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Public Test 0.7.2 - Round 2


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Join the second round of the Public Test of 0.7.2 and try out the new French Battleships, new Operation Hermes and more!


Please do not forget to leave feedback in the dedicated Forum sections - every bit helps us to improve the update :fish_book:


200px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg.png 167px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png 160px-Flag_of_Poland.svg.png 150px-Flag_of_France.svg.png 150px-Flag_of_the_Czech_Republic.svg.png


bef06086-10c9-11e8-b981-ac162d8bc1e4_120 2517fb00-116d-11e8-bb32-ac162d8bc1e4.jpg



For more details check out the Portal article. New to the Public Test? Then head for the Public Test guide! Looking for the download link? Here it is - and now you can add the Public Test client also tot he Wargaming Game Center!


Action Stations!



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Additional info:

  • Patch size: 155 Mb
  • List of changes:
    • Fixed bugs which caused shells to explode against invisible obstacles near islands on the "Atlantic" map;
    • When national voiceovers are enabled in the Scenarios mode, voice orders will now be issued in the voiceover language selected in the game client, bypassing the national voiceover modifier;
    • Balance-related changes
    • Made an additional task to destroy aircraft a bit more complicated
    • The rewards for completing Operation Hermes were changed: you will get 50 Doubloons for 3 stars, 100 Doubloons for 4 stars, 150 Doubloons for 5 stars. Also ambient lighting on the map was tweaked towards lighter tones.
    • Fixed a bug which required a double mouse click to set priority targets for the secondary/AA battery;
    • Removed the Service Record level and patch picture from being displayed when the mouse is hovered over a player’s nick in the post-battle statistics and in battle;
    • Fixed a bug which caused Ship Status data that pops up when the “H” key is pressed to overlap with the Minimap interface;
    • Fixed a bug which in certain cases could cause the game client to freeze when switching to an allied ship in the Free Camera mode after the player’s own ship was destroyed.

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