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Ranked Battles - Season 7


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Update 0.11.4 will see the launch of Ranked Battles Season 7.


Starts: Thu. 19 May 10:00 CEST (UTC+2)
Ends: Thu. 14 Jul. 01:00 CEST (UTC+2)


This season, all the leagues involve Tier VIII and IX ships fighting in a 6 vs. 6 format. The rules for keeping a Star differ between the leagues:

  • In the Bronze League, players who take the first two places by XP earned keep their Stars in a lost battle.
  • In the Silver League, only the top XP earner keeps their Star in a lost battle.
  • In the Gold League, players do not keep their Stars in a lost battle.

These changes emphasize the different levels of competitiveness in each league.

We have revised the number of Stars required to reach Rank 1. The purpose of this is to make sure that the average number of battles required to reach Rank 1 does not change.

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Above rules not clear and probably bring consequences.


I am still argued with customer support. When a player reached to rank 1 than go to qualify phase and until they qualify they are still at same league. (Situation for Bronze league especially effected more) 


And if not qualify than their process is reset and start again from lowest rank at same league.


Regarding above your rules, at qualify phase is still same league and rules should be apply same too. 


At this moment I m  in Bronze league, qualify phase, lost 2 match but at top 2 players and well lost star.


I asked to customer support, they answered because I am already playing in Silver league.


I said, if I am in Silver league and in case not qualify what will happen, return to lowest rank in bronze or stay qualify phase. And offcours will reset.


So, I am still bronze league until qualify, therefore rules should be apply when you in any rank or in qualify phase.


You have no information/ different rules about qualify phase! Because of this, therefore rules should apply as is:)


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I've been first on score board but on a defeat a few times and still lost a star.

Also, ranked has now turned into a fiesta where at least half players are trying to grind their tier 8s without putting much effort, not only do they put their teams at a disadvantage by picking lower tier ships than possible but most of the times they show very minimal team play and mind set for winning. Just click "W", go in port fast and repeat...

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