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  2. eliastion

    Bug? CV can summon fighters even after ship death!

    The status of the summoned fighters (other than that they are really printed battle-ready in the on-board 3D printers inside the strike planes ) isn't certain. They don't come from the carrier, after all. They appear with dealy but that delay doesn't seem to depend on the distance to carrier. It's like they kinda are with your squadron all the time... only don't do a thing until you call them. After which they circle aimplessly eating AA fire, clearly what you called them down for! Anyway, there doesn't seem to be any solid reason why the consumable should be unavailable (since there's no direct indication of them really coming from there) and I don't think there was ever any mention about it being unavailable with a dead carrier. So... I'd say it's working as intended.
  3. valrond

    CV players, it's not over for you yet

    No, you are playing the crying DD game here. I've been at both ends. Heck, today I played with DDs again, to see what the fuss what about. Got an Ognevoi on tier 10. I was the 2nd to last to die on my team. I spotted, capped and torped. I just don't go yolo, cause I can't. Well, that just proves people have no freaking idead what they are talking about. RTS CV; If you don't smoke up, have good AA or go close to an AA ship, you get PERMASPOTTED, the whole game, and the CV still have use fighters and attack enemy ships with torps and bombs. He can just leave one dive bombers (without bombs) close to you and that's it. Current CV: You get spotted once by the CV. He turns to prepare the attack, attacks once. If you are alone or don't smoke up, the planes go away. CV maybe leaves a fighter plane to spot for another minute. Then he either goes for another target or pressed F to get another squadron and attack another target. If the CV wants to spot you, he can't attack anyone else. He is just cancelling himself.
  4. Having been victim, on FAR TOO MANY occaisions, of 1 or 2 CV's concentrating their 30 second cycle attacks upon me, I can only laugh at your nerf claims. I am not alone at laughing at you, neither am I alone in thinking WG fubared so badly that (another) patch 0.8.0unfuckfubar is happening in a few hours. Except 0.08.unfuckfubar will only mke things much, much worse. I do love seeing planes spiralling down in smoke, the graphics are great. But the gameplay is just not fun.
  5. Capitaine_Clement

