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Clan Rules


By creating/joining and/or managing a clan, players of World of Warships understand, accept and agree that all the rules, agreements, policies and other documents adopted by the players when registering (creating accounts) in World of Warships (hereinafter referred to as the "User Agreement") shall apply to creation, entry, management, and other use of the clans in the above mentioned game.



  • 1. Clan registration is offered to you on a fee basis. The registration fee will be automatically charged from the account of the player creating a clan at the moment of registration.
  • 2. The maximum number of members in a newly created clan is 30. This number may subsequently be increased using methods available in the game.
  • 3. The clan name consists of the full name and tag (abbreviation).
  • 4. The full clan name can contain lowercase and uppercase characters of the Latin, Cyrillic, and other national alphabets, spaces, digits, hyphens (-) and underscores (_).
  • 5. The full clan name must not exceed 70 characters.
  • 6. The tag can contain only uppercase Latin characters, hyphen, underscore and digits.
  • 7. The tag must be from 2 to 5 characters in length.
  • 8. Both the full name and tag are unique within World of Warships, case insensitive. During name verification the case is not considered.
  • 9. The clan creator can enter a Clan Description in the corresponding field. The Clan Description can contain lowercase and uppercase characters of the Latin, Cyrillic, and other national alphabets, spaces, digits, hyphens (-) and underscores (_). The maximum length of a Clan Description is 500 characters.
  • 10. Full and abbreviated clan names, tags and descriptions must not:
    • 10.1. Be implicitly or explicitly connected to any organizations, historical or political representatives, including those convicted of crimes against mankind, that thus cause negative reaction of considerable number of people, or to any representatives or names of terrorist organizations, including currently operating ones. Violation example: Nazi attributes, abbreviations or symbols of any kind, e.g. “SS”, as well as names, last names or initials of Nazi representatives.
    • 10.2. Contain a reference to racial or national superiority, as well as promote discrimination in any form.
    • 10.3. Imply any insult or obscenity in any language.
    • 10.4. Be related to pedophilia, incapability/disability or consequences of harassment.
    • 10.5. Insult in any way a certain ethnic or racial group.
    • 10.6. Implicitly or explicitly be associated with sexual intercourse or violence.
    • 10.7. Describing the lower biological functions and reflexes of man or animals.
    • 10.8. Implicitly or explicitly promote, refer to or use alcohol or drugs.
    • 10.9. Contain copyrighted or registered trademark elements in whole or in part.
    • 10.10. Contain information that could lead to the erroneous perception of the clan as an official Wargaming clan.
    • 10.11. Contain obscene acronyms, expressions or phrases.
    • 10.12. Violate the terms of the User Agreement between the Players and Wargaming in any way, including applicable legislation.
    • 10.13. Contain links to other Internet resources, except for references to the resources of World of Warships.
    • 10.14. Contain or imply any membership fees required to join or be a member of the clan.

Both the full name and the tag, as well as mottoes and clan descriptions must not violate the points above.

Any full and abbreviated clan names, tags, as well as descriptions of clans that violate the above rules, must be changed and brought into compliance with the rules. Depending on the severity of the naming offense, the clan may be offered a warning and asked to change the offending item or that item will be automatically renamed by Wargaming. In particularly obvious and serious situations, the action taken can include disbanding of the clan and the permanent blocking of access to the Game of accounts of its participants, especially in case of complaints from interested parties or rights holders. In these cases, the fee spent on creating the full and abbreviated names (tags) and descriptions of clans that violate the Rules, are not returned.

Wargaming is not responsible for multiple clans creating similar clan-tags and clan names. No administrative measures will be taken against such clans.
The clan whose full or abbreviated name is deemed violating the Rules can be disbanded without reimbursement of the registration fee. Wargaming has the right but is not obliged to give the clan violating the rules up to 24 hours to eliminate the violation.


  • 11. Any violation of these Rules automatically entail a violation of the User Agreement or other similar document governing the use of the respective game and shall give grounds for sanctions against the clan creator or other person having the authority to manage the clan.
  • 12. The properties of special violations specific to clans:
  • 12.1. The direct sale of places/slots in clans for obtaining game items, achievements or any other type of profit is prohibited. This includes any type of joining or membership fees which are not established within the mechanics of the game.
  • 12.2. Any types of contractual battles, i.e. match rigging, including deliberate losses (throwing games) or excessively passive behavior of both teams at once (forced draw) are prohibited.
  • 13. In the case where several players from the clan repeatedly violate the Clan Rules, the Game Rules or User Agreement, Wargaming has the right to reset the clan's progress in the ladder, to remove any buildings on the clan base, to remove clan resources and to disband such a clan without any reimbursement to the clan and individual players. Members of a clan that committed violations of article 12 may be deprived of game items or achievements for which the rules were violated or to have access to their game accounts restricted, up to and including a permanent ban.
  • 14. Each case of violation of these clan rules is considered separately. The severity of the violation is determined by Wargaming.
  • 15. Complaints related to clans' internal conflicts are not considered by Wargaming. Responsibility for resolving conflict situations rests with the commanders of the clan, their deputies and the authorized persons appointed by them. By assigning clan members to the position of an officer and other clan positions, the clan commander confirms the powers of the relevant persons. In turn, ordinary members accept the internal rules of the clan, when entering into it.