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Ranked Battles Season 10


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Another season of Ranked Battles is here! Do you plan to reach for the Rank 1?


Basic rules can be found below:



Detailed rules are HERE!


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Worst Season ever, you'd think after 10 seasons they'd have a decent bloody competative mode. But nope, Radar is too one sided, CV's are allowed to participate even though the class is broken, the stupid star keep shite is still there, the same idiotic players that have no idea what they are doing can reach ranks they do not deserve and then pull everyone else down, 


Well played WG, im losing faith with you more and more everyday. 

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Started and played a little bit to rank 9 or 10 but found it really monotonous and stopped pretty early.


Plus I am a little fed up with TX - too much of it recently. 


About Radar - all has been said - WG needs to do something about it soon - just sucks too hard.


Plus - I cannot understand why WG releases ships like Stalingrad and give these access to a “sort of competitive” mode. That is plain nonsense.

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they should stop this whole garbage of dropping ranks and just leave you at the rank you manage to get too

fair enough it means more people will get to r1 BUT it means more people will play the ranked for them the whole save a star yolo and hope the team carries me is retarded but then again when does WG do anything logically 

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For this Season i say only one:  Very unbalanced match with Teams.... I play 400+ match, start from rank 15 after 300 battle go 7. ...now droped 11 again with 12+ lose match in series.


Worcester vs BB = 1-0, Worcester fire and easy burn any BB without problem, very OP

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i had today a interesting ranked situation, i was ranked 3, now i am back to rank 7.  I say: Never met so many new cv players XD. I played cv myself came across a cv player with 8000 battles in cv....... quickly stopped cv, went over to destroyer, came in a cv  match 20 time in a row................ Thats what you call: you are fucked over hard :)

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Pls, once more, for the next season of ranked battles ... T6-T9 is ok, but ... pls forget about T10 - leave T10 for those who will reach rank 1.  Thx !!

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Some additional small points based on ranked battles experience:


- Radar able to see me through islands ... sorry, but this is stupid. We are not playing the war game of 21st century, but of WWI - WWII mainly. If radar detects destroyer in smoke - ok, but "seeing through islands" - no, this functionality is not realistic. And by the way - radar functionality lasts toooo long on some ships. Several seconds - ok, but longer ?  No, not good.

- Radio Location versatility skill - I´m not fan of this skill also. I understand that bad players need some additional help, but this "allowed cheating" - if possible, replace it with something more realistic.

- Worcester cruiser - who does not consider this ship as OP is not normal in my opinion. If somebody wants to have so great rate of fire on this ship - ok, but damage done by one shot should be lower OR armour of this ship should be "of paper". I understand that WG wants to "promote" new lines of ships somehow, but ... enough is enough.

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