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Public Test Round 2


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the second round of the Public Test will launch on Wednesday evening - so jump in and check out, what is new!


What changed?

  • Fixed a bug where the camera on tracking the projectiles / torpedoes / planes on the "Z" key did not work
  • The bug that led to the incorrect display of the commander reassignment menu from one ship to another was fixed
  • Fixed a bug that caused on some "weak" computers decreased performance and sometimes has caused the client to crash
  • Fixed a bug due to which in the camera after death the display of ships was without command visibility


  • Get three signal flags of each type (except special signals) on your live account for playing one battle (PVP & CooP) on the Public Test server.
  • Collect all the collection items from the new collection event on the Public Test and get 1 day of Premium Account on the live server*
  • Win 5 battles on the Public Test in Random or Cooperative Battles and get 10 Type 6 Camouflages (providing +100% XP per battle) on the live server.


More details can be found on our portal.


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