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World of Warships Anniversary


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Festive Rewards

In Update 0.10.8, you can earn festive battle performance bonuses on all of your Tier V and higher ships. Win a battle or earn 300 Base XP to receive Supercontainers, a new temporary resource called icon_eventum_6_16266bfe10c9894a55b2a77a7 Festive Tokens, and Gift containers:


Battle Performance Bonuses will be available


from:Fri. 17 Sep. 14:00 CEST (UTC+2)
to:Thu. 04 Nov. 14:00 CEST (UTC+2)

The bonus for each ship can be earned only once in battles of any type, except for Training Battles.

In a special section of the Armory, Festive Tokens can be exchanged for containers of the "6 Years of World of Warships" collection; "6 Years of World of Warships" permanent camouflages for flag_France_1b45875fe2166c392a4b0801c9fa standard_01624cacb82f39f77a4e677a7b9fdf4VII Lyon, flag_Germany_18970d883c7758b53538983bd09 standard_874a3bdc3134b8da4fd6f52186f1b2bVII Yorck, flag_Russia_6ce701e1c2f2ac3909a68a0a7b23 standard_874a3bdc3134b8da4fd6f52186f1b2bVII Shchors, flag_Pan_Asia_3b66d1136c736e56c9f2f7cda2 standard_357acc9fc0e2f7d98f047c99edffad3VII Gadjah Mada, flag_Japan_740b57e1da9b5d3fe46b61e09e3dc standard_357acc9fc0e2f7d98f047c99edffad3VII Akatsuki, and flag_Italy_206c77d5bf356559100ac3e95fdb7 standard_874a3bdc3134b8da4fd6f52186f1b2bVII Zara; Gift and Distant Voyages containers; and World of Warships Anniversary expendable camouflages. The rewards section will be available from September 17, before Update 0.10.10 is released.



Each Gift container holds 5x special signals of the same type (Dragon, Red Dragon, Wyvern, Ouroboros, Hydra, Basilisk, Scylla, or Leviathan).

You can only earn Festive Tokens from battle performance bonuses. With the release of Update 0.10.10, Festive Tokens will be converted into Credits at the rate of 1:90,000.

The "6 Years of World of Warships" Collection

We're also celebrating our Anniversary with the "6 Years of World of Warships" collection, which is dedicated to the most notable events that happened in the game over the past year. The collection looks like a big jigsaw puzzle with 60 elements in it. The collection elements only drop from "6 years of World of Warships" special containers. You can obtain these:

  • By completing a special combat mission chain that will become available on September 17.
  • By participating in the new temporary Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry event.
  • In exchange for Festive Tokens.


The reward for completing the collection is a Supercontainer, 6x Gift containers, and the "6 Years of World of Warships" commemorative flag.

b98676d4-f07d-11eb-92e5-8cdcd4b147d4.png 2fe7841a-e3b0-11eb-96b4-8cdcd4b147d4.png c803a1c6-0c8b-11ec-b3e3-8cdcd4b147d4.png

The exchange rate for duplicates is 1:1.

The "6 Years of World of Warships" containers will be added to the Armory in one of the future updates. When that happens, you'll be able to obtain them in exchange for Coal.

To celebrate the Anniversary, the Designer's Table Port has also been updated—the ship model is now located in a bright and spacious room.

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Zweiter Authentifizierungsfaktor....

das erstpasswort, kann man nicht ganz eingeben. es s ind nur 6-7 zeichen  möglich. wo liegt hier der fehler?


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