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Free Commander Respeccing


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In relation to the changes made to the priority sector mechanics and "Massive AA Fire" skill, all players will be able to reset their Commanders' skills for free during the week following the Update's release.


The discount can be obtained until August 29 morning.


Go to the PORTAL ARTICLE to activate it!

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Good Day Mr Tuccy,


Hope you can answer my question:

I wonder if the guide here "https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/guides/commander-skills/" is already updated or when it will be for me to do new commander builds after the free skills revert.


The player below had a similar question, but I would simply like to know if I can at all follow the online guide or whether I should wait a bit. It would be cool if you can add an indicator to the page, saying when it was updated.


Thank you in advance!


Kind regards!



P.S. I will also send this to Mr. Crysantos here (but as DM): 


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