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Community Competition - Design A Patch


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Event details

Want to have your work featured in World of Warships? 

Then this is the competition for you...


Submissions Window: 

  • Starts 28 February at 22:00 CET (UTC+1)
  • Ends 14 March at 22:00 CET (UTC+1)



The Challenge:

  • Create a patch (just the symbol, without a background) by hand or using a graphics editor which would correlate with World of Warships visuals.
  • Create a short title (just a few words will do) for your creation.
  • Publish your work in the contest topic on the forum (link will be provided on the 28th February). 
  • Save the source materials to present to the World of Warships team if necessary.
  • Before participating, please read the Terms and Conditions (and pay special attention to Section 10).


  • As well as ships and signals, the first three prizes include having your patch implemented into the game. If you don't make it into the top five you will automatically be entered into a lottery, with x20 Big Santa's Gift boxes up for grabs (one per player) - Full contents can be found in here.

254a33f0-16f8-11e8-bd97-ac162d8bc1e4.jpg 2584c5d8-16f8-11e8-90be-ac162d8bc1e4.jpg


For detailed rules and regulations please check the

Portal article

Recommended Comments

2 hours ago, Tuccy said:

@Say_Alek приятно, но, пожалуйста, убедитесь, чтобы бросить его в представление topice, указанному выше :)


Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

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Angry Swordfish wurde von Mir in Battelfield 4 erstellt, mit dem Ingame Zeichen u. Emblem Tool. Da konnten verschiedene Elemente übereinander gelegt werden. Danach habe ich den Fisch noch mit Paint bearbeitet.image.thumb.png.e0ef5d783e84327deba21d9af5ceab4c.pngimage.thumb.png.5c417bf6b36f8927973fdb08eaed698b.png





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20 minutes ago, Tuccy said:

@Bam_Bam_Feuerstein, @klakier1311_steel guys, please post your submissions int he submission thread listed above! :Smile_honoring:


Actually @Tuccy it's really nice seeing these guys WiP... you should let people post them here then enter them when finished. Whereas my artistic skills equate to stick men, it is a pleasure to see how a real artist @klakier1311_steel builds a work of art up.....nice job so far klak...... maybe you would take a look at our clan Logo and see what you could do with it :Smile_smile:




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titre: Pélican


description: Il s'agit d'un pélican posé sur une ancre marine. Nous retrouvons d'une part la notion du monde maritime avec le pélican et d'autre part la notion de navire avec l'ancre.


version finale:





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Dear EU community managers and WG,


I have some very heartfelt words I would like to say about the structuring of this competition.

I apologize for not bringing this up earlier when it still could have been of help, but the existence of this competition did not enter my attention until the submission period had started.


While I am very grateful for the opportunity by WG for the community to participate in creation of content for this game, I believe it could have been done even better.


Based on my experience of art-centric competitions and events for other onlin games, communities, and commercial websites, as well as my intuition from what knowledge and experience I have, I feel this event had not been as respectful and patronizing enough to its artistic nature as it could have been.


The structure, and rewards, are designed in a way which could have been for a competition of any other occasion. There is nothing special to warrant more qualitative participation beyond basic interaction in an uninspired way, despite sayings of “fame, fortune, and internet points”. For words alone are weak.


Thus, with all due respect, I would like to present some ideas for procedure which I believe, had the competition followed these instead of its current procedure, it would have resulted in a better reception and impact, and more “internet points” for WG and WoWs.


2 global winners will have their insignias not just implemented in-game, but be invited by WG to create a whole series of insignias (about 5-6), based on their winning work’s logic and style, to be implemented in-game.


20 “interesting” or “impressive” works from all regions will be selected and honestly commented/critiqued upon by WG staff and artists.


Among these, 10 best works will be selected to be implemented as-is, or after being revised and polished by WG artists.


There is no “ranking” or “lineup” amongst art. Thus rewards will only be distributed on 4 tiers:

the 2 global grand winners,

the 10 chosen runner-ups,

the 20 “selected” works,

and a celebratory lottery draw for all participants.


Because it is us players who most wish for WoWs to succeed, and to be fantastic, too.


Good Day.


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@KarmaQU_EU Thank you for your feedback, as you note yourself it is a bit too late for this round, but we may return to it whenever we need to channel the creativity of the players again :)

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Hey guys,

The submission thread is still empty, i can only see my own patch uploaded, but nobody else. Is that normal? What's happening?

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Guys, just a reminder - in case you forgot, you have to insert the designs into the contest submission thread until today, 22:00 CET!

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