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Battle of Kolobangara


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This event repeats every year forever

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Submitted by @Jellicoe1916


In another pitched battle in the Kula Gulf, another edition of "Tokio Express" - 4 transport destroyers escorted by 5 destroyers and a light cruiser - was intercepted by Allied light cruisers. Same as in the previous battle, however, the Japanese ships were shown to be a dangerous opponent. While outnumbered, outgunned and losing the light cruiser Jintsu, their torpedoes found the nmark, heavily damaging all three cruisers and sinking destroyer USS Gwin - while at the same time providing enough distraction for the transport group to land the 1,200 men at Vila.


USS St. Louis and HMNZS Leander firing.




  • Covering Force (RAdm Shunji Izaki)
    • Jintsu  (flagship) - sunk
    • Kiyonami
    • Yugure
    • Yukikaze
    • Hamakaze
    • Mikazuki
  • Transport Force (1,200 soldiers for Vila)
    • Satsuki
    • Minazuki
    • Matsukaze
    • Yunagi



  • Task Force 36.1 (RAdm Ainsworth)
    • Cruiser Division 9
      • USS Honolulu (CL-48, flagship) - damaged
      • USS St. Louis (CL-49) - damaged
      • HMNZS Leander - damaged
    • Destroyer Squadron 21
      • USS Nicholas (DD-449)
      • USS O'Bannon (DD-450)
      • USS Taylor (DD-468)
      • USS Jenkins (DD-447)
      • USS Radford (DD-446)
    • Destroyer Squadron 12
      • USS Ralph Talbot (DD-390)
      • USS Buchanan (DD-484)
      • USS Maury (DD-401)
      • USS Woodworth (DD-460)
      • USS Gwin (DD-433) - sunk
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