Dnes jsem vyhral 30 dni premia a 2000 dublonu. Dik moc, super odmena Vsichni se divejte na YasuLorda a treba taky vyhrajete - dobry stream a dobra soutez
  21. Mastadans

    Tier 10 BB's are cowards, why is that?

    Fire meta, and the more sh*t op WG creates like the Thunderer or Smolensk, the slower the games.
  22. X_Kreuzenstein_X

    Italienische Kreuzer (SAP) - Ein Griff ins Klo WG

    Eine Frage zum Nebel: Wenn ich das HG abfeure und dann den Abluftnebel zünde, bin ich dann sofort unsichtbar ( sofern weiter als die 9, irgendwas entfernt )? und als zweites versteh ich nicht ganz die Diskussion wg. Tarnwerte. Wenn ich alle 20 Sekunden feure bin doch sowieso praktisch die ganze Zeit auf die knapp 20 km Feuerdistanz sichtbar, und wenn ich abhauen muss bin ich ab 13 km kaum noch zu treffen, da die Venezia nicht nur extrem wendig ist , sondern auch wie die Briten recht flott um die Kurve carven.. im Gefecht gegen andere Kreuzer bestimmt die Venezia durch ihre Geschwindigkeit die Distanz, und ist so um/ab 15 km ein unangenehmer Gegner, der sehr schwer zu treffen ist wenn in Bewegung..
  23. Tellsson

    Die CATS suchen noch streunende Wildkatzen...

    Innigste Liebe.... ^^
  24. Rionnen_marksman

    Tier 10 BB's are cowards, why is that?

    No, it makes you sensible 😂
  25. GarrusBrutus

    This is the level of players these days

    Check their profiles and you will know: either lots of money, freeXP, or both. Or a severe lack of learning capabilities complied with an abundance of perseverance. Best is the WOMBO COMBO where all of these 'features' are expressed by a single player.
  26. samphilconlor

    Tier 10 BB's are cowards, why is that?

    Don't look at me I just got two close quarters expert's in the same game....
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