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Community Resources


We have an amazing community of players dedicated to not only playing this game, but helping the community in a large variety of ways. Be it writing guides here on the forums, creating content on YouTube or running one of the many fan sites, they are integral to our community.


You will find a collection of helpful links on a variety of topics right here. If you feel that a link should be added or removed, please contact one of your friendly neighborhood community team members. (Ph3lanMrConway KandlyFor new links please include a short, two sentence maximum, blurb or description!


We also run a community contributor program, you can find out more about this here.



Fan sites:


ShipComrade.com – A great source for all Warships related news. Featuring contests, YouTube feeds, ship information, mods and much more!


Warshipstats.com – Ever wanted to know how you are doing compared to other players? Check out this great site featuring detailed statistics, a great interface and features like forum signature generation!


Stats-sig.eu  - A great resource for forum signatures. Customize and create your own personal signatures for all World of… titles with automatic statistics updates and animated backgrounds.



Game guides:


Captain's Academy by iChase – An extensive collection of game guides dedicated to helping players learn the key mechanics and intricacies of World of Warships.


How to enable replays? – A little hint: This thread shows you how to enable replays!


Spotting mechanics – Ever wondered why you are being shot at but cannot see the enemy? This post will clear it up!


Ye quick beginners guide to World of Warships – Exactly what it sounds like!


The ultimate World of Warships Port Guide Confused by all the different options in your Port? This guide will explain it all!


AA mechanics – How to shoot down planes!


Basic Carrier guide – Or: Help me, I have no guns!


Meanings of Slang & Basic Pointers – If you don’t understand “My CA’s AA can’t stop that DD’s torps” you should check out this basic guide to ship slang!



YouTube channels:


DezGamez aka ShipTheNutz – Informative, insightful, and probably the deepest voice of all Warships YouTubers, DezGamez covers a range of games, but with a definite focus on World of Warships and World of Tanks.

The Mighty Jingles – Rear admiral The Mighty Jingles has a variety of Warships videos on his channel. Featuring reviews, contests and game play, it is a great channel to follow.


PointyHairedJedi – Using his British charm to win over audiences, this YouTuber knows how to spot a great battle. Check out the many games he features and learn about new features coming to the game!


Oake_EU  - aka AgingJedi – This (only slightly) aging Captain is known for his calm approach to games, producing in depth and detailed ship reviews, as well as highlighting many a great game.


Cleverland – A Hungarian language channel:


iChase – A YouTuber from across the pond known for his great game play guides and skill in World of Warships.



Twitch streamers: