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Battle of Sagami Bay


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On this day in history the last surface action of World War II took place off the tip of the Bōsō Peninsula. Destroyer Squadron 61 of the US Navy intercepted a Japanese coastal convoy of two freighters, escorted by one minesweeper and one submarine chaser. One of the freighters was sunk and the other damaged.


  • Destroyer Squadron 61
    • Destroyer Division 121
      • USS De Haven (DD 727) - flagship
      • USS Mansfield (DD 728)
      • USS Lyman K. Swenson (DD 729)
      • USS Collett (DD 730)
      • USS Maddox (DD 731)
    • Destroyer Division 122
      • USS Blue (DD 744)
      • USS Brush (DD 745)
      • USS Taussig (DD 746)
      • USS Samuel N. Moore (DD 747)



USS De Haven (DD 727), flagship of DesRon 61, on May 14th, 1944.

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Recommended Comments

The description rightly says "surface action" rather than "battle".

Because nine fleet destroyers against one sub-chaser and one mine-sweeper is not a battle, it is a slaughter :Smile_sad:

Thank you for these snippets of history!

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