    Votre avis sur le rework CV

    Bonjour à tous, deux choses : En premier lieu, la traduction du DEV BLOG sur les CV En deuxième lieu, @fenril30_2018, calme toi. S'il te plait. Notre communauté est à la fois ouverte, ont accueille les nouveaux avec plaisir, et fermé dans le sens où lorsque tu est nouveau, et c'est normal, mieux vaut s'intégrer doucement... Toi, tu débarque, tu chouine, tu rabaisse les autres que tu ne connais pas et qui n’ont pas besoin de tes conseils, honnêtement, les gens de ce forum ont presque tous un excellent niveau et connaissent bien les mécaniques ect. Bien évidement, tu as le droit d'apporter ton avis ! C'est toujours avec plaisir que nous prenons les avis de différentes personnes! Mais ne nous prend pas de haut, ravale ton ego cinq minutes. Ne le prend pas mal, mais de tes messages, on a vraiment l'impression que tu te croit supérieur. Et ce n'est pas aux autres de fournir une argumentation pour contester tes propos, (d'autant que ces arguments là sont souvent répéter, cherche un peu), mais plutôt a celui qui propose, qui critique le jeu, d'apporter des arguments pour étayer sont point de vue. Bonne journée (enfin, je pence que vous dormez actuellement plus ou moins tous...) Clément P.S. Je suis heureux de vous apprendre que dans 5 mois presque tout rond, je serait de retour en France, avec un bon PC et une bonne connexion, pour enfin vous croisez sur le champs de bataille! P.P.S. Désolé pour le délai de traduction, mais le post du Dev Blog à était publié tard chez moi, et comme le sommeil c'est important (surtout à 16 ans...)
  6. Das Problem ist, dass durch diesen Patch wieder Stealth-AA eingeführt wird, gerade bei Schiffen die eh schon AA-stark sind. In dem Moment, in dem man in die AA reinrauscht gehen die Wolken auf, zeitgleich mit dem Schiff. In der aktuellen Meta ist das vor allem eins: tödlich für CV-Staffeln. WG hat es ja eingesehen, dass das Problem nicht mehr der „F“-Spam, sondern dass die Staffeln inzwischen nach einem Drop geschreddert werden und damit beim CV weder im Falle des Rückrufs mit „F“ noch bei einem Drop (egal ob Torpedo-, Sturzbomber oder Fighter) genügend Flugzeuge zum Auffüllen des Decks zurückkehren. Das führt dazu, dass im Lategame einige Schiffe für CV immun werden. Das hat garantiert beim Balancing keiner bedacht. Das wäre so, als ob DD gegen BB keine Chance hätten... WG ist in dem Fall auf dem falschen Weg, denn das Hauptproblem sind die Auswirkungen des Spotens vor allem zu Matchbeginn. Wie wäre es, wenn die CV-Flugzeuge beim Start ihren Boost erst aufladen müssten und das Verbrauchsgut zur Auffüllung (ähnlich wie Torpdeos) auch erst aufladen muss? So kann man ca. 20 Sekunden rausholen, bis das erste Schiff aufgeklärt wird... (Aktuell: Kurs während des Countdown abstecken, 2x „1“ drücken und dann mit Boost in Richting Gegnerspawn heizen, wenn die Leiste leer ist Verbrauchsmaterial zünden und weiter geht’s. Wenn die Aufladung weg ist, mit normaler Geschwindigkeit, bis die Staffel offen ist. Dann geht’s auf DD-Jagd, weil man Dank RPF die grobe Richtung kennt.) Bestimmte Sachen finde ich gut bei dem Patch - zum Beispiel, dass die Verbrauchsgut-Jäger aggressiver sind, oft hat man die eigentlich nur als Deko gehabt. Andere Sachen seh ich anders - der Nerf der Torpedobomber der Midway. Was kommt als nächstes - heilende Torpedos vielleicht? Auf der anderen Seite sind die Raketenjäger ziemlich stark, weil sie wegen der möglichen Geschwindigkeit und den Raketen eigentlich ein Schweizer Taschenmesser bei den CV darstellen. Sturzbomber sind (auch wegen dem Wegfall des Heals) zu verwundbar und Torpedobomber (vor allem die US-Bomber mit den Torpedos) machen zu wenig Schaden, bald noch weniger. Da könnte WG auch ansetzen, damit die beiden anderen Flugzeugtypen interessanter werden, im Moment sind das bloß ungeliebte Platzverschwender auf dem Deck, die man nur startet, wenn die Raketenjäger nicht mehr vollständig sind. Das Ziel des CV-Rework war eigentlich, dass mehr Spieler die Klasse anfangen und bis Tier10 bei der Stange bleiben. Vor 0.8.0 gab es 1% CV-Spieler. WG macht aktuell wirklich alles, dass man bei 0,1% ankommt...
  7. _CR0ME_

    More UK commander faces ?

    Tell it the BBC and they will force Wargaming to make it more "diverse"
  8. Bear_Necessities

    CV players, it's not over for you yet

    The good CV players. I've seen a few top rate CV players who do exactly that as it means the rest of their team pummel the DD and when it's dead they can move their strike squadron to a new target. Unless that DD is particularly strong DD in AA defence such as Gearing.
  9. pra3y

    CV players, it's not over for you yet

    Its not fun for the CV as well. Why would I want to keep on attacking the same target over and over to stack up the damage? You know how boring that is for the CV player. Death by a thousand paper cuts work both ways. I rather be able to do a fair amount of damage if I play well and land a hit on a target than keep on throwing planes at a target just to try to sink it.
  10. eliastion mini patch good???

    Well, I can easily answer you "why". There are two main factors: 1. Now you meet much more CVs than pre-rework (the hype is still strong, if WG continues like they do, things will probably "normalize" after the RN CV introduction hype passes as well). Basically, the AA builds might be making less dramatic of a difference (though they still matter A LOT) you actually find yourself facing CVs often enough to not feel like you've wasted points to shoot down that one enemy spotter per match just a little bit faster. 2. The initial power of CVs (especially high tier, especially especially Haku) was so overwhelming that people got traumatized a bit and they coped by building AA (that then started to matter after the hotfix #1).
  11. pra3y

    CV players, it's not over for you yet

    Oh i do. If you just think abit deeper there is a difference between a player choosing to keep their empty squad over a DD vs WG introducing a mechanic that forces player to keep their squad over a DD if they want to deal damage to it. I mean sure you can keep on loop around a DD in the current iteration without making an attack run but who the heck wants to do that lol.
  12. DFens_666

