Fish and Ships: British Battleship Missions!


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As you are no doubt aware, a new branch of British Battleships is coming to World of Warships. To celebrate, we've got something special for you—not one, not two, but three weeks chock-full of missions for Tier IV+ vessels. As a special reward, you will also be able to unlock special blueprint Commemorative flags for some of the new British Battleships, and as a result get a head start when the tree is released!


The following blueprints will be available to earn in the missions:


Earning one blueprint unlocks the Tier III Bellerophon

Earning two blueprints unlocks the Tier IV Orion

Earning all three blueprints unlocks the Tier V Iron Duke and its commemorative flag


Please note that ships are credited stock, without modules researched, with port slot and without commanders.


For mission details please check the portal article.


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