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Battle of Cape Spada

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Submitted by @Salentine


On this day in 1940 two Italian cruisers transferring to Leros were intercepted by an Allied patrol off Crete. Initially encountering just enemy destroyers, the two cruisers gave chase until running into HMAS Sydney. After a 50-minute running battle Bartolomeo Colleoni suffered damage to her boilers and despite fierce resistance even after main guns were disabled, she was sunk by torpedoes. Bande Nere managed to escape to Benghazi, escaping pursuit by HMS Warspite.





  • 2nd Cruiser Division (RAdm Ferdinando Casardi)
    • Bartolomeo Colleoni - sunk
    • Giovanni delle Bande Nere - damaged



  • 2nd Destroyer flotilla (Capt. John Collins)
    • HMAS Sydney
    • HMS Hasty
    • HMS Havock
    • HMS Hero
    • HMS Hyperion
    • HMS Ilex
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