    DevBlogWoWs: CV Changes and Roadmap

    Atleast someone who sees it the same way I do... feels like there is only a handful of people which understand the "problem". (also seeing how you got more downvotes than upvotes on that post proves my point ) Im not sure about WoT, because i never played that, but if you look at CVs, they have a powerful tool at their hand, which is spotting. Basicly that alone makes a class having high influence on the outcome of a game (see DDs, while having lowest average damage basicly). Currently we have a class that can spot better and deal damage more reliably than DDs, thats why they had such a high influence on the game pre-rework. And WG wanted to change that. Now they basicly made the spotting even WORSE than before... while atleast lowering the alpha strike potential. But then we have still a ship in the game, which doesnt seize to exist even if you kill the planes which are attacking you - there will come more after that. As i said in another thread, maybe they need to nerf the damage output and AA really hard, so then CVs are maybe atleast fun to play. Then just remove spotting Fun for CV players = maybe, but for others they might be only mildly annoying then
  13. hallo alles mist wg habe meine dercks cv,s zurück gegeben.......und noch mehr mist. japan cv 4,6,8,10 alle weg aber kein free xp nur xp und credits. zum kotzen. von wegen free xp zurück ich glaube ich lösche den ganzen scheiss schade um meine zeit.
  14. I have personally written enough about Mighty Shima (X), yes, is a legendary popular ship!!!: still is and will always be, no doubt! There are very good other T10 destroyers out there (objectively), so explain ta me why Shima will allways be my #1 to grab to when logging in gaming???...yeah, cuz that Shima is LEGEND!...pinpoint "the why"....but ya will never ever succeed to unlock the reason WHY the players like the Mighty Shima so incredibly much. I have an Asa (VIII) doing far more credits + XP as me Shima, still: my Mighty Shima (X) stays my very #1 destroyer and King Cobra Ninja Asashio (VIII) will be my very #2 (incredible nice credits-maker)....though Asa doing far better...so explain this ta me:...explain this to the players? I never ever wanna play any Daring or kind of so...when I have me my great Mighty Shima (X)!!!...so why is that???...explain ta me!...but then again, what ever ya say, whatever they gonna "nerf" me Shima, I will always regard my Mighty Shima Legend as my ever all time best destroyer!!!...and I will keep playing it, as me very most favourite! So, how are ya ever gonna explain this???....cuz Shima (X) = LEGEND!!! (...and the others are not, do not even come close ta LEGEND, yeah!...let this sink in, complex, cannot even be explained by some droid!, yeah???...lol)
  15. ForlornSailor

    CV players, it's not over for you yet

    Id say Haku was broken (since there was something wrong with the mechanic, that could be abused - the damage itself, looking at 1 torp hit, wasnt that special) while the RN CVs seem OP. And yea, that could be solved be leaving the mechanics in place and simply adjust the alpha. My guess: RN CVs will get OP into the game, people get horny, spend again $$$ to get the T10 right away, then we see a quick "hotfix" to get them in balance. You know, if it worked once, it sure works again? Thats atleast what WG might be thinking. If it happens - you heard it here first!
  16. Skurfa

    CV players, it's not over for you yet

    Are we playing the same game here? Cause it was what they could do.... but very rarely did, simply because it would be eaten by AA, and loosing your aircraft to AA, would put you in a disadvantage against the CV on the other team. Just go through youtube channels and look at some of the better players, noone ever (okay, rarely) just dropped a squad to spot something, only when they were actively killing stuff. So no matter how you twist and turn, the meta for the DD's HAVE changed, they're very often spotted for longer periods, and are, if the CV wants, targeted over, and over, and over, and over again.... (unless they hide behind the entire enemy team). It's fun as a CV, just keep attacking someone throughout an entire match... it really is. But being on the recievers end, that's just a match you don't want to be in.... there's no fun in being constantly harassed.
  17. tiburonX

    Rapports d'erreurs 0.8.0

    ce soir, plein de crash du jeu lors des batailles classées. on se faisait ejecter du serveur lors des games. Aucun problème d'internet chez moi, les autres sites fonctionnaient très bien. Beaucoup de joueurs se sont plein dans le chat du même problème. La qualité fou le camp sur vos serveurs :)
  18. The stats certainly don't support that there's no skill ceiling. There's a pretty hefty difference in the stats between the average player and the top 5%. Playing as the bottom tier (or even top-tier against super powerful AA) isn't too dissimilar from playing like a T6 CV in a T8 game with the old RTS CV's. You still have a lot of potential, but during the early game you need to be really patient and mathematical about target selection. The planes are not infinite, and this is a half-truth that really needs to die instead being repeated over and over. It's been demonstrated that the total number of planes you can operate over a game is similar as with the old RTS CV's. I think the initial deck size + replenishment from hangar speed is one of the best ideas in the rework. As noted, the total amount of planes you can operate over a game is broadly speaking realistic. If you take big losses early game, you'll feel it for the rest of the game. But it removes that situation where you can't do anything for the last half of the game -- this was common in RTS CV's, and it wasn't fun for the CV player or his team mates. Now the CV player will have some spare planes trickle up from the hangar, and he can at least do something, like get a full single drop with one plane type at least. It really is a good system. I dunno, I kinda like the rework CV's, and each hotfix has felt like a small step in the right direction.
  19. eliastion

