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[Round 1] Public Test 0.7.1


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Event details

Round 1 of the Public Test will run from 25 Januaty until 29 January.


What's inside?

  • French battleship collection
  • Possibility to try out Battleship Alsace
  • Modified maps
  • New Marseille port
  • and more!




For details, check out our Portal article.

New to the Public Test? Follow the link to Public Test Guide.

Got feedback? 0.7.1 threads will soon pop up in the Public Test feedback section of the forum!


Action Stations!

Recommended Comments

can not set my key board up as i have had it since playing wows f keys like wilco and requesting support not working say hot key reserved???? wont let me set up like normal ive look and no F keys are assigned to anyother 

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same issue as cptbootstrapbob + when playing Benson : auto-firing kept going on auto in 0.9 sec's, untill i switched to AP. Also multiple keys that are normally only active when presses, needed double press to deactivate for a while : horn , hard turn left/ right commands.

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It's outrageous when you need unlock the ships on TEST SERWER, seriousley, it is not allowed, when on TEST SERWER, repeat TEST SERWER we need to win 5 randoms battles or some kind of unlock battles to TEST the new France BB.s

How it is possible we let them to do this??? HOW??? THIS IS THE TEST SERWER


T E S T       S E R W E R    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you remember what this is????


Camone WARGAMING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funny 2

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