    CV players, it's not over for you yet

    Well, from the initial impressions I got their tX was more broken than Haku at her worst (best?). The very idea that something like that could be allowed into the game was mind-boggling. Oh well, we'll see what state they are going to hit the live server in. Perhaps WG is going to, by mistake, nerf their power rather than handling, producing a CV line that would remain actually enjoyable even when their power gets cut to more reasonable levels? One can dream. For USN (that wasn't all that great to begin with) and IJN (that got hit hard) it's most likely too late already - with the last somewhat comfortable squadron getting the handling nerf today (I mean, one could think "hey, this could be a small nerf that doesn't break it" but I've seen IJN torp handling nerf - from "a bit too comfortable, I can agree that it needs a nerf" straight to "I hate using this thing").
  20. Sayuri_Valintine


    Ye i think im gonna leave CV's again for the time being ... im an average to good player getting between 80K to 150K in my midway but i find that i can do more damage and help my team way more in any other ship class on the current version ... right now i would say i have to work 3 times harder in a CV just to keep up with other ships i use be it economically, damage or game influence its just not able to compete with other ship classes and they plan to continue nerfing the class seems like a wast of time on WG part to put out a years worth of work and dev time then make them so hard to use effectively that the average player would not want to ... had about 16 games today and lost only 5 of them 3 were in midway (the only times i used her today) 2 were in BB were CV was not present and all friendly DD's got them selves killed leave enemy DD's to freely torp all renaming allied ships .... the way i see it is before the rework hit a game would be decided by what team had the most skilled DD's and i have always seen (Even as a DD player) that the CV would be the natural counter to DD and there ability to often delete full health ships from stealth with just as little risk to them as old RTS CV's could. this seems a little back word since CV players on EU are already dropping back to the number that were before rework ... CV needs some love or WG risk failing the main reason they reworked the class
  21. Iroks

    CV Rework - Oficjalny temat do zbiórki opinii

    Cóż znalazłem kawałek internetu który mnie nie dyskryminuje. Miło było wrócić do domu.
  22. JymmBlack

    Mise à jour - 21/02/19

    Je te prierai d'arrêter de me casser mon business de vente d'outils, la vie est déjà assez difficile comme ça, pas besoin de me faire perdre mes clients merci Sinon, pour revenir au sujet : quickpatch #199 ….. ou comment se mettre dans les embrouilles en sortant une maj pas ficelée
  23. valrond

    CV players, it's not over for you yet

    You really have no idea, do you?. RTS CVs had multiple squads, and, specially ijn could use one spare dive bombe to EXCLUSIVELY spot. Aside from that you had fighters that could spot low AA ships like Destroyers. So in RTS, if your DD had bad AA, you were screwed, cause a CV just could plant a squad there while attacking other things and destroying enemy planes with fighters.
  24. DariusJacek

    Nasze osiągnięcia

    Postanowiłem spróbować w końcu brytyjczyków. T6 jest już super, jak się z grubsza ogarnia. Najlepszy DD w grze Nawet w porażkach dzisiejszych z reguły pierwszy w teamie.Nie mogę się doczekać Fiji.
  25. JymmBlack

    Wichita TVIII Premium

    Plutôt une sottise récurrente … pour nous prouver le contraire, lance toi même ta moulinette, traduis le wiki rosbif, et on en reparle. Ou commence par essayer de comprendre le principe de base d'un wiki, je te donne une piste : collaboratif.
  26. Hi all, Bug? CV can summon fighters even after ship death! I just had game when our lone BB killed enemy CV while CV still had in the air full TB squadron. Enemy CV then used TB squadron for spotting for several minutes of the game (i.e. until all TB planes were shoot down) but before last plane killed he summoned his fighter to even further prolong the spotting of our ships... Leo "Apollo11